Buddy Rose Shoot Interview

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Weighing in at a slim, trim, looking good, 217 pounds, “Playboy” Buddy Rose was one of the most underrated heels in the history of professional wrestling. RF Video proudly presents the only shoot interviews in existence with the late Paul Perschmann, a.k.a. Buddy Rose.

Buddy sat down with Dead Of Night Productions in 1995 and again 2001 to film shoot interviews about his life and career in pro wrestling. Buddy, never a fan of “dirt sheets” or even shoot interviews, trusted his friend and co-host of his local Portland radio show to interview him about every facet of his tenure in the often sordid world of professional wrestling.

This double shoot interview DVD features all the great qualities of an RF Video shoot as Buddy describes how he broke into the business by attending the famous Verne Gagne training camp in Minnesota. Buddy reveals how brutal the camp was, and how it made top stars out of himself, Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Iron Sheik and many more.

Buddy was an innovator in wrestling and relates how many of his ideas became regular staples in the business, including bringing women to ringside and being the first wrestler to walk to the ring with music.

Buddy talks in great detail about his time in Portland, working for legendary
Promoter Don Owen. Buddy talks about getting Roddy Piper to leave L.A. for Portland to have their legendary feud. What was Roddy really like? Were they really best friends? Buddy also talks about the famed Don Owens Spectacular at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, where he faced Piper in a huge main event right after Wrestle Mania I. This is the most detailed account of the Portland territory ever on a shoot interview.

– What was Vince Sr. like? Compared to Vince Jr.?
– What was it like being in first match ever at Wrestlemania?
– How did he handle his drug abuse problems?
– Problems in the business with Billy Jack Haynes & Matt Bourne
– All this, and much more on this exciting piece of Wrestling History!

Rest in Peace, and long live “Playboy” Buddy Rose!