Bret Hart #2 Shoot Interview

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Bret Hart enjoyed his first shoot interview so much that he called us to do another. The end result was the most personal and poignant shoot interview ever conducted by RF Video. He picks up where he left off and talks about his experience in WCW. What does Bret think of the career ending injury he suffered at the hands of Bill Goldberg? What is his opinion of Goldberg now? “The Hitman” explains why he wasn’t given a fair shake to be a main event star in WCW. He tells what Eric Bischoff wanted to do with his character and why he wouldn’t do it. He then reveals everything about how Hulk Hogan and Bischoff worked together to maintain power in WCW. What did he think of the legendary Owen Hart tribute match he had against Chris Benoit in Kansas City? You’ll hear everything about Bret’s WCW career right through the final stuff he did with Lance Storm. What is his current status and what are his injuries? You’ll be shocked when he recounts his meeting with Vince McMahon at Owens funeral and what security measures McMahon took. Bret tells all the circumstances that broke up the Hart family. He then talks about his nephew Teddy Hart and the new Matrats promotion. There is no way you wont be saddened by how Bret envisioned his future with Owen. This is as moving and dramatic as any interview you’ll ever witness. Bret goes into great detail on all these topics. You cant help but be affected by how the last two years have changed Bret’s life and he tells you all about it here. This is the most emotional shoot interview ever and a perfect compliment to the first Bret Hart shoot. This compelling and thought provoking tape. You will feel like Bret Harts closest confidant after this one.