Chaz Warrington Shoot Interview

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For some wrestlers, it takes years to get to WrestleMania. For most wrestlers, they never get close to the big show. For one wrestler, it only took a couple of years, hard work, and some lucky breaks. Chaz Warrington is that wrestler. RF Video is proud to present a head banging Shoot Interview with former WWE tag team champion, Chaz Warrington.

When Chaz walked into the room and said, “Let’s go. I have nothing to lose,” we knew it was going to be good. Chaz had a very interesting wrestling career. Chaz wrestled his first WWE match after only several weeks of training. How did it happen? What legendary wrestler welcomed Chaz to the locker room? How did his opponent react when he couldn’t throw a punch? These are some great stories about what it is like to be an enhancement wrestler on WWE television.

Chaz then takes on his road to the WWE. Chaz talks about his days as the Spiders in Memphis. Who were the jerks of the locker room and who helped him? Who tried to rib him, and who did he rib in return? Chaz has a funny story about one wrestler who’s attitude completely changed years later when they worked together in the WWE. Chaz also talks about a confrontation at the time with Jerry Lawler that resulted in him leaving the territory.

Next for Chaz was Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Chaz talks about how one team quitting immediately opened up the door for him. Chaz talks about the Headbanger’s gimmick and how it came about. Chaz has a great story about Jim Cornette’s input and development into the gimmick. Did he know he had a hit right away? Chaz has some great insight early on into the Headbanger’s gimmick.

Chaz talks about all of his wars in SMW with the Rock and Roll Express, and countless others. Chaz has some great stories about the fans. Chaz tells a story about starting a riot that almost got him killed one night. Chaz also talks about the unfortunate demise of SMW. How did he find out? How did the boys react? Did he see it coming? Why did he think it failed?

Chaz talks about getting the call to try out for the WWE. Who made the deal happen? How did the office react? What was Vince McMahon’s reaction upon hearing about the Headbanger’s gimmick? How long did Chaz work on a part-time contract in the WWE? At what point were the Headbangers given free reign to run with the gimmick and why? Who from the office early on became a friend to him and how would it help him later?

Chaz also talks openly about his many WWE matches. What wrestlers wanted to give and what wrestlers wanted to take? Who were the most frustrating guys to work with and why? How did Vince and Jim Ross change in time? Who ribbed Chaz in the ring? Did he mind dressing up in drag? What veteran tag team surprisingly agreed to help put them over? Chaz also tells a great story of meeting Mike Tyson and Pete Rose and the surprising result of the meetings.

Chaz is still known today for his infamous Beaver Cleavage gimmick. Who’s idea was it? Who called him Beaver and why? Why was the plug pulled so fast? Why he felt he didn’t have good chemistry with Marianne? Chaz also talks about his last run with D Lo Brown and Tiger Singh Jr. What would he have done different in these gimmicks? Does he regret any of them?

RF Video is thrilled to release this exciting interview, close to three hours in length. It is with great honor that RF Video presents to you a great story of wrestling success. Find out what it is like to go from the car wash to WrestleMania. RF Video is honored to bring to you our newest Shoot Interview with one half of the Headbangers, Chaz Warrington.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What did you do before getting into the business
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
Memories of the independents
Is it true that you have a degree in teaching
How did you hook up with Larry Sharpe
Any other notables in your class
< div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal>Thoughts on Larry
Did you get immediate bookings
Memories of working WWE squash matches early on
Did any of the veterans take liberties with you
How did the rest of the locker room treat you
Was there anyone there that took you under their wing
Did you ever have any interaction with Vince
Memories of the Clique
Was it a welcoming locker room
Were you given the impression by anyone that they liked you
Memories of the Spider gimmick
How did you meet Glenn Ruth
Initial impressions
Who’s idea was it to team you guys
Did you think you had something early on
Favorite matches on the northeast indys
Memories of FMW
Did you like wrestling in Japan
Memories of Mike Kirchner
Memories of Onita
Memories of Terry Funk in Japan
How did you wind up in SMW
Initial impressions of Jim Cornette
How instrumental was he to your promos
Did anyone take you under their wing there
Who came up with the Headbangers gimmick
Was it immediately over
Are you guys into that kind of music
Memories of matches with Tracy Smothers
Memories of matches with Dirty White Boy
Memories of matches with the Rock and Roll Express
What was the party scene like in SMW
Are you surprised it didn’t work there
Is there anyone you saw there that you thought would make it and didn’t
Favorite matches there
How did you wind up in the WWE
Initial impressions of Jim Ross
Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
How were you guys received by the locker room
You were backstage at the Survivor Series. What do you remember about it, the boys reactions, and the next day
Initial impressions of Shawn Michaels and Triple H
Who came up with the Nun gimmick
< FONT size=3 face="Times New Roman">Did you think it would work
Memories of working with Bruce Pritchard
Memories of the Shotgun shows
Memories of matches with the Godwinns
How did the gimmick change come about
Did you prefer the new gimmick
What happened when your partner vomited during a promo
Memories of matches with Furnas and LaFon
How did things change overall when Steve Austin blew up
Were things different when Shawn left
Was Triple H different without Shawn
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Were they hard to work with
Memories of matches with the Blackjacks
Who did you guys travel with
Memories of matches in the WWE with the Rock and Roll Express
Did you like the whole NWA angle
Memories of matches with Owen and Davey
Any good Owen rib stories
Was Rob Van Dam hard to work with when you guys worked with him on RAW
Memories of matches with the Blackjacks
Memories of matches with the Outlaws
Memories of the Royal Rumble with Vince in it
What were the boys thinking when Vince started wrestling
Memories of matches with Kaentei
Memories wrestling Mark Henry
Memories wrestling Austin
Memories wrestling Marc Mero and Goldust
How aware was everyone of what WCW was doing
Did you guys ever think about a jump
Memories wrestling the Oddities
Thoughts on the ICP
Memories of when the Rock started blowing up
Did the Rock and Austin change with success
What was it like to be a WWE superstar during this time period
Memories of matches with Hardcore Holly
Did you like the hardcore stuff
An ex-WWE writer said in a blog that you guys gave away the result of Austin-Rock at WrestleMania 17 right before the match on – “Austin’s gonna win, the Headbanger said totally matter-of-factly, because we’re in Texas and Rock’s leaving to film a movie.” Did you get heat for it?
Memories of matches with the Dudleys
Did it get frustrating when you guys kept getting jobbed out
Memories of matches with the Qu ebeccers
Did you notice a change in politics when business got better
How did Vince change
When your partner injured his knee did you think it was over
Who came up with Beaver Cleavage
Did you like it
Where was it supposed to go
Do you think it would have worked
Are you surprised people still talk about it today
Did you have chemistry Marianna
Memories of matches with Shawn Stasiak
Do you think more could have been done wi th the entire thing
Did you prefer going back to the Headbangers or did you want to stay singles
Memories of matches with the Posse
What was really behind G TV
Did you have a problem dressing in drag
Thoughts on teaming with D Lo and Tiger
Thoughts on Tiger
Were you frustrated with the gimmick
Was it frustrating to be kept out of the Royal Rumble
How were you released
Did you leave on good terms
Are you surprised you20haven’t been brought back
Could you make a living strictly doing indys
Can you talk about your kickball career
How did you get into the movie Box of Moon Light
Do you want to do more acting
Thoughts on tag team wrestling today
Do you want to write a book
Best road stories
Best ribs
Thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy
Any chance of a TNA run
Is there anyone you wished to work with that y ou havent
What do you think is lacking on the indys today
What do you do today