Boris Zhukov Shoot Interview

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Greetings comrades! RF VIDEO has set down with a true legend of the wrestling business for one of our industry-leading shoot interviews. Get out the vodka and be prepared to take a shot for every great story as straight from Mother Russia comes Boris Zhukov! Starting in World Class and working his way though the NWA, AWA, and WWF, Zhukov has been to all the major promotions and has the war stories to prove it. Zhukov let it all hang out when discussing all of the major names of his era including Ole Anderson, Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Tony Atlas, Roddy Piper, the Road Warriors, the Killer Bees, Nicholai Volkoff and many more!

You don’t want to be left behind as Zhukov discusses every major angle of his long career, including his time spent with Sgt. Slaughter working as Pvt. Jim Nelson. No Zhukov shoot would be complete without the full details on the time spent as part of the legendarily hated Bolsheviks tag team. Boris was able to tell us about crazy road trips along with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories while being part of the WWF’s huge expansion during the ’80s! Where else can you hear a wrestling legend discuss everything from WrestleRock to WrestleMania? Only at RF VIDEO, that’s where.

Were you a fan growing up

Who did you enjoy watching
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
Was it harder or easier to make it and get bookings back then
Did anyone mentor your and if so, who
Memories of working the TN area
How did you hook up with Ole Anderson
Thoughts on Ole
Ole actually booked himself into a program with you, what was it like working with him
Thoughts on working with Ivan Koloff
Any good road stories from GA
Who did you ride with down there
Who were your favorite guys to work in the territory
Did you ever regret moving to the GA territory fulltime
Did you ever meet Jim Barnett and if so, thoughts
Early memories of Ric Flair
Early memories of Harley Race
Memories of teaming with a young Eddie Gilbert
Memories of Jake Roberts
Memories of working Ricky Steamboat and did you know he would become that good
Memories of working with Ronnie Garvin
Memories of Stan Hansen
Memories of Tony Atlas
How did you wind up going to the Mid Atlantic territory
Was this like a dream for you since you watched it growing up
Initial thoughts on Jim Crockett
Thoughts on Dory Funk as a booker
Whos idea was it to put you with Slaughter and Kernoodle
Thoughts on both
Thoughts on working Iceman Parsons
Thoughts on Ox Baker
Can you talk about the night of the infamous loser leaves town cage match between Slaughter and Kernoodle and Steamboat and Youngblood
How did you wind up in possession of the tape masters
Whos idea was it to turn you babyface on those guys
Who were your favorite guys to work in the area
Memories of wrestling the Briscos
Thoughts and memories of Roddy Piper
How did your time here come to an end and why
Memories of your Japan tours
How did you wind up working for Bill Watts
Thoughts on Watts
Who came up with Boris Zukov name and gimmick
Who did you work with the most
How did you wind up in Texas
Thoughts on Fritz
Were the Von Erich brothers as out of control as some people say
Were they difficult to work
Some say working Kevin was like surviving a shoot, any truth to that
Thoughts on being managed by Skandor Akbar
Did you like the territory
Thoughts and memories of working with Bruiser Brody
Memories of plane trips with Jimmy Garvin and Terry Gordy
You wrestled Wayne Ferris in the Southeast for a bit, memories of that time period
Memories of your series with Buzz Sawyer and any Buzz stories
You worked Porkchop Cash a lot over your career, any thoughts
How did you wind up in the AWA
Thoughts on Verne
A lot of people say Sgt. Slaughter was phoning it around that time, did you feel that way during your feud
Memories of matches with Rick Martel
Memories of Wrestlerock
Memories of matches with the Rockers
Could you see the potential in Shawn Michaels
How did you wind up with Soldat Ustinov and Teijo Kahn
Memories teaming with Brody
Memories teaming with John Nord
Memories of working the Road Warriors
Were they good or bad business in a sense that they never sold
Any good Verne stories
In 1987 you legally changed your name, why
How did you wind up going to the WWF, who contacted you
How come you left without dropping the AWA tag team title belt, was that mandatory from Vince
How did Verne take it when you gave notice
Initial thoughts on Vince
What were your expectations going in
How were you accepted by the locker room
Who did you ride and room with
How did your life change now that you were a WWF superstar
What was the travel like
Thoughts on teaming with Nikolai
What was your first Wrestlemania like
When you guys were essentially jobbed out at Wrestlemania 5 were you angry about it or did you just accept it as the way it was going to be
Memories and matches with the Hart Foundaton
Thoughts on Slick
Memories and matches with Strike Force
Memories and matches with the Powers of Pain
Memories and matches with the Killer Bees
Thoughts on Hogan
Thoughts on Savage
Any good road stories and ribs
Thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior
Memories and matches with the Rougeaus
How did the idea come up to turn on Nikolai
What were you told the plans were for you after the turn
When did you realize that you were going to be used as strictly enhancement
Thoughts on your matches with Snuka when he came back
Why did you wind up leaving
Did you leave on good terms with Vince
When is the last time you saw Vince
What is different about the WWF back then as compared to today
Did WCW ever try and bring you in
Does the lack of kayfabe today surprise or bother you
Thoughts on newsletters
Are you under a legends contract
Have you been contacted over the last several years for an appearance here and there by the WWF
Would you like to go into the WWF Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Flair and Hogan are still active wrestlers
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Favorite Ribs
Do you want to write a book
Are you surprised Vince bought WCW
Memories of Shane McMahon when he first started working there
Do you miss it
What do you do today
Do people recognize you
Do you still stay in touch with your peers
What is wrong with the indys today
Any regrets