Buddy Jack Roberts Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO is proud to announce the latest addition to our Shoot Interview series, an exclusive interview with a founding member of the Fabulous Freebirds, Buddy Jack Roberts! The Freebirds, one of the most exciting, controversial, and overall most entertaining tag teams in the history of wrestling, defined how a whole generation of fans saw wrestling during their classic feuds up and down the wrestling landscape. World Class. Mid South. WCW. Florida. Japan. Anywhere and everywhere the Freebirds went their name meant one thing: money.

For the first time ever, we got Buddy Jack Roberts to go on the record talking about his entire career. From his early days teaming up with notorious ribber Johnny Valentine, to his recent battle with throat cancer, Buddy Jack took on all questions. During our exhaustive questioning, the interview got quite emotional when Roberts talked about his memories of Terry Gordy and the Von Erichs. More than anyone, Roberts has seen the excessive highs, and even deeper lows, that only the world of wrestling can put a person through emotionally.

Wrestling historians will be enthralled as Roberts details tearing through the Florida territory and hearing all the old names of times past, such as Dirty Dick Slater, Eddie Graham, and Greg Valentine before venturing into the Crockett area where things really stepped up a notch. You want to hear stories about a young Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard? Want to know how Roberts met Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes? Do you know who came up with the Freebirds name? Ever wonder what Roberts thinks of Hayes and Terry Garvin calling themselves “The Freebirds?” Those questions and many more are answered in depth!

Here’s just a sampling of names that you will hear discussed over the course of this amazing interview: The Hollywood Blondes. Jim Crockett. Fritz Von Erich. Tommy Rich. Ted Dibiase. Kevin Sullivan. Austin Idol. Gary Hart. Bruiser Brody. Dusty Rhodes. Bill Watts. Steve Williams. Terry Taylor. Chris Adams. The list goes on and on and the stories range between gripping and hilarious.

You’ll get a first hand account of that famous Christmas night angle in the cage where The Freebirds turned heel on the Von Erichs. You’ll find out who came up with the idea of “Freebird rules.” Hell, you’ll finally find out if the boys really did pee on Missy Hyatt.