Colonel Debeers Shoot Interview

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RF Video had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the most controversial characters in the history of pro wrestling. What would you say if I told you that just two decades ago, you could see a racist heel on national cable? Well you could, his name was Col. Debeers and we sat down with him for an extensive shoot interview.

Before he was the Colonel, Debeers wrestled for years on the long road of territories in the 1970s. Debeers was a regular for Don Owens’ Portland territory. If you are a fan of the territories and especially Portland you, will find this interview fascinating.

Debeers talks all about his legendary tag team with Playboy Buddy Rose. Debeers also talks about the wars the two had and their favorite opponents. Debeers has some great stories on Don Owens himself. Debeers talks about which wrestler ruined pro wrestling in Portland for the boys and the promoters. Hint – it was a former RF Video shoot interview guest.

Debeers talks about his many opponents which include Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, Bobby Jaggers, Jonathon Boyd, Billy Jack, Jesse Ventura, Ron Bass, Jay Youngblood, Iron Sheik, the Grappler, and so many more.

Debeers also talks about his brief run in the WWWF. What was it like to work with Freddie Blassie, who was his manager at the time? What were Vince McMahon Sr. and Jr. like?

Debeers also talks a lot about Roddy Piper and the many battles he had with Hot Rod. How did Roddy change after he went to the WWF? How did Roddy change after doing movies? You will hear all about the highs and lows of Roddy Piper from one of his peers throughout his career.

Debeers also talks extensively about his international career. Did Debeers like working Europe? Debeers also talks about working in the United Kingdom. Debeers talks about the frustrations of adjusting to the round-system in U.K. pro wrestling. How was he able to get himself over in England?

Debeers talks in depth about his most famous run in the AWA. as a racist heel. Why did he leave Portland for the AWA? Did he like the gimmick? How strong was fan reaction outside of the ring? What was it like working with about working with Curt Henning, Scott Hall, Greg Gagne, Sgt Slaugher and Wahoo McDaniel? How did Snuka react to his promos?

Debeers tells a great story about the night Stan Hansen refused to drop the AWA belt to Nick Bockwinkel. What was Nick Bockwinkel like outside of the ring? What was it like to work with a young Shawn Michaels? How respectful was Shawn to the veteran? What was their relationship like? What would an AWA story be like without a Curt Hennig rib?

The Colonel also talks about working for one of the most outrageous promoters of all-time, Herb Abrams and the UWF. Was Herb crazy? Wait until you hear about the stories of Herb and the boys in the strip clubs. What was it like to wrestle in the UWF and his thoughts on booking?

Debeers also talks a lot about his return to the AWA for his final run. How did it change? Why did it change? Was it Verne’s fault? What went wrong with the Team challenge with Jake Milliman and one of the most infamous matches from that time period? He also gives his candid views on DDP getting in the wrestling business.

The Colonel loves to talk and we loved listening. This is one of those shoot interviews that just flies right on by. If you are a fan of the territories or just love hearing crazy stories, don’t miss out on the Col. Debeers Shoot Interview.

Is it true that you played pro football
When did you become interested in wrestling
How did you get into the business
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
Memories of meeting Harley Race
How would you rate Harley as a trainer
Memories of meeting Lord Littlebrook
Was Lord a tough guy
Where did you live when you trained
Memories of your first match
How come you never played up your background when you got into wrestling
Howd you wind up starting in Portland
Memories of Don Owens
Is it true that his brother used to bet on shoots
Memories of meeting Buddy Rose
Memories of teaming with Rose
Why did you seem to stay in Portland awhile
What did you like about the territory
Were the paydays good
How did you develop your promos
Memories of Jimmy Snuka
What was the party scene like
Good road stories
Memories of Dutch Savage
Memories of Roddy Piper
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Memories of Ron Bass
How big was it to get the title
Memories of Stan Stasiak
Memories of Jonathon Boyd
Memories of Jay Youngblood
Memories of the San Francisco territory
Memories of Roy Shire
Memories of Ray Stevens
Memories of your first tours of Europe
Was it hard adjusting to the style
Memories of working for Leroy Mcguirk
Memories of being managed by Skandar Akbar
Did you like managers
Memories of feuding with the Gilberts
How did you wind up working for Vince McMahon SR
Thoughts on Vince
Memories of being managed by Fred Blassie
How long did your run go
Favorite matches
How different was New York from the other areas
Memories of Bob Backlund
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
Memories of a young Vince McMahon
How did you wind up back in Portland in the 80s
How had the area changed
Memories of the Mega Maharishi Amed gimmick
How much heat did it get
Memories of managing Kendo Nagasaki
How crazy did fans get
Memories of Rip Oliver
Memories of Billy Jack
Memories of Bobby Jaggers
Memories of matches with David Von Erich in Florida
Memories of the Grappler
When did you realize that territories were in trouble
Did you ever talk about going to the WWF or Crockett in the 80s
How did you wind up going to the AWA
Initial impressions of Verne
Was Verne out of touch
Who’s idea was it to get racist with the gimmick
Where did you come up with Col Debeers
Memories of your feud with Snuka
Was Snuka hard to work with then
Do you think that Vince had already beaten Verne by then
Memories of Greg Gagne
Memories of Curt Hennig
Memories of Scott Hall
Was it hard to work with the older veterans like Baron Von Rachke and keep your heat
Memories of working Wahoo McDaniel at WrestleRock
Memories of the WrestleRock Rumble
Memories of the Rockers
Did Verne lose his shirt with WrestleRock
Memories of matches with Sgt Slaughter
Was Sarge kind of in cruise control back then
Was there ever any talk of putting the belt on you
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of Larry Nelson
Why did you wind up leaving the AWA
Were you surprised that Vince didn’t pick you up
When did you sense that it was going to be harder to make a living on the territories
Any good Herb stories
Memories of the Team Challenge with Jake Milliman
Memories of the Great American Turkey Hunt
Who was booking at this time
Did you ever speak up as to how ridiculous it was
Memories of Diamond Dallas Pa ge
Are you surprised as to how successful he became
Memories working for Herb Abrams
How crazy was Herb
Who was his booker
Memories of matches with Louie Spicolli
Did you ever get any heat from black wrestlers over your gimmick
Could that gimmick work today
Can you talk about opening a school with Buddy Rose
Did you have any successful students
Is it true you own a kitten farm
Is it true that you play the banjo
Did you ever think of turning it into a wrestling gimmick
What was it like to be honored by the Cauliflower Alley
What finally led to your retirement
What do you miss most
Was it hard adjusting to life after wrestling
What kind of an influence was Lord Al Hayes
Any good Iron Sheik stories
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
What do you think about the media attention pro wrestling is getting now in regards to drug abuse
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Any chances of coming back
How did the story did on you come about