Bob Holly Shoot Interview

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RF Video conducted one of the most anticipated shoot interviews in our company’s history. You have heard all of the rumors, you have heard all of the stories, and you have heard all of the tales about our distinguished guest. He may be the most polarizing figure to ever sit down in front of RF Video’s cameras. It is with great honor that RF Video presents our newest shoot interview with Bob Holly.

Bob Holly is without question one of the most controversial figures in pro wrestling. Bob’s name has come up many times over the years with past guests. Most of the time, Bob was referred to as everyt hing from a jerk to a stooge. For the first time in his career, Bob sets the record straight and gives his side of the story. Is Bob the bully you have heard about? Watch this interview and decide for yourself.

Bob answers all of the tough questions with honesty and integrity. Bob talks openly about being Vince’s shooter. Who did he stretch at the request of the boss? Why was he chosen? When did Vince call on Bob to stretch WWE wrestlers? Rarely have we had the chance to talk to anyone as close with Vince as Bob was. Bob developed a very close bond with the boss and opens up all about the Vince McMahon you have never seen.

Bob also addresses all of the controversial topics. One of the most fascinating segments of this interview addresses the infamous Tough Enough incident. Did anyone tell Bob to stiff Matt Cappotelli? What was the office’s reaction? What was Al Snow’s reaction? Bob hears quotes from Triple H for the first time and reacts to Triple H’s criticism of Bob. Before you judge Bob, you owe it to yourself to hear Bob’s full side of the story.

Bob answers all of the charges about being a bully. Did he stiff young guys in the ring? Did he sandbag Brock Lesnar? How tough did Bob think he was? Did Bob ever have second thoughts after stiffing someone? What incidents turned into locker room fights? Nobody is off limits as Bob finally sets the record straight exclusively for RF Video.

Bob also talks about all of the controversies and hot topics in the WWE. How does Bob feel about drug testing? What does Bob think of the Chris Benoit Family Tragedy? Is there a hierarchy in the WWE? What are Steve Austin and the Rock like outside of the ring? Bob talks about all of his matches and road stories with some of pro wrestling’s most famous WWE stars.

The highlight of this interview is Bob talking about his WWE release. How did someone once so close to the boss get released? Bob sends a clear message to a current WWE superstar and calls him out by name. What is this wrestler’s culpability in Bob’s firing? Bob will tell you a story that will shock even his biggest detractors. No names are protected and nobody is innocent as Bob makes a threat that is sure to get the WWE’s attention. What happened between Bob and his former friend? You will hear about it all from the horse’s mouth in this classic RF Video Shoot Interview.

In all of the years of RF Video Shoot Interviews, this one may go down as one of the most intense shoots ever. Bob is just as intense on here as he was in the ring. Bob is a no-nonsense man and he pulls no punches with RF Video. Get ready to learn about a side of the biggest company in sports entertainment that you won’t hear anywhere else. It is with great honor and pleasure that RF Video presents the Bob Holly Shoot Interview.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What did you do before getting into the business
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
How soon did you smarten up
You were seen by some as hard on the kids on Tough Enough. Is that due to the way you were trained
Do you regret leaving NASCAR
What is the NASCAR scene as opposed to the WWE scene
Memories of your first match
Did anyone mentor you early on
Memories of WOW
How did you get into SMW
Initial impressions of Cornette
Did any of the vets test you early on with ribs or anything like that
Who did you ride with
Fav matches in SMW
Why do you think it didn’t work
Was SMW critical to your success
Did you do many independents
How did you get into the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Whos idea was the Sparkplug gimmick
Did you like it
Memories of your television debut against Barry Horowitz
How soon were you accepted into the locker room
Memories of the Clique
Was Shawn hard to deal with at that time
What was your take on the Bret-Shawn dynamic
Thoughts on Bret
Memories of your first Royal Rumble
At what point were you confident in your abilities
How does your life change when you are a WWE superstar
Memories of your series against Bastien Booger< /div>
Memories of your series against Rick Martel
Memories of your first WrestleMania
What were you thinking when you watched the Ladder Match
Who’s idea was it to team you with the Kid
Thoughts on the Kid
Were you closer to the Clique due to your team with the Kid
Memories of matches with the Smoking Guns
Memories of your series against Jeff Jarrett
Memories of your first series with Triple H
Did you see the potential in him
Memories of when Shane Douglas came in
Owen Hart memories
Favorite Owen ribs
Memories of your first series with Ringmaster Steve Austin
Did you see the potential in him
Thoughts on when ECW came in for the invasion angles
How did Vince change after that
How did things change when WCW started Nitro
Who’s idea was the Midnight Express
Did you like it
Was it hard following in their footsteps
Did you ever talk to Stan Bobby or Dennis
Memories of matches with Rock N Roll Express
Memories of matches with the Outlaws
Thoughts on Bart Gunn
Do you think he got a raw deal
Memories of the Brawl for All
He said you guys had a gentleman’s agreement not to punch, true
How did you train for that
Thoughts and memories of the Montreal Survivor Series
Do you think it was a work
Memories of the JOB Squad
Did you like it or did you think it was too goofy
Thoughts on Al
Al told a story about he and Mick Foley made you very angry on a road trip. What do you remember about that
Al has said he was own biggest enemy in the WWE. Do you agree
Thoughts on Meanie
Thoughts on what happened between he and JBL
Any thoughts on reforming the JOB Squad on the indys
Did you like the hardcore matches
Memories of the tragic night at Over the Edge
Do you think th e show should have stopped
When did you realize that Austin was turning business around
How did things change
Did Austin change
How did you wind up getting teamed with Crash
Did you like him
Memories of the team
Did you like the whole fighting cousins gimmick
Did it bother you losing a match to Chyna
How did you wind up injuring your shoulder
Was it tough to sit out at such a hard time
Did you worry for your spot
Memories of Kurt Angle
Memories of your feud with Randy Orton
Did you see potential in him
Memories of the Rock
How did you find out that Vince had bought WCW
What were your initial thoughts
Did you ever negotiate with WCW
Was there a test period for guys coming over from WCW to the locker room
What happened the night everyone stomped Buff Bagwell
How different was the Shawn Michaels that came back to the WWE from the Shawn you worked with years ago.
Memories of Brock Lesnar
Did you purposely sandbag him on the power bomb
What did you think when Hogan Hall and Nash came in
Was it tense early on in the locker room
Thoughts on those guys
How did Hogan interact with the locker room
How did Triple H change with success
Was it an odd time when he was dating both Stephanie and Chyna
What did you think when the Beyond the Mat cameras came into the locker room
What were your thoughts when the Tough Enough concept developed
Al said in his interview that you shouldn’t have taken liberties with Matt Cappotelli. Do you regret it
Triple H called your actions inexcusable on TSN. Did you know about that and what did you think.
Did Vince change once WWE was back on top and WCW was bought
Memories of matches with RVD
Is it true that you worked out often with Vince
How did you become close to him
What is the biggest misconception of Vince
Thoughts on the Undertaker
Did you like wrestling on the ECW roster
Did Crash’s death hit you hard
Thoughts about the fallout from the Chris Benoit tragedy
Do you think the government will get involved at some point
Do you think its too easy for guys to get into the business
Do you think the young guys coming up in the WWE are ready
Do you think there should be steroid testing in pro wrestling
Memories of your ECW series with CM Punk
Is it true that you talked B.B. into leaving once you guys got involved
What happened the night at a house show you attacked Rene Dupree
Did you get any heat from the office
Do you think you were well liked by the boys
A former WWE wrestler said about you in an interview “Bob is a stooge and the reason he’s got a job is because he goes and tells on all the boys.” – Thoughts
What was the story behind that infection you got in your arm in 2006
Did you really fear you d lose your arm

Memories of teaming with Cody Rhodes
Do you think he will be successful
Do you think it is too easy for people to get into the business
Why were you let go from the WWE
Were you surprised
Do you think the door is open to return in some form
Can strong style wrestling make it in the states
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Have you talked to TNA
Favorite road stories
Do you prefer working with vets or younger guys on indy shows
What makes someone a good worker
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
How did your school come about
How tough are you on your students
How many students do you have
Good ribs
Career goals for the next year and five years
What has surprised you most about the independents
Is it hard to make a living as an independent wrestler
Good road stories
Fav and least favorite guys to work with
Do you see yourself with another WWE run?
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
What do you think is lacking on the indys today
Do you ever want to write a book