Chris Adams Shoot Interview

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Chris Adams was on top whereever he went in the 80s. From his famous feud against The Von Erichs in World Class to UWF to WCW, Adams has a lot to talk about. He came to the RF Video office and told everything about his career. Here are the topics he discussed:

-His athletic background and start in wrestling.
-Coming to America and the regional promotions he first worked.
-The early days in World Class.
-What the Von Erichs were like when he first worked in World Class.
-All the details of his feud with the Von Erichs. -Lots of info and stories about Gino Hernandez.
-The inside scoop on the famous hair vs. hair Cotton Bowl match.
-The death of Gino Hernandez.
-Was Lance Von Erich a good idea? -The decline of World Class.
-Kerry Von Erichs accident that cost him his foot.
-The death of Mike, David and Chris Von Erich.
-Jumping to the UWF.
-Stories on Bill Watts, The Freebirds, Ted Dibiase, Steve Williams and more about the UWF.
-The death of Bruiser Brody.
-His feud against Terry Taylor and Eddie Gilbert.
-Did he think he would get a job with the NWA when Jim Crockett bought UWF?
-Why he didnt get a job.
-His return to World Class.
-Why he had to wear a catchers mask in his matches for a few months.
-Where his career took him in the early 90s with indies and WCW.
-What New Japan, Fujinami and Tiger Mask were like.
-What WCW was like before it folded.
-How his ideas on wrestling have changed.
-Why he never went to WWF.