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Charlie Haas, one half of the self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag Team (the consensus pick for 2003’s best tag team in wrestling). Charlie started his career in Les Thatchers HWA while working other big indies such as ECWA and JAPW and worked his way up WWE roster from the brutal training at Ohio Valley Wreslting to being a full time SmackDown superstar. Charlie recently married Tough Enough 2 winner, Jackie Gayda, and as a wedding present from the WWE they were both given a pink slip. In this interview, Charlie goes over his entire career up to and including his recent release from the WWE. This is one story you are going to want to hear from a first hand victim of WWE’s “Black Wednesday.” Charlie also talks about his experiences with Paul Heyman and ECW, the death of his brother and tag team partner Russ, and many other topics in this timely shoot. Listen firsthand from one a man who BOTH Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit wanted to have matches with, and someone who can talk about the state of the WWE firsthand. This is one shoot current WWE fans should not miss!

After the JAPW show we drove back with Chralie Haas to the RF VIDEO studios for a interview that was amazing. Charlie was just one of many more shoots to come with some of the latest WWE guys who got the axe. We talked all about his start in JAPW, ECWA, CZW, OVW, HWA and Memphis before he and his brother got hired into the WWE. We talked about his brothers death and how it touched his life. You will hear about his personal struggles to make it to the top and become a WWE superstar and tag champion. We talk in detail about his backstage fight with Eddy Guerrero. You will hear all about why Charlie thinks the WWE is not doing good now. This is a great interview for alot of current WWE You will hear how he got fired as well. Charlie talks about working with Kurt Angel, Chris Benoit, Edge, Rhino, Shelton Benjamin and all of the other WWE superstars. This is a loaded shoot and if your a current WWE fan you will not want to miss what he has to say. This shoot will be up for sale later today in the new release section. Here is a list of all the questions that we asked him:

How old were you when you first started wrestling

Talk about your high school wrestling career

Who was the better wrestler between you and your brother

Any good recruiting stories

Any good stories on making weight

How difficult was the transition to college

People may not know this but you worked for Goldman Sachs while you were doing indys?

How important was your economics background to you as a pro wrestler

Thoughts on Mike Sharpe and training under him

Is it true about him taking long showers

What was he biggest challenge in your training

Did you or your brother wind up pushing the other more in training

How quickly did you pick it up

What do you remember about your first match

Who were your fav opponents to wrestle on the indys

Who were your fav promoters to work for

Were you ever stiffed by a promoter and if so by who

Any good road stories from the indys

Fav matches you had on the indys

Thoughts on Dennis Coraluzzo

Do you remember pulling New Jack off of Nick Berk at a JAPW show

Thoughts on Fat Frank

Thoughts on Jim Kettner

Thoughts on CZW

How soon in your indy career did you get interest from wwf or wcw

Ever any interest in WCW

Did you feel pressured to use steroids in order to make the leap to the WWE or WCW

Did you ever have any talks with ECW

What do you think was the biggest thing wrong with the indys when u worked them

Did anyone try and test you on the indys since u had a legit wrestling background

At what point in your indy career did you think you wanted to make a full time go at wrestling

Who was more the captain of your matches,. you or Russ?

Memories of Low Ki from the indys

Your grandfather was a former assistant coach with the Houston Oilers, did he tell you any good stories you can recall

How did you wind up getting your tryout at MSG

Memories of the match

Did you have any hesitations before signing

Initial impressions of HWA

Thoughts on Les Thatcher

Were there any specific WWE vets that worked with you down there, helped you out

How did you find about Russ’s passing

Did you have to tell your parents

How did it affect your love for the business

How hard was it to adjust to life without him around

How hard was it to adjust to being a singles wrestler

How did you wind up moving to OVW

Initial impressions of OVW

What were you told about how the process would work when you signed

Thoughts on Jim Cornette

Thoughts about the recent release of Cornette and the reasons behind it

Who did you and Russ travel with in OVW

Did any of the Memorial shows bother you

Any good road stories

What did you learn most from Jim Cornette

Is there anyone at OVW with you that surprised you in becoming a big success in the WWE

Memories of matches with the Island Boys

Thoughts on teaming with Nova

Memories of matches with the Bashams in OVW

Memories of John Cena

Are you surprised at he and Batista’s success

Was there any kind of heat on the WCW guys that came down there like Sean O Haire

Memories of working with Kanyon

How close were you with shelton benjamin down there

How did you find out you were being moved up to the WWE

How different was the locker room as compared to OVW

Did any vets give you a hard time or rib you early on

Some people have said that JBL is a bully to new guys, how did he treat you

Thoughts on Undertaker

How did Kurt Angle feel about being paired with you guys

Thoughts on Paul Heyman

What did you learn from Kurt

You guys dropped the Best Damn Tag Team name, why?

What do you remember about one of your first matches on Smackdown against Benoit and Edge

Were you nervous working with the vets

Did anyone mentor you

Who did you ride with

Any good stories

Rey Jr. tells a story about a rib he played on you in a WWE book, do you have any good rib stories

Was it difficult working in OVW and Smackdown at the same time

Thoughts on Kenny Bolin

You went over Edge real quick when u first got to Smackdown, was there any resentment to the quick push

Thoughts on when you got the WWE tag titles only about a month after you came up.

Memories on your series that winter with Benoit and Edge and the Guerreros

Thoughts on working with Brock Lesnar

Is there any kind of a clique with former college wrestlers

What did you think of Lesnar’s decision to leave and his decision now to come back while you are being cut

Thoughts on working with Rey Jr

Thoughts on working with Rhyno

Thoughts on working with Big Show

Thoughts on working with Hulk Hogan

Thoughts on working with Zach Gowen

There was a match where you worked with Eddie, that resulted in a fight in the locker room. Can you talk about that

Is that the first time you ever got into a fight after a match with someone you were working with

Do you think you got any heat for the fight

Thoughts on working the APA

Thoughts on working the Bashams in WWE

How different were the matches you had in OVW with them as compared to WWE

What do you think that you learned most in OVW that helped you in the WWE

How did you find out that Kurt Angle was seperating from you guys

Do you think that you could have had more of a program with Kurt

How did you find out that they were splitting you and Benjamin apart

Were you worried about you future

How did you feel about being paired with Rico

Compare teaming with Rico as compared to Benjamin

How did your relationship with Jackie Gayda develop

Did you get any heat from the guys

Now Jackie won got into the WWE through Tough Enough, do you think she got a bad rap for not paying her dues

Did you see the Tough Enough where she cheated on her bf, did you guys talk about it.

Thoughts on your series with RVD

Do you think he works too stiff

Thoughts on John Laurenitus

Do you think Smackdown is treated as a B show

Thoughts on the Dudleys

Thoughts on your program you did with Jackie and Dawn Marie

Was there ever a fear of your real life relationship being affected

The angle kind of ended abruptly, you admitted you cheated and that was it. Why was that?

Thoughts on working Kenzo Suzuki

How did you wind up being paired with Bob Holly

Some people call Bob a bully after what he did to Matt Cappotelli on Tough Enough, do you think that is accurate or not

Did you learn anything from Bob

Thoughts on Rene Dupree

You went from wrestling guys like Benoit, rey Jr, and the Guerreros to working Kenzo, Dupree, and Mark Jindrak. Were you getting frustrated

There was a rumor recently that you would be a part of a new Evolution. Was there any truth to that?

What was the angle that Chris Benoit requested for the both of you?

Kurt Angle did a recent interview where he said he would like to work a program with you, thoughts?

Thoughts on series with MNM

Did you know Joey from the indys?

Thoughts on your recent Iron Man match

Recently Smackdown had a controversial angle in which Muhammad Hassan did a terrorist type angle the day of the London bombing. Do you think it went too far?

Thoughts on Vince

Did you find him approachable

Thoughts on Stephanie and did you find her approachable

Do you think there is anything you could have done differently to have stayed employed

How did you find out you were being let go

Were you surprised

Fav matches in the WWE

Fav guys to work with and why

Least fav guys to work with and why

At what point in your career did you think you made it

Any regrets

Does it bother you when you see less talented guys being pushed at a time when your released

Married to someone in the wrestling business, what are your thoughts on the whole Lita, Edge, Hardy deal

What is your future

Do you think TNA has a future

Have you watched TNA since you started here

Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have

What was it like to work Wrestlemania

Can you make the adjustment to going back to work on the indys

What is your diet and training like

What do you think of Shelton’s success