Blue Meanie Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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He has entertained the masses for two decades. What has blue hair, wears half shirts and does moonsaults and gets some of the biggest pops from the crowd….THE BLUE MEANIE….

It has been over 10 years since the Blue Guy has taken the hot seat with RF VIDEO and this time he sat down with us for an exclusive 3 hour shoot interview where he holds nothing back. I personally have know him for over 20 years and always considered him a friend and Brian Hefferon really comes across during this interview has his true persona and genuine good hearted wrestling fan.

During this interview we find out all about the final days in ECW for the Meanie and what it meant to him when the land of Extreme closed its doors. We talk about all the problems that ECW had before they went under and how he came back into ECW as a whole different character and how he lost all his weight.

Meanie talks about his troubled relationship with ex girlfriend Jasmine St Claire and how they met and what went wrong in the relationship. This is when the interview at times became very emotional as Meanie talked about how he got involved in helping create 3PW wrestling and what really went on behind the scenes in 3PW. You will hear all about the Philly wars between 3PW, CZW, XPW, and ROH around early 2000. 3PW had a lot of troubles behind the scenes and now for the first time ever Meanie talks about what went wrong and why the company had to close it’s doors.

His relationship was filled with ups and downs with Jasmine and he finally tells his story on what ended his relationship. From the lies of Jasmine getting arrested for making fake phone calls,to being sick in the hospital as part of reasons for not showing up and paying the boys, to leaving Meanie with no money to pay the talent that showed up, this interview covers it all. Why did Tod Gordon quit 3PW and what problems did he have with the ex porn star?

We talk about all of the ECW reunion shows run by Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash and his thoughts on them. How he got hurt at Hardcore Homecoming and just 2 days later worked for ECW One Night Stand. The best part of the interview is when Meanie talks in great detail on what went down between JBL and himself during the brawl on the PPV. You will hear about the build up of heat between the two that started years earlier when Meanie had his WWE run, to what really went on in the ring when JBL began to stiff him with closed punches. What happened backstage, what WWE guys were on Meanies side and told him to sue the company, what happened backstage with JBL after the match, what did Meanie do and to make it worse why he had heat with some of the talent like Francine and Danny Doring.

Everyone knows that Meanie went back to the WWE some short time after but what was the real reason there. Was it because they were scared of him suing? You will find out during this interview. What happened when HHH saw Meanie in the hall before the TV taping that he was brought back, You will hear all about his private meeting with Vince McMahon at the TV tapings after the JBL fight and my personal favorite story is his private meeting with JBL behind closed doors.

Meanie has been around the business forever and has great funny stories on everyone. We talk about his current role in todays business and what it was like to work with many other top indy companies around the country. This interview picks up right where our last one left off and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a ECW fan or WWE fan as his stories are all new and exciting.

What was it like working the final shows for ECW
Did you know the writing was on the wall
What were your thoughts when all the checks were bouncing
Did you ever go to Paul Heyman or Tommy Dreamer to ask him what was going on
How was your relationship with Jasmine when ECW was going out of business
Did you have a back up plan
Who’s idea was it to start up 3PW
Was it hard running a wrestling company
What was your role in the company
What was Jasmine role in the company
Memories of the Philly wars with ROH, XPW and CZW
Was it hard working with your friends and being their boss like Raven, Sandman, and Sabu
Was Tod Gordon ever a money partner in the company
Memories of bringing in guys like Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk and Abby
Memories of when you found out that XPW signed an exclusive agreement with the arena
Did you think that Rob Black was just a money mark at the time
Memories of your shows at the Electric Factory
When did all the money problems begin with 3PW and what happened with Tod Gordon and Jasmine when they had a fight.
What was it like to work with Rockin Rebel who was the booker
Did you guys have heat with PWU which was led by Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid what was the story there
What led you to getting rid of Rockin Rebel
Who’s idea was it to put 3PW up on Ebay for auction for 180k
Were you still with Jasmine at this point.
Memories of working with Joey Matthews in 3pw
Any good 3pw stories that nobody knows about
Memories of Gary Wolfe in 3pw
What happened to end your relationship with Jasmine Sl Claire
Did it end on good terms
Thoughts on Jasmine and the way she did business.
Were you excited for the first Hardcore Homecoming show
Memories of working with Tracey Smothers
What was it like being apart of all the shows they did around the loop
Thoughts on Shane Douglas and Jermemy Borash running the shows
Memories of the mini loop they did in Ohio and Monaca
Did you think it was going to take off
Were you there when New jack was running around with the chainsaw in OH when the Dudelys first got to the venue
How did you get informed that WWE was going to run a ECW reunion show
What are your memories before the show started being around the WWE workers
Were there any office meetings before the show started and if so what were you told
Did you know going there that night that you had heat with JBL and give us the back story between you too
What exactly happened in your words during the brawl in the ring with JBL
Did you know that JBL was shoot drinking all night
When did you realize that he was shooting on you
What was going thru your mind as he was punching you
Did anyone try to break it up
What happened after the match was over in the locker room between the two of you
How soon did the office contact you
What was going thru your head, like how many people told you to sue the company
How long before they offered you a role to come in and work a mini program with the BWO
Did you see that as a sign that they were scared you were going to sue the company
Did any top guys or stars that were employed in the WWE ask you to just sue them and defend you
What made you decide to go back and not sue them and do you regret your decision
Many people say they gave you that spot out of fear what do you say to them
Did JBL ever contact you after the night and if so how did that all go down
Talk about your meeting with Johnny Ace that night going into the match
What happened in Sacaremento CA did JBL apologize and was it sincere
What was it like going back to work for the WWE in 2005 and how long were you there.
What was the vibe you got in the locker room and do you feel people were extra nice to you and being fake
Memories of the angle where you spray painted JBL’s limo
Were you nervous of now working with him
Is it true HHH came up to you and said that if he stiffed you he would be fired
What did Vince tell you that night before the match
Memories of working the Mexicools at the Bash
Memories of wrestle reunion
Dusty Rhodes/Blue Meanie/Tom Prichard/DLo Brown defeated Steve Corino/Andrew Martin/Evil Clown/Masked Superstar.
What happened when you almost died from your lung problem
What was it like going over seas for 1pW
Memories of working for World 1 for Steve Corino and Rob Dimension
Memories of working in IWA Mid south in 2006 working with Tracy Smothers
Memories of working with Larry Sweeney
Thoughts on his passing
Memories of working with Luke Hawx and Al Katrazz vs Al Snow and yourself
How did you get involved in acting and what have you been apart of TV and film wise
What was life like on the indy scene from 2007 until now.
Why did you not work the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV and what did you think of the Blue Tilly
Thoughts on Danny Doring
Thoughts on the passing of Trent Acid and how hard did that hit you
Thoughts on Extreme Rising
Did you like the idea of teaming up Balls
Thoughts on the Balls/New Jack incident
Do you still get noticed with your Blue Hair
Who are you a fan of today
Thoughts on the success of CM Punk
You always imitated Scott Hall what are your thoughts on his current situation
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
How do you want to be remembered
Who do you still talk to in this business
How is your body holding up in 2013
Who is the biggest mark for themselves in the business
Do you follow TNA at all and if so what are your thoughts on that company
What do you do these days for a living