Corey Feldman Celebrity Shoot Interview

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RF Video goes Hollywood as we conducted our first ever shoot interview with a legendary movie actor from so many films such as Goonies, Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, Stand By Me, License To Drive, Blown Away, Friday the 13th, Gremlins and so many more classics.  Our guest on on this debut edition is Corey Feldman.

With every high in life there comes low points and Corey talks openly about some of those low points during this interview.  Drugs, sex, homosexuality, pedophiles in Hollywood. Corey openly addresses molestation and so much more that this actor began enduring at such a young age.  Corey opens up for RF Video like never before touching on topics such as:

His controversial relationship with the late, Corey Haim.  Corey talks graphically about the horrors that happened to both teens growing up in Hollywood as both were offered drugs, threatened and were surrounded by molestation by some of the most powerful people in the industry.  What did Corey do to out these people and the dangers he and his family faced because of it.  There are shocking details that have never been heard before.

We talk about the personal problems that Corey Haim had and what really led to his passing.  This is a very emotional interview as Corey holds nothing back and addresses rumors that have surfaced about his movie partner and best friend.

Corey Feldman was at the center of a controversial relationship with the often maligned legendary King of Pop- Michael Jackson.  Corey gives his views on his much speculated relationship with Jackson and his take on many rumors about Jackson’s personal life. There are stories and first hand eyewitness accounts about Neverland Ranch, sleeping arrangements and going to Disneyland in disguise!  You will not hear these stories anywhere else.

During the interview we get up close and personal and learn how Corey’s life was turned upside down and how Corey Feldman has rebounded.  You will hear about wild parties, fun times at the Infamous bunny ranch and amazing Hollywood inside stories.

A different side of Corey Feldman is revealed as well as Corey openly discusses his family life and his passion for music.  Corey is not only a great musician but a wonderful father and you can hear it in his voice as he opens up about his son during this tell all, emotional, one of a kind interview.

After some prying Corey even reveals the often whispered about events involving Howard Stern!  We talk to Corey about his time on the Howard Stern show and Corey reveals why he has not been on the show as of late and how he felt betrayed by Howard.

Whether you are a Michael Jackson fan, a Howard Stern fan, a pop culture enthusiast or you just like controversy – this is an interview for the ages.  The interview is a flood of emotions with so many amazing behind the scenes never before heard stories that will keep you glued from the start to the finish.