Bryan Clark Shoot Interview

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Adam Bomb, the Nightmare of Nuclear Armageddon. Wrath, charter member of Blood Runs Cold. Member of Kronik, a tag team with an infamous track record. Now it’s time to meet the man behind these historic characters as Bryan Clark decided it was time for once and for all to set the record straight in RF VIDEO’s latest exclusive shoot interview! Clark is out of the wrestling business for good and was able to finally exercise some long held demons in this exhaustive shoot that covers his entire career from starting at the Power Plant through his well remembered runs in WCW and WWF.

Clark has surprisingly been all around the wrestling landscape and has plenty of tales, including what it was like to work for Jim Cornette in Smokey Mountain Wrestling as the Nightstalker. Onward to New York, Clark explains in great detail about how the Adam Bomb character was created and exactly what input he had. You’ll get the inside scoop on how Clark got along with his manager (Raven) as well as thoughts on each member of the Cliq. Hold on to your hats for this one, as Clark has no problem at all describing his intense disgust at some of the actions of Scott Hall, HBK, and Sean Waltman. Of course you’ll also get Clark’s unique perspective on all of his major programs in the Fed as well his thoughts on all the big stars of the locker room. Owen Hart, Randy Savage, and Jim Ross are just three of the many names who are discussed in full detail.

After WWE, Clark made his way down south to Atlanta and we are privy to all the details of his meetings with Eric Bischoff. Who came up with the Wrath gimmick? What did Clark think about the Blood Runs Cold team and his push with Mortis? How was Scott Hall in WCW compared to WWE? You’ll get shockingly candid stories on Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Candido, and Kevin Sullivan as well his thoughts on all the big WCW names including Flair, Luger, Nash, Sting, Shane Douglas and more. And we mean everyone as even Tank Abott gets his turn in the fire.

After WCW folded, Clark eventually made his way back to New York as part of Kronik. You’ll get all the details on what, if anything, had changed in WWE since he left as well. How did Clark like working with Stevie Richards? How did Brian Adams’ death change how Clark saw the world? This is one shoot DVD that goes all across the emotional gamut from intense to mournful as we stripped all of the face paint and gimmicks off Bryan Clark and revealed the man beneath.

How did you break into the business
Were you a fan of the business before you broke in
Thoughts on Ox Baker
How difficult was the training
Did you train with anyone else
How much training did you do at the Power Plant
Batista had unflattering words about Buddy Lee in his book, what are your thoughts on Buddy Lee
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial impressions of Verne
How quick did it fold after you arrived
How frustrating was that
How did you wind up in WCW
You replaced Scott Hall at Starrcade, how did you find out you were debuting
Were you ready
Memories of the match and teaming with Rick Steiner
How did you get the name the Nightstalker
Was it hard to live up to expectations in WCW
Why did you leave so quick
How did you wind up in SMW
Thoughts on Cornette
Did you learn a lot from Cornette
Were you disappointed to win and lose the SMW title the same night
Memories of Tracy Smothers
Memories of traveling with Paul Orndorff
Memories of working with Kevin Sullivan
Memories of working for Herb Abrams UWF
How did you wind up in the WWE
Initial memories meeting Vince McMahon
Did he make big promises to you
How did the Adam Bomb gimmick come about
Was there another choice
Did you like it
How were you accepted by the locker room
Thoughts on Scott Levy managing you
Thoughts on being managed by Harvey Whippleman
Memories of Hogan from this time
Memories of Bret Hart
Memories of Shawn Michaels
Memories of the Clique
Memories of the weekend the Clique allegedly went on strike
Was Vince a little more humble back then since business was down
Was it hard to wrestle with those contact lenses
Did you have any fears that Scotty’s heat would fall onto you
I heard you once tell a story about what some people did to Scotty’s cane
Memories traveling with Scotty
Memories of matches with the 123 Kid
Memories of matches with Kwang
Memories of your first big match at Survivor Series
Memories of Randy Savage
Memories of your matches with Earthquake
Memories of matches with Yoko
Memories of Owen Hart
Memories of matches with Lex Luger
Were you made any promises for high profile jobs like putting20Mabel over at the first IYH
Why do you think you weren’t pushed harder
How bad were the politics
What turned you off to being in the WWF
What led to you leaving
Was it a difficult decision
Did you know already have a deal with WCW
How did the WCW deal come about
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
Who’s idea was the Wrath gimmick
Did you like it
Did you know karate
Memories of being paired with Mortis and Vandenberg
Are you surprised Kanyon came out of the closet
Why do you think the gimmick didn’t take off
How bad were the politics in WCW at this point
Memories of matches with Glacier
Memories of matches with Ernest Miller
Memories of matches with the Faces of Fear
Was Hogan any different in WCW than the WWF
Was it frustrating not having a big program
What would you have done to get the gimmick over
How did you w ind up tearing your ACL
Was it a blessing in disguise considering you’d return with a new gimmick
How did the whole Kronik idea and name come about
Did you already know Brian
Who came up with the name and gimmick
Thoughts on the politics being played by the NWO
Why do you think you guys clicked
Did you know right away you guys had something
How involved were you in the music and entrance
Once you started getting over, did politics come into play
Did you ever have to confront anyone in the locker room
When you guys made your debut and destroyed Luger and Flair, was there resistance from Luger and Flair to put you guys over so strong
How different were things when Russo took over
Compare Russo to Bischoff
Memories of matches with Shane Douglas and Buff
Memories of your feud with the Natural Born Thrillaz
Which of those guys would you think would make it and didn’t and vice versa
Was it tough ever getting a fair shake with guys like Hogan and Nash around
Thoughts on Sting
Memories of wrestling Tank Abbott
I once heard an interview where you said you only still speak to one person in TNA. Who and why
Who did you lose respect for in WCW and why
How did you find out that the company was being sold
Memories of the final Nitro
What happened with your final match in WCW against Luger and Buff. Some people say Luger and Buff made a mockery of the whole thing.
How did you wind up back in the WWE
Were you for or against the move
Did you and Vince talk about past differences
How had Vince changed
What were you promised this time
Were you surprised they let you guys debut so strong
How disappointed were you to get beaten in your first big match against Kane and Taker
Was there an us vs. them mentality in the locker room with the WWE guys towards WCW guys
What happened following the match at Unforgiven
In hindsight should you have stayed
What were your thoughts when you were given Stevie as a manager
Do you think it was unfair to blame you guys for the match at Unforgiven
Did you get any feedback from Jim Ross
Do you think you were set up to fail
Are you upset about how your career ended
Do you think you should have retired before working with Goldberg and Muta
What do you do now to make a full time living
How did you hear about Bryan’s death
How hard did you take it
Were you guys still close
Can you talk about some fun road stories with Bryan
Do you still watch wrestling
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Any chances of coming back
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler