Buddy Landel Shoot Interview

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The name “Nature Boy” genuinely comes with controversy. Whether it was Buddy Rogers or Ric Flair, there is no shortage of stories about the “Nature Boy.” RF Video’s newest Shoot Interview is no different. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel.

There aren’t many pro wrestlers that have been involved in more controversy than Buddy Landel. Buddy worked for all of the major territories and promotions around the country. Buddy has countless stories about the promoters, his opponents, road trips, drugs, and more from all of these territories. Buddy recounts them all in great detail in his own unique way in this exciting Shoot Interview.

Buddy’s name has been mentioned involving one of the biggest urban legends in pro wrestling. We have talked about it with other players, but we finally get to ask the player himself about one of pro wrestling’s most infamous tales. Did Buddy Landel no-show the night he was supposed to win the NWA world title? What are the circumstances surrounding this story? Hear what Buddy has to say from start to finish and you decide for yourself, whether this is true or urban legend.

Buddy also talks about his infamous partying stories. Buddy was a notorious partier in his days on the road. Buddy talks about all of the drugs, fights, and travels as one of wrestling’s true road warriors. Buddy recounts the bar incident that cost him his job in WCW and how Dusty Rhodes reacted to the news. Buddy is brutally honest in opening up about his past issues with drugs, the jobs it cost him, and where he would be if he had stayed clean.

Buddy is one of the first pro wrestlers to openly embrace being a born again Christian. Buddy has preached the gospel to many of his fellow wrestlers. In Buddy’s mind, find out who he thinks is sincere or a phony when it comes to religion and wrestling. Do they mix? Buddy names some interesting ex-pro wrestlers who preach the good word, yet fail to live up their reputations.

Buddy talks about his many miles spent on the road going from territory to territory. Buddy has some interesting insight into Bill Watts. Does Buddy respect Bill or does he have a vendetta with his former boss? Who were Buddy’s favorite and least favorite bookers to work for? Is the story Billy Jack Haynes told us about wrestlers being stiffed on their Starrcade pay? What promoter fired Buddy in the middle of a big program and why? Buddy also opens up about his relationships with the other Nature Boys and has some interesting things to say about one in particular.

What separated Buddy from his peers? How did Buddy make himself stand out? How did he come up with the Nature Boy gimmick? How did the other Nature Boys react? Who helped make Buddy a better wrestler? Did Buddy enjoy his many matches with Jerry Lawler and why or why not? Buddy also goes back in time to the Billy and Buddy episode and talks about how that came about, if anyone was mad, and why the program worked so well with the King.

You won’t hear stories like this anywhere else. It is rare that we find a wrestler as open and honest about their troubles, highs, and lows as Buddy Landel. Whether you are a fan of Buddy’s or not, you will love hearing the stories about all of the other great wrestlers from his time period as told as only Buddy can. It is truly with great honor and excitement that RF Video presents our brand new Shoot Interview with the “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel.

How did you get started in wrestling
How much of an influence was Buddy Rogers
Memories of the Malenkos
Memories of the Malenkos stretching anyone
Memories of living with Bob Roop
Memories of your first wrestling match
Memories of Bob shooting or stretching guys
Who gave you the idea to die your hair blonde
Did you worry immediately that guys would resent it since Ric Flair had a similar gimmick
Did Flair send word early that he didn’t like it
Did you envision a big program with Flair down the line
Memories of your first matches with the NWA champion
Did the early success go to your head
What was the road like in terms of partying and groupies
Memories of your first blade job
Memories of working in Memphis
Fav matches
Good Memphis road stories
Thoughts on Lawler
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
Memories teaming with Bill Dundee
Memories of Dutch Mantell
Memories of the Billy and Buddy show
Memories/stories on Lance Russell
How involved were the promoters in sending you to different territories
Best and worst territories
Best and worst bookers and why
Memories of Dusty Rhodes
Thoughts on Bill Watts
How tough was Bill
Did Bill ever fine you
You once said that Bill’s 84 roster was the best roster ever assembled, why do you say that
How badly did JYD leaving hurt his business
Why do you think Bill waited so long to go national
Good road stories from Mid South
Memories of Ted Dibiase
Memories of Steve Williams
Memories of Jake Roberts
Memories of matches with Terry Taylor
Who did you feel you had great chemistry with and who did you feel you had bad chemistry with
Who taught you how to craft your promos
Memories of JJ Dillon
Who was your favorite manager
Memories of working for Carlos Colon
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody incident
Thoughts on Brody
Memories of working in Georgia
How big was TBS at the time
Thoughts on Ole Anderson as a booker
Ole has written that he could have taken anyone and put the belt on them and they would have been as successful as Flair was back then, do you agree
Memories of the Iron Sheik and Sheik stories
Can you talk about your drug problems over your career, how and when you started and how many times you tried to stop
Do you think that you’d be able to stick to a policy if you were at your peak today and working for the WWE
What do you think of a drug policy by the WWE
Memories of Andre the Giant
Did you ever talk to anyone in the WWE about going up there in the early 80s
How did you wind up working for Jim Crockett
Were you there during the Dory Funk/Dusty Rhodes transition
Initial memories of your program with Ric Flair
Did you have good matches with him
How successful was the program
What is the story behind the rumor that you overslept the night you were supposed to take the NWA title
Ric Flair says the story is not true, is it possible he didn’t know
Do you think Flair was overrated
Memories of Harley Race
Good road stories from the Crockett run
Thoughts on Jim Crockett
The boys say that Crockett liked to party with the boys, do you remember this
Billy Jack Haynes did a shoot with us and he said that Jim Crockett shorted everyone on their Starrcade 85 pay, do you remember this
Did you ever have a hard time getting paid by a promoter
You went through Memphis a lot, when did you notice that business was getting real bad
Were you surprised when Lawler started working for Vince
Thoughts on Brian Christopher
Memories of Magnum TA
Memories of getting fired by Jim Crockett
Are you surprised that Flair is selling the NWA belt
Thoughts on Flair retiring and returning
You came back to WCW in 1990, how did that come about
They never seemed to do anything with you, did you expect to be pushed or did you know that you would only be used mid-card
You worked for Jim Herd. How did he get hired?
What were the differences between WCW then and Crockett promotions who you worked for?
Memories of your short program with the York Foundation or Terri Runnels
Memories of Sting from this time
How come it didn’t work out? You seemed to leave fast
Memories of Terry Funk
How serious was the Buddy Rodgers match in 1991
Thoughts on Joel Goodhart
A lot of northeast cities like Philly and Baltimore seemed to really like you, why do you think you got over so well in the northeast
You were the last to sell out the Mid South Coliseum. Do you find it odd that the WWE today will only hit a town once or twice a year when you used to wrestle in the same place once a week.
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
How did you come up with the corkscrew elbow
Memories of Tommy Rich
Memories of Austin Idol
Memories of Eddie Gilbert
A lot of wrestlers from your era have found God and embraced Christianity. How many guys have you helped find that path?
Is it true that you put over Bob Backlund when Bret Hart wouldn’t
Memories traveling with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch
Are you surprised he worked with Vince Russo in TNA
Thoughts on TNA Wrestling
Are you surprised you have never been called by TNA
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
Thoughts on wrestling today
What happened back in 2005 at the fan fest
Are you surprised at the admiration your fans still have for you today
Could a southern-style wrestling company get over today
You wrestled Goldberg in his first match. Memories of that match
A lot of guys say you were cocky when you were younger, why was that
Is it true that you had or have a disability you kept quiet for years
Your thoughts on the Nature Boy moniker
We interviewed one of the Headbangers a few months back and he said he was stunned when Cornette closed SMW, yet you say you knew. Did you know in advance it was shutting down?
Memories wrestling Shawn Michaels at the Super Bowl of Wrestling
Memories of Barry Windham
Is it true that when you put over Ahmed Johnson, that Shane Douglas had refused first
Who did you look up to in your career
Thoughts on wrestlers trying to get involved in reality shows
How do you wish to be remembered
Do you think you had bad luck or you were your own worst enemy
Favorite ribs
Your weight went up and down throughout your career, how tough was dieting
What do you do today
Do you want to write a book