Bob & Brad Armstrong Shoot Interview

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RF Video has conducted an incredible shoot interview with the legendary father son tag team of Bullet Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong. Bob has been wrestling for 40 plus years and Brad for 25 years. This combined 65 years in the business has an unbelievable amount of stories. This could be the most indepth shoot interview about the Southern Territories as Bob owned part of the Gulf Coast Territory, was a main eventer in Alabama for decades, held the partial book during the 70’s and 80’s heydey of Georgia Championship wrestling, and was also Eddie Graham’s “locker room enforcer” during the 70’s in Florida during the on fire Dusty Rhodes era. Brad who was the first of Bob’s four sons to enter the business talks about his tenure in the same promotions his dad was in plus his time in the NWA and UWF during the Crockett and Watts era. This shoot is totally about the 70’s and 80’s, as a lot of these stories are original, and not about the run of the mill WCW failure stories or do you think Shawn screwed Bret etc.

Bob talks about being a bodybuilder breaking into Georgia scene in the 60’s and how he went to Alabama and main evented right off the bat. Bob talks about his all his NWA title matches against Dory Funk Jr., Ric Flair, Harley Race, Gene Kiniski. He talks about his initially meetings with Lou Theuz and how a lot of old school wrestlers thought Bob’s bodybuilding stature would hold him back. He talks about flying with Eddie Graham, and how he was in the plane behind the fatal crash that killed Bobby Shane in 1975. Bob actually was with the Tampa police when they dragged Shane’s body out of Tampa Bay. Bob talked about the Graham-Dusty relationship, the politics of the NWA Title, how the territories began to slow down after Graham, Munchnick, and Boesch retired or died, the happenings of the rise of Georgia wrestling on TBS, and how Vince Jr. began taking over the business. Find out why Bob never held the NWA Title, and why he believes Georgia was the perfect territory.

Brad talks about being the son of the Bullet, his debut matches and how his father was there for him, his favorite matches involving Bob against Dory Funk Jr., especially the 60 minute draws they had in Macon and Columbus GA. Brad talks about Georgia, Continental, Southeastern, Florida, NWA, and UWF. Stories about wrestling Kevin Sullivan in front of a riot-like crowd in the Bahamas and NWA Title matches against Ric Flair. Hear about his UWF tag team title run with Tim Horner, and how the UWF failed when Crockett bought the territory.

Hear both talk about the other wrestling families including the Von Erich’s, Guerreros, Fullers and others. Hear the real story about when Brad gave a young Steve Williams 112 stitches to his eye in Mid-South, and how a crazed Harley Race almost drove the Armstrongs off the interstate in Atlanta. Also find out how a drunk Andre the Giant actually “moons” a car load of wrestlers and 85 mph, and the actual heat between Bob and Roddy Piper that started from an incident on live TV. Also find out what was Rick McGraw’s NWA “cooler”on the Pensacola Beach and the real story when Austin Idol ripped promoter Fred Ward off with the infamous $5,000 battle royal check.This is a must if you are a fan of old school Southern wrestling.