Bruiser Brody Roundtable Discussion

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The Bruiser Brody roundtable discussion shoot interview is an inside look at pro wrestling’s biggest legend who was a true outlaw told by his best friend Stan Hansen, his wife Barbara Goodish and long time friend JJ Dillon. This is unlike any other interview you might have seen as we asked them some really deep questions regarding his time in the business as they share some very up and close personal stories about Bruiser Brody’s life inside and outside of the ring.

The interview gets very emotional especially for Stan who breaks down when we talk about his untimely passing and the circumstances regarding his murder in Puerto Rico. All three reminisce about the first time they ever encountered Bruiser Brody. Stan tells some wild stories on their times together in TX college and early locker rooms. Stan talks about his rise to fame in Texas and who really helped Brody learn the ropes. You will hear why Brody took no crap from promoters and who were his only true friends in the business.

Stan for the first time ever talks about why Brody left All Japan for New Japan and Barbara confirms the real reason on why he jumped ship including why he never stayed long in New Japan. This is a great story that involves the late great Jimmy Snuka. Stan talks about their classic battles with the Funks and how they used to come to the ring killing fans. He talks about his dream match that was about to start as the two monsters were about to be hooked to square off in a long singles program.

Barbara reveals what he was like at home and his future plans working in the WWE with Hulk Hogan. How he turned off his character when he came off the plane. She has amazing stories on how they first fell in love and what it was like living with Bruiser Brody who was a true family man who loved his home life as much as the road.

Besides tons of locker room stories on the Von Erichs, Japan and the Indy scene we tackled the horrific passing and had to get their take on the situation.

Barbara recounts in full detail where she was when she got the call and takes us to her travel day going to Puerto Rico including running into Abdullah at the airport and what he tells her is chilling. Stan talks about getting the call from Terry Gordy and JJ tells on how he found out. They all talk about the politics and how it was horribly handled by officials.

I asked them if they had theories on why he was murdered and we discussed all the rumors. This is when the interview gets emotional. Stan also talks about the rumors of possible heat with the office over the Road Warriors push when they came to All Japan. The interview is a true tell all tribute to the best big man in the business and If you love Bruiser Brody this is a must see interview to watch and add to your personal collection that’s filled with amazing stories and tales.