Bruce Hart Shoot Interview

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Just before Bruce Hart released his book, “Straight From The Hart” we sat down with Bruce and asked him to give us just a taste. Needless to say he gave us more than a mouth full. Bruce spoke very candidly with us about all the members of the legendary Hart Family. He was extremely honest and blunt about his opinions towards his family and their feelings towards him. The comments Bruce makes about Bret is worth the price of this video only. Bruce is also very forthcoming when he is asked to talk about the effect of Owen’s death had on the family and how his family changed after Wrestlemania 26. Most wrestlers who have books pending release become very tight lipped but, Bruce Hart does not take that approach. So, its safe to say if you enjoyed the book you will love this interview.


Early Years
Brian Pillman
New Japan
Dynamite Kid
Booking Stampede Wrestling
Davey Boy
A House Divided
The Book