Bret Hart Shoot Interview

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RF Video traveled all the way to Calgary and the Hart Family house where this amazing shoot interview took place. Bret talks about his entire career starting with growing up in the Hart Family, his early days in Stampede Wrestling, and his actual first break as he worked for the Funks in Texas. What was it like growing up in a wrestling family with his brothers and his father? Bret has great stories about all of this, including all of The Dungeon stories with his father, and who he actually stretched down there. Bret then shifted to more Stampede stories with Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith and his brothers. During that time, Bret also traveled to New Japan where Satoru Sayama ( Tiger Mask), Dynamite, and himself revolutionized the junior heavyweight style as we know it. Find out then how Vince McMahon bought the Stampede territory and how it led to it’s demise. This led to Bret and The Bulldogs going to the WWF. Incredible stories about the WWF are told including the early days of Wrestlemania, The Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs legendary fued, and Hulkamania. Find out the reasons why Bret went solo to having a singles career and what it was like to be pushed as a world champ. This shoot interview gets real interesting as the topics get switched to Shawn Michaels and the Clique. Find out all of the differences between Bret and Shawn and all the incidents that led to the big confrontation in Hartford. If things weren’t hot enough, it got more intense as things that led to the final match in Montreal were just amazing. Was it a shoot? What exactly happened in the Montreal match? And how did it feel confronting Vince after that infamous night? It is all in there. Bret actually responds to the Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview that he watched, as he disagrees with much of the commentary. From Jim Neidhart to Stu Hart, from the “Sunny Days” comment to life in WCW it is all answered. Also learn about all of the happenings with his contract negotiations with Vince and the WWF, drugs in the business, and the tragic death of his brother Owen. Please note the interview contains 10 min. of audio and video problems