Charles Wright Shoot Interview

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There are very wrestlers who can say they worked a long tenure in the WWF under several different – successful – gimmicks for a long amount of time, but Charles Wright can.  Papa Shango. The Ultimate Fighting Machine. The Godfather. Part of the Right to Censor. All unforgettable characters, but did you know that Wright started out as a bouncer in a club who got his big break in wrestling at the Larry Sharp Monster Factory?  Charles talks about how he broke into the sport and quickly found himself in the heart of Memphis as the SoulTaker working with a green rookie named Mean Marc, a man who later went on to become the Undertaker. Wight has a lot of fantastic Memphis stories and told us exactly it was like to work with the one and only Jerry Lawler!

We got the story straight from Charles on how he made it into the WWF and what did he think about the gimmick they gave him as the voodoo master Papa Shango.  Wight had a great relationship with Vince and his family and it really comes across in the shoot that he he had a great time working for the WWF. Charles talked about his famous storylines and matches and tells us what it was like working with superstars such as Tito Santana, Bret Hart and Bob Backland. No one who saw it will ever forget the feud between Papa Shango and the Ultimate Warrior and we got Wight to spill the beans on exactly what it was like behind the scenes during that incredible time in wrestling. History shows the Wight was the scheduled opponent of Owen Hart the night that Owen passed away and Charles gave us his unique insight into what went down that horrible night.  He talked about getting put right back into the spotlight way before he was ready and the pressures that followed. Gripping, emotional, and eye-opening are just some of the descriptions we could use to talk about this powerful section of the interview.

Wight went on to talk about working with his long time friend the Undertaker along with other legends including Ted Dibiase and Shawn Michaels.  How and why did he become a shoot fighter doing the Kama gimmick? You’ll find out the answer to that and hear about Wight’s lack of MMA training. We’re approaching the ten year anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob and we got Wight to tell us his view points on the entire HBK and Bret Hart locker room fight.  He also talked openly about what it was like to be apart of the Nation of Domination with Ron Simmons and the Rock along with why the faction never got a fair shake. We asked about the infamous Brawl for it All and found out what happened the night Wight fought Bart Gunn and why Charles did not take the fight serious.  Wight answered one question after another in a way that only he can and covered a ton of interesting subjects including;  how the Godfather gimmick came about and how it ran into some roadblocks down the line; why did he not like working with Stevie Richards and what was it like to work the Right to Censor gimmick.  Charles has worked with almost everyone in the WWF and this shoot interview is a must if you’re a huge WWF fan as just about everyone is talked about in some aspect!