Chris Masters Shoot Interview

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One of wrestling’s most controversial wrestlers in recent memory is none of than Chris Masters, and RF VIDEO was lucky enough to sit down with Masters to discuss his recent firing along with many other subjects in our latest exclusive shoot interview! Chris walked us through his daily schedule in Ohio Valley Wrestling and compared what it was like working for Bill DeMott and Lance Storm. You’ll be able to hear a whole bunch of OVW stories as Masters talked his relationship with Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman as well as all the guys that were there during his stay including Brent Albright and Carlito.

Getting the fast push to the main stage, Masters told us what he felt working his first dark match with Bob Holly and how Triple H and Shawn Michaels immediately took him under their wing. We got the entire scoop on the creation of the Masterpiece gimmick and what type of pressure Chris was under to maintain his look. Masters described his friendship outside the ring with Carlito and Randy Orton along with giving one story after another about their time on the road together. This is the only place where you’ll find out what kind of trouble Masters got into with Orton, including a hilarious story in which Masters and Orton did not see a cop chasing them for two miles and finally pulled over to find guns drawn on them. What was it like being pushed so hard so fast and working with all the top talent including Triple H, HBK, and the Undertaker? Who did Masters have heat with in the locker room? Which match does Masters, to this day, constantly relive in his mind? And why? This is the one interview in which you’ll get the inside dope, straight from the source!

We talked about Masters’ physique and what it took to maintain, and this brought up the subject of steroids in wrestling, drug testing, and being sent to rehab. In an infamous skit, Triple H described a book by Chris Masters being about how to lose 50 pounds in six weeks, and we got Chris to talk about his shrinking and how the mass got put back on so quickly. Masters did not hide behind anything and was completely open, even offering his opinion on the effects of steroids in the Chris Benoit tragedy. What did Chris think about the Masterlock challenge? Who chose Bobby Lashley to be the first person to break the Masterlock? What did Chris feel about selling for older guys such as Ric Flair and Jerry Lawler? You’ll get the answers to these questions along with a first person perspective on what it is like to be pulled into the WWE machine, eaten up, and spit out. Chris even talked about all his problems with JBL and how he stood up to JBL during an overseas tour.

How soon did you know you wanted to be a wrestler
Who trained you
What was the hardest thing about training
Did you train with John Cena at UPW
How soon were you signed by the WWE
Was it hard adjusting from California to OVW
Thoughts on Danny Davis
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Memories of Nick Dinsmore down there
Who helped you out the most
What do you think was a match where you think you turned the corner
Memories teaming with Brent Albright
Memories of Carlito from down there
Memories of your first dark match against Aaron Stevens
Did anyone from the locker room go out of their way with advice
What were your thoughts on the locker room
Memories of your dark match with Bob Holly
Did he work real stiff with you
How did the whole Masterpiece gimmick come about
Who helped you on your ring entrance
How much input did you have on it
Were you ready when you were called up
What was the feedback like from your peers in OVW
When you first came up how did the locker room treat you
Initial impressions of Vince
Thoughts on Brian Gerwitz
Did you have any heat for hurting Stevie Richards
What do you think went wrong with the move
Who’s idea was the whole challenge gimmick
Memories of working with Sgt Slaughter
Memories of working with Val Venis
Memories of matches with Tajiri
Memories of working with Shawn Michaels
Memories working with Ric Flair
Did any vets take you under their wings
What was it like to work your first Wrestlemania
Was it disappointing that it was a dark match
Was it nerve wrecking
How did life change for you when you became a famous WWE superstar
How did you have time to workout with the schedule
Memories of your match with Michaels at Unforgiven
Thoughts on Triple H
Rob Van Dam recently did an interview and said he isn’t genuine, do you agree
Memories teaming with Kurt Angle
Who did you like to travel with
How did the team with Carlito come about
Thoughts on Carlito
Memories of working with Triple H and Flair at Homecoming
Memories of the SmackDown vs Raw feud
Thoughts on JBL
Is he a bully
Memories of matches with Cena
What was it like going to Afganistan
Memories of the Elimination Chamber match
Thoughts on Edge
How much politics is played in the WWE
Did you ever have an instance where you trusted someone you shouldn’t have
Thoughts on the Big Show
Thoughts on working with RVD
Memories of working Wrestlemania against Kane and Big Show
Did you think you would work in the WWE for the rest of your career
Thoughts on your feud with Carlito
Did you expect it to be pushed more
You were suspended in May 2006, what happened
It was noticeable that you were smaller when you went back to OVW, why the difference
Do you think it is hypocritical with your gimmick to be punished for breaking the Wellness Policy
Is there too much pressure not to use enhancement drugs
Does it worry you when you see guys broken down like Billy Graham and Konnan after using steroids
Can a WWE wrestler survive the schedule without some kind of enhancement drug
You started to put size back on quickly when you came back to Raw, were you using steroids at the time
Do you think Congress has any business investigating wrestling
Was it difficult after being in the main events to come back and work low on the card
Memories wrestling Jerry Lawler
Do you think it hurts your credibility to sell for an older wrestler like Lawler or Flair
Memories going to Iraq
Who’s idea was it to restart your feud with Carlito
Some people say Carlito doesn’t put a lot of effort into his matches, do you agree
Thoughts on the Great Khali
Thoughts on matches with Bobby Lashley
What are your thoughts on him wanting his release
What was it like the week of the Benoit tragedies
How surprised were you
Did you have any weird incidents with Benoit
Do you think steroids had any influence on what he did
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Thoughts on Matt Hardy
Is it true that ECW wanted you for their brand
Would you have liked to go
Were you surprised when you wound up on SmackDown
What were the circumstances behind your last suspension
Where was your push going on Smack Down
How did you wind up leaving
Who gave you the news
Is the door open for you to come back
What is life like after the WWE
Any thoughts on going to TNA
Would you go back to bodybuilding
Thoughts on your appearance for Inoki
Thoughts on Inoki
Will you be going back to Japan
What has surprised you most about the independents
Is it hard to make a living as an independent wrestler
Were you ribbed when you came up to the roster
Good road stories
Fav and least favorite guys to work with
Thoughts on the negative reaction you got on the Internet after you debuted on Raw
Do you think you are a good worker
Whats your workout and diet like
Is it tough getting bookings without being able to call yourself Chris Masters
Thoughts on the Undertaker
Do you see yourself with another WWE run?
How much pressure is there when you are a top guy
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
What do you think is lacking on the indys today
Do you ever want to write a book