Buff Bagwell 2016 Shoot Interview

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When you think of the shoot interview library world in which we invented, there are a few guys that really stick out. These are wrestlers that really don’t give a flying F**k and will say what ever is on their mind. New Jack, Billy Jack Haynes, HonkyTonk Man, Paul Roma are just a few that come to mind but now there is a new man that has entered the ring and that is Marcus Bagwell.

Marcus gave us one of the best shoots of all time when it came to holding nothing back. We first sat down with Marcus almost 15 years ago so it was time to do a updated interview with him. After hearing him on the Steve Austin podcast I knew which topics would be hot for us to discuss and boy was I right. We go into more depth than anyone else has with Marcus and the outcome is explosive!

The highlight of the interview is the entire shutting down of WCW and how things were handled by the WWE when he signed a deal to debut with the company. Marcus takes us back to the final night of WCW and how he ended up getting let go by the company after making his debut on Monday night Raw facing off against Booker T. Marcus has never gone into such detail as he does during our interview with him.

You will hear so many insider stories on what went down behind closed doors with Marcus, Vince and Jim Ross and why to this day Marcus Bagwell has major hostile feelings toward Jim Ross. Marcus has several direct messages to Jim Ross during our interview with him and let’s say they will not be doing Christmas dinner anytime soon.

We really wanted to get more into depth of the entire situation between Marcus and the WWE and we asked him if there was any other issues that might have caused the WWE to part ways with him and you will be shocked to hear his answers.

What was it like for Marcus to find his business manager dead and what was the stories surrounding that? You will hear on what Marcus Bagwell thought of the RFVIDEO shoot interview with Too Cold Scorpio and his thoughts on what Scorpio had said. I felt that if Scorpio would have walked into the room during this part of the interview we would have needed security as it gets loud and intense.

Want to hear about his relationship with Scott Steiner over the years and what issues he might have had him during the NWO run? How about what he thinks of the heat between Steiner and Hulk Hogan? We cover it all and then some.

Want to hear why he didn’t stick around long in TNA and what happened to his relationship with Jeff Jarrett? How about the rumors that his mom called the WWE offices. Marcus covers all the hot topics in one of our wildest interviews of all time.

We talk all about his drug addictions and alcohol addictions of the past and how that might have played a part on his run in several companies. Marcus talks about the road to recovery and how he suffered a major set back with his car wreck that he was lucky to survive. Marcus goes into great detail of what substances he was abusing and how it almost killed him. This part of the interview turns very emotional as Marcus holds nothing back and many people might be able to learn from him.

What about Marcus being a male escort, we asked him all about that as well.

We talk about his early years in the business and of course his long time friends name Steve Austin comes up as well. There are a variety of wide topics that we cover as this is one of those interviews you will watch over and over again with your friends because it will never get old.

I predict right now that this interview will end up in your top 5 shoots of all time when it comes to guys being open and honest. I get calls all the time here at the RFVIDEO headquarters and the big questions is, what shoot can I get that is like HonkyTonk Man or New Jack that is a true shoot, and the answer now would be this one with Marcus Bagwell!!!

This is pure gold…..here are a list of just some of the topics that we talked about.

You’ve made some headlines lately while discussing your short tenure with WWE. Let’s go back to that time period in your career to start things off.
When you were hired by WWE, what promises were made to you about how you would be used and how the WCW brand was going to be promoted?
What went wrong, in your opinion, with the Raw featuring yourself vs. Booker as the main event?
How should WCW have been presented?
When did you get the idea that the idea of Shane McMahon running WCW as a separate entity wasn’t going to happen?
You’ve said publicly that you blame Jim Ross for your WWE firing? Break down why you would blame JR and not say Vince McMahon for that?
Jim Ross did respond to this on his own podcasts, saying: ” “My former job as head of WWE talent relations was often times a thankless job. I never relished in firing people and it only makes sense that if a talent could help a company that I wanted them to make it. I’m sorry Marc feels like he does. I’m sure he believes what’s there is true but I never went out of my way to cause him any misery. I just was the guy that had to deliver the bad news.”
What do you think Jim could do to mend fences with you personally?
Why do you think we don’t see that huge surge of nostalgia for WCW the way we have seen for ECW?
What do you miss the most about WCW?
Do you think we’ll ever see another promotion step up against WWE the way WCW did?
Who do you blame for WCW falling apart?
What mistakes do you think you might have made during your short WWE run?
You’ve made a number of appearances on TNA over the years – thoughts on that promotion and why it hasn’t taken off over the years based on your perspective as a former WCW wrestler?
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett personally and professionally?
Memories of your angle where you got into a brawl with Jeff Jarrett?
Why do you think TNA never brought you in full time?
Would you be open to it?
Memories of working for Jimmy Hart’s XWF and why do you think that company never took off?
Memories of working for Andrew McManus’ WWA promotion and touring overseas for that company?
You’ve worked for a number of independent promotions over the last decade – what makes a good promotion to work for?
How different is working the indies from breaking into the business in the early 1990s with Global?
What are the differences in the working breaking in today vs. when you were breaking in?
Let’s talk about you health, specifically the seizure in Georgia in April 2012 that led to you crashing your car. What are your memories leading up to the seizure?
When did you wake up and how badly were you hurt?
How long did it take you to recover?
How long did it take for you to feel comfortable being back in the ring?
How did you get involved with the American Gigolo series on Showtime?
What made you want to get into this line of work?
We have to ask – what did your mother say about it?
Since you are married, how does this job affect your family?
Whats the best payday you got in the gigolo world?
Did your clients ever recognize you as a wrestler?
What reaction have you gotten from those in the business about this?
Whats the craziest thing you’ve seen in that line of work?
How much longer do you want to perform in the business?
Would you ever want to get involved behind the scenes?
What’s your plan for the future beyond wrestling?
Would you want to write a book about the business?
What is your favorite road story?