Chris Hero Shoot Interview

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We cover everything from his seven year career from his start in the business, IWA Mid South, CZW and his over sea tours. If you want to hear all about his road stories, famous feuds and his thoughts on all the top stars of the indy scene this shoot is a must.

How did you get into the business
Were you trained as wrestler
Who trained you
What was the training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up
Did you watch wrestling as a kid
Who were you a fan of
Did you play sports in high school
Did you learn how to bump
Memories of UCW
Who came up with the Wifebeater gimmick
Did the protests ever get crazy
Thoughts on Bill Maher brought it up on Politically Incorrect
What lead to you dropping the gimmick
How did you come up with Chris Hero
How did you wind up at the Funking Dojo
Who else was in your class
What did you take away from the experience
Memories of your first match with Sabu
Were you nervous
How did you wind up working for IWA MS
Initial impressions early on of Pondo
Thoughts/memories of working for ICP
How did you adapt early on from working against hardcore guys to working technical guys
Initial thoughts of Ian
How did you and Ian grow closer
Memories of winning the Sweet Science tournament
Initial impressions of CM Punk
When did you realize the two of you had good chemistry
Thoughts on Nadia Nyce
Thoughts on Dave Prazak and any good stories
Talk about putting together the 90 mn match with Punk and your memories of the match itself
Did it bother you afterwards that it seemed Punk got much more publicity than yourself coming out of the feud
How did Punk change with success
Memories of working 3PW
Memories of your first European tour
Was it hard to adjust to the style
Fav matches in Europe
Memories of England tours
As you and Punk started to get more successful was there ever a time when Ian tried to put you guys together and he wouldn’t put you over
Did he ever get to the point where you didn’t even want to ride with him anymore
Thoughts on Norm Conners and IWC
Fav IWC matches
Thoughts on Nate Webb
Memories of your first CZW appearance against Ruckus
What went wrong at Cage of Death 4
Did you have a problem with Nick Gage when he came down to IWA MS
Was there ever any talk of doing anything with you two
How did you wind up returning to CZW at Redefined
Were you apprehensive from your last appearance
It was out on the net that Punk came to watch your back, is that true
Memories of your matches with Trent Acid and Nate Hatred
Early impressions of Court Bauer and MLW
What were the plans for you
How did you find out MLW closed
Thoughts on Jimmy Jacobs
Thoughts on Alex Shelley
You returned to CZW after redefined in a 4 way with Homicide, Jacobs, and Shelly,and it looked like Jimmy Jacobs was getting shot on by everyone. Is that accurate?
Thoughts on Homicide
Thoughts on Teddy Hart
How did the relationship with you and Ian change when you started working for CZW more and just started working more places in general
Memories of your IWA feud with Danny Daniels
Why do you think IWA MS has such great matches and great talent yet doesn’t draw well
Do you think Punk was out of line boycotting Ian’s King of the Death matches
How did you meet Claudio
When did you start training kids
Do you like training kids
At what point did you realize you needed to lose weight and how did you go about changing your lifestyle
Thoughts on B Boy
How did you wind up doing the Savior gimmick in CZW from MLW
Thoughts on your series with Jimmy Rave
Thoughts on Mike Quackenbush
Thoughts on the potential Zandig match that never happened
Thoughts on Eddie Kingston
Thoughts on Reckless Youth
Memories of your TNA matches
Impressions of the Jarretts
Did you think it would be more
How did you come up with the curvate
Do you think Ian got shortchanged in that other indys gets credit for making a lot of guys that made it first in IWA MS
Thoughts on Brian Danielson
Thoughts/memories of Big Japan tours
Thoughts on Sonjay
Thoughts on Necro Butcher
Who are some of your fav and least fav guys to work with
What is the hardest thing about working on the indys
Thoughts on Samoa Joe
Can you make a fulltime living on the indys
What is the biggest problem with the indys today
Who would you like to wrestle that you havent
How did you tap into your personality and start working on promos, etc
Can a 45mn match get over on the east coast
Thoughts on Mike Burns
Who has taught you the most in the business
Thoughts on Super Dragon
Thoughts on Arik Cannon
Whos the best worker we have never heard of that is on the indys right now
Talk about Raven for a bit, thoughts on matches and Raven himself
Thoughts on AJ Styles
Thoughts on BJ Whitmer
Where do you wanna be in wrestling in 5 years
In your opinion most overrated and underrated workers
Future plans
Advice for young guys
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
Best ribs you ever saw
Road stories from all areas
Have you had any talks at all with TNA in the last year
Can a good television writer write good wrestling
Can a newsletter or an internet reporter objectively critique a match
Thoughts on Steroids in wrestling
What is your favorite moment in your career
What do you think is wrong with the business today
Any thoughts on writing a book when you are done