Brian Lee 2013 Shoot Interview

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Prime Time Brian Lee was missing from the wrestling scene for over a decade until now Brian Lee to discusses his entire wrestling career which started in the 90’s and ended a few years after ECW went out of business.

Brian worked for many of the wrestling territories before they became extinct. He worked for USWA in Memphis and TX. He worked for Jim Cornette and Smokey Mountain Wrestling and of course Paul Heyman and ECW. We can’t forget about the fake Undertaker gimmick he did in the WWE and later when he returned as part of the DOA. Before he left the business he had another run in TNA as well.

Brian talks about breaking into the business and what it was like to work in Memphis with Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett. He worked with all the names down there like Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantell, Jeff Jarrett, Rex King, Undertaker and the list goes on and on. His first break came when we joined Robert Fullers stud stable as a top heel. He was also fortunate enough to travel to TX and work with the Von Erichs as he shares tons of stories from those days.

Brian also was apart of SMW and worked with all of the top names in SMW like Jim Cornette, Buddy Landell, Chris Candid, Tammy Sytch, Tracy Smothers, Bobby Eaton, Rock N Roll Xpress. What was Chris Candido like as a partner and what did he think of Tammy outside the ring.

Brian also was apart of the USWA in the later years when Doug GIlbert, Tommy Rich, Brian Christopher were there so he has tons of never heard before stories about the USWA territory that will blow you away.

Brian is most famous for his run in ECW as being part of Ravens Flock and his brutal series of brawls with Tommy Dreamer. We talk all about his run in ECW with Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk and all the crazy ECW locker room and road stories.

Brian became a major part of the WWE as part of the DOA with his cousins the Bruise Brothers Brian discusses his time in the WWE and what it was like to work with all the other tag teams that they had programs with. If your a fan of the attitude era there are tons of locker room stories from the WWE.

Brian also spent time in TNA as part of The New Church. We talk about his TNA run and what really went on behind the scenes when he was in action.

If you want crazy road stories, locker room gossip filled with talks about drug use this is one interview you will not want to miss.

How did you get started in the wrestling business
Were you a fan growing up and if so who did you follow
Did you go to house shows as a child
Who was your mentor/trainer
What was your training like
Did you ever want to quit
Memories of your first match
What was your first territory like
Memories of breaking into Memphis
Initial impressions of Jerry Jarrett
First impressions of Jerry Lawler
Who was booking the company at that time.
Memories of being teamed up with Robert Fuller and what was he like outside the ring
How soon did you become a member of his stud stable
What was the road schedule like in Memphis
Memories of Dutch Mantell
Memories of working with Jeff Jarrett and what was Jeff like outside the ring
Did Jeff get special treatment since he was the son of the promoter
Memories of your tag matches you had with Matt Bourne and Jeff Jarett
How soon did you develop a friendship with the Undertaker
What was Undertaker like back in the Memphis days
Memories of working with Rex King and Joey Maggs
Memories of Jeff Gaylord
Memories of Bill Dundee
Memories of Billly Joel Travis
Was Eddie Gilbert in the company when you were there and if so what was Eddie GIlbert like
How political was Memphis as we always heard Lawler and the other top baby faces would not let anyone take their spots is that true
How long did you spend in Memphis
Who did you travel with in Memphis and do you have any good road stories
How often did you travel to TX to work for USWA
Did you ever meet Fritz Von Erich
Memories of the Von Erichs
Any good Von Erich stories from TX as everyone has them on Kerry VE
What made you leave USWA for SMW
Initial impressions of Jim Cornette
You were the first SMW champion beating Buddy Landell, Ordorff and DWB memories of that
Memories of working Kevin Sullivan in a Singapore spike in the box match
How crazy was Sullivan outside the ring
Memories of working Bobby Eaton
Memories of working Tracy Smothers in SMW and what was he like
Memories of working with the Rock and Roll Xpress with Your partner Candido
What are your early memories of Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch
What were they like outside the ring
Do you think Tammy has a bad rep for sleeping with the boys
While you were in SMW did WWE ever show interest in you
How did the angle come about for you to play the fake Undertaker
Did they have long term plans to use you in the WWE or was that it
Any good stories from that angle from Summerslam 94
Why did you only stay with the company for a short time
After SMW you went back to Memphis did the company change at all?
Memories of teaming up with your cousins the Bruise Brothers
How tough were they outside the ring?
Memories of Brain Christopher
Any good ring rat stories from Memphis
Memories of Tommy Rich
Memories of Doug Gilbert
How did you wind up in ECW
what were your initial impressions of ECW
Memories of meeting Paul Heyman for the first time and did you like him
Any good Paul Heyman stories
Did you like being part of Ravens heel stable being called the Bulldozer
Memories of your matches with Tommy Dreamer
Memories of teaming with Eliminators facing Tommy Dreamer and Gangstas
Memories of teaming with your cousins Bruise Brothers to face Pitbulls and Dreamer
How crazy was the drug scene in ECW
Memories of the Sandman
Memories of the Eliminators
What was Raven like to work with and how was he outside of the ring
Memories of working the 6 man with Raven and Stevie facing Grody, Dreamer and Sandman
Memories of your scaffold match with Dreamer at High Incident
Did you think Dreamer was crazy for taking all of those bumps from high places in the arena setting up that match
Memories of working with Bam Bam Gordy in ECW and was he hard to work with since he was really burned out
Memories of the triple threat with Shane Douglas and Candido
Did you get along with Shane Douglas
Memories of working Terry Funk at House Party 97 and what was Terry Funk like to work
Memories of your tag match with Raven to Face Funk and Dreamer
Memories of Louis Spicolli
Did you ever have any problems with the boys in ECW for working stiff like when Sandman would get drunk and stiff people with his cane
Any other good stories from ECW from the road
Some of your best brawls were in ECW did you like doing them or did you prefer working normal matches
Memories of the angle you did with Rick Rude in ECW when you were under the helmet
How did you get into WWE did Undertaker help you get in in 1997
How soon did they tell you that you were doing the biker gimmick Disciples of Apocalpypse
Initial impressions of meeting Vince for the first time and was he approachable
Did they fly you to CT to meet with Jim Ross before they brought you on the road
Did you like teaming up with Crush and the Bruise Brothers for this gimmick
Memories of the feud with Savio Vega Miguel Perez Jr and Castillo and Jose Estrada JR
Did you like doing the biker gimmick
Memories of your match with No Way Out 1998: Ken Shamrock/Ahmed Johnson/Chainz/Skull/8Ball beat Faarooq/Mark Henry/Kama/Rocky Maivia/DLo Brown..
What was Steve Austin like at this time
Who did you travel with in the WWE
Any good road stories from your time in the company.
WHo else did you work with in the WWE
Why did you her released from the WWE after only being there for a year
Did you ever have any problems with drugs and if so what were your drugs of choice
Memories of your TNA debut teaming with Slash as the Disciples of The New Church
What was James Mitchell like to work with
Memories of your matches with James Storm and Chris Harris
What was it like working for Jerry Jarrett again
Did Jef Jarrett have a big ego at all since he was already in WCW and WWE and now his father owned TNA…a lot of guys say he has a ego and thinks he is better than he is is that true?
Memories of teaming with Ron Harris in TNA facing Americas Most Wanted
Memories of being around Low Ki in TNA and did you have any interaction with him outside the ring
Memories of Elix Skipper
Memories of AJ Styles and did you like his work in the ring
Memories of working with Chris Daniels in TNA
Were you there in ECW when the Bruise Brothers almost beat up Sandman in Lu Lu Temple backstage
Were you there when the Bruise Brothers almost beat up Balls Mahooney back stage
Memories of Mike Sanders
Memories of a young CM Punk in TNA and working him in TNA
Did you like working with Shane Douglas and Slash in TNA as a team
Memories after TNA working DWB in TN Mountain Wrestling
What led you to leave the business for a long period of time
Did you follow the business when you left it
What do you do today
Do you have any regrets looking back
Who was the best promoter you ever worked for and who was the worst
What was the favorite moment of your career
What is wrong with the wrestling business today
Are you still close to the Undertaker
Who do you still talk to in wrestling
Would you ever want to make a full return to a company or are you done for good