Colin Delaney Shoot Interview

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Colin Delaney is best known for working with WWE on its ECW brand. He has also wrestled for promotions such as CHIKARA, NWA Upstate, Buffalo Championship Wrestling, NWA Empire, Pro Wrestling Ohio, UWA Hardcore Wrestling, Roc City Wrestling, and Combat Zone Wrestling under the name Colin Olsen. We talk all about his early matches and how he broke into wrestling.

Now for the first time, Colin sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his rise to fame in the WWE and ECW. You will find out what it was like for this young rookie to make a impact in the world of giants. You will hear an amazing story of how Colin got his break into the WWE. What was the locker room like and how did they treat him. Colin talks about how Tommy Dreamer was a huge help to his career. Colin talks about working with Big Daddy V and how stiff was Khali? What was it like to work with Kane, Mark Henry and of course the feud that put him on the map with Miz and Morrison. We talk all about his stay in the ECW brand.

Why did Colin turn heel on his best friend? What was it like to do promos with Vince? Who did he travel with and how hard was it keeping his spot in the WWE. He was only in the WWE for 8 months but everyone will remember the name Colin Delaney.

We also talk about the indy scene as Colin gives his thoughts on working for CZW and Chikara. What does Colin think about John Zandig? After watching this interview with Colin Delaney you will realize that he has a bright future inside the squared circle.

Plus also added is a bonus 3-way Extreme Hardcore Match featuring Colin Delaney vs. Stevie Richards vs. Danny Doring!