Brian Pillman Jr Shoot Interview

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The apple does not fall far from the tree, but in this case that might not be the case. What you see is not what you always get as Brian Pillman Jr sits down with RF VIDEO for his first shoot interview ever and makes it very clear he is not trying to make a name off his late great father Brian Pillman, but trying to be completely independent and set his own legacy in the wrestling business. Brian Pillman Jr is so well spoken during this interview and open about his legendary father and family. Although Brian was only 4 years old when his father tragically passed away his memories are very strong thru friends and family of the business. There was no topics that we were not allowed to talk about when it came to his fathers passing and rise to fame.

During this interview Brian shares memories of what it was like growing up in the Pillman household and all the trials and tribulations he went thru at a young age. What inspired him to follow his fathers footsteps? What major names reached out to Brian and helped him reach his goals. You will hear about his schooling and college football days. Brian talks about the moment he realized he wanted to break into the business and how Lance Storm really helped him along with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Brian talks about his months of training in the Lance Storm academy in Calgary Alberta Canada and why he choose that wrestling school. He also shares stories about training under Rip Rogers down in Ohio. You will hear how Sami Callihan plays an important role in his career.

We talk about his future goals and his early matches in his career. Brian talks about the possibility of working in New Japan, WWE and even Mexico. What are his thoughts on MLW and his recent pairing with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith to recreate the Hart Dynasty/Foundation. We also get up close and personal as we talk about his father’s time in the business and how it effected his relationship with some of his family.

As I sat there I could not stop thinking how he looks so much like his father, but its clearly obvious that Brian is not going to be the next Brian Pillman Sr, he is setting his goals to not mirror his fathers career completely and thru out this amazing open and honest interview Brian expresses how his father even to this day plays a role in his life. If you loved Brian Pillman like I did and still do you will want to own this interview as it has something for everyone and is truly inspiring!