D-Lo Brown Shoot Interview

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There are some that reach the pinnacle of pro wrestling success the easy way. Then, there are some that take a long road to the top. D Lo Brown is a man who worked his way up from $5 a night to headlining WWE events with The Rock. D Lo finally breaks his silence and tells you a side of the story you won’t hear anywhere else. RF Video is proud to present the D Lo Brown Shoot Interview.

D Lo has a very fascinating story and he started from the very beginning. D Lo came up through Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling. D Lo has some great stories about working with vets like the Rock and Roll Express and Tracy Smothers. D Lo talks in detail about what Jim Cornette has meant to his career. How did Jim Cornette mold D Lo from a New Jersey indy worker into a wrestler ready for the biggest show in the world? D Lo retraces his steps and tells you what it took to make the leap from SMW to the WWE.

Over ten years ago, RF Video sat down with one of D Lo’s old SMW partners. RF Video talked to New Jack in a classic Shoot Interview back in 1997. New Jack was unkind to his old partner and told many disparaging stories about D Lo in the shoot. Did D Lo Brown really mow Jim Cornette’s lawn? What did D Lo think when he heard New Jack’s Shoot Interview? Have they talked since? D Lo finally gives his side of the story to RF Video.

D Lo goes into great length about his time in the WWE. D Lo talks about the integration into the locker room. D Lo talks about the early days of the Nation. How did he get along with Ron Simmons? How did the Nation change with The Rock? What was The Rock like at the stage in his career? Did D Lo have any hesitations about the racial aspects of the group? Why did the group work and not work in the end? Which member of the Nation did D Lo get into an argument with that turned physical? This is a great story and you will only hear it here in the interview.

D Lo was one of the original tag team partners of The Rock. D Lo was there when The Rock came up with the Peoples Elbow and went from opening card wrestler to world-wide sensation. D Lo talks about the ascension of The Rock from someone who was there. D Lo has a ton of great road stories about The Rock that you have never heard before. Hear about a side of The Rock for the first time anywhere in this classic RF Video Shoot Interview.

D Lo also breaks down all of the other personalities in this interview. D Lo talks about the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. D Lo also has some very candid comments about Triple H. D Lo also talks about the backstage drama between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart he witnessed first-hand when he came into the WWE. What did D Lo see and what should we believe?

D Lo also talks about the many controversies involving WWE stars. D Lo talks openly about Chris Benoit, the murders, and the Benoit he knew. D Lo also tal ks about the night Owen Hart passed away. Should the show have gone on? What did he think about after the Montreal Screw Job? Hear what really went down from someone that was there to see it all on the WWE side of the line.

D Lo also opens up about one of pro wrestling’s worst in ring accidents. D Lo relives the night that Darren Drozdov became paralyzed in a match. D Lo talks about what went wrong, what he was thinking, his initial reaction, the guilt, and questions about his own career. D Lo also talks about the relationship between Droz and he and where things stand today. This is a very emotional moment for D Lo and one of the few places you will hear the real story.

D Lo also talks about why he left the WWE, returned, and left again. What were the differences between both of his runs? Who does and doesn’t he trust? Would he ever go back? D Lo also talks about his TNA Wrestling run. What does D Lo think of the TNA political structure? What are D Lo’s thoughts on Vince Russo? Can Dixie Carter run a successful pro wrestling company? Will he be back? W hat are the inner differences between TNA and the WWE?

It is truly an honor to present one of the most interesting Shoot Interviews in RF Video history. It is one thing to read about pro wrestling history. It is another thing to hear about it from a man that witnessed some of the biggest events in WWE history. You better recognize as RF Video presents our newest Shoot Interview with D Lo Bown.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What did you do before getting into the business
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
Memories of the independents
Is it true that you have a degree in teaching
How did you hook up with Larry Sharpe
Any other notables in your class
Thoughts on Larry
Howd you come up with the name Ace the Animal
Any memories of Dennis Coraluzzo
Did you get immediate bookings
Memories of working WWE squash matches early on
Did any of the veterans take liberties with you
How did the rest of the locker room treat you
Was there anyone there that took you under their wing
Did you ever have any interaction with Vince
Memories of the Clique
Was it a welcoming locker room
Were you given the impression by anyone that they liked you
How did you wind up in SMW
Initial impressions of Jim Cornette
How instrumental was he to your promos
Did anyone take you under their wing there
Memories of working with the Gangstas
Thoughts on New Jack
Jack said in a previous shoot interview that you used to mow Jim Cornette’s lawn. Is that true?
Memories of matches with Lance Storm
Memories of matches with Jim Cornette
Memories of the Rock N Roll Express
Memories of the Heavenly Bodies
Memories of Brian Armstrong from this time
What was the party scene like in SMW
Is there anyone you saw there that you thought would make it and didn’t
Favorite matches there
How did you wind up in the WWE
Initial impressions of Jim Ross
Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
How were you guys received by the locker room
Did you immediately sense a division between Shawn and Bret in the locker room
Who’s idea was it to put you with Ron Simmons
Thoughts on Ron
Thoughts on the Nation
Memories of the RAW tag tourney and matches with Vader and Taker and the LOD
Were the LOD hesitant about selling
Initial impressions of Hunter
What was it like when you worked your first WrestleMania
Was it uncomfortable when Bret brought those cameras backstage
Initial impressions of The Rock
Did you think he’d blow up
Was he humble
When did you notice that something was happening with him
How did things change for the Nation when Rock started getting over
Was there any tension between Rock and Simmons
Memories of matches with Ken Shamrock
You were at the Survivor Series. What do you remember about it, the boys reactions, and the next day
Initial impressions of Shawn Michaels and Triple H
How did things change after Bret left
Did you ever work with Shawn during that time
Did you ever talk to WCW about going over
Memories of matches with Ahmed Johnson
Memories of matches with the DOA
Memories of Godfather
Initial impressions of Mark Henry
Is the story about DX screwing with Mark Henry’s food true
Do you think any of Henry’s ribbing was racist
What did you think when you heard about Michael Hayes being suspended for saying a racist remark to Mark Henry
Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett
Memories of matches with Dan Severn
What happened the night of Droz’s injury
How serious did you think it was
Did it make you question your career
Does he hold it against you
Do you feel anyone in the company held it against you
Are you surprised that there wasn’t any kind of a feud between you and the Rock after you guys went your separate ways
Did you sense him changing with success
Memories of Steve Austin
How did he change with success
Any good Owen rib stories
Memories of matches with DX
Did you sense a change with Triple H as he got more power
Was it a weird time when he was dating both Stephanie and Chyna
Memories of the Royal Rumble with Vince in it
What were the boys thinking when Vince started wrestling
Memories of matches with the Brood
Memories of matches with Val Venis
Memories teaming with Test
Memories wrestling Austin
How aware was everyone of what WCW was doing
Did you ever think about a jump
What was it like to be a WWE superstar during this time period
Memories of matches with Hardcore Holly
Did you like the hardcore stuff
Did you notice a change in politics when business got better
How did Vince change
Did you get involved in the political game
Memories of matches with the Acolytes
Memories of matches with the Dudleys
Memories of matches with the Headbangers
Memories of matches with the Bulldog
Thoughts on teaming with Chaz and Tiger
Thoughts on Tiger
Were you frustrated with the gimmick
Was there a test period when Taz came in from the locker room
What happened with Cyrus when he was in the WWE
You went away for awhile in 2001, what happened
You did some tryouts for announcing, how did that go and what happened
Who came up with the What’s My Name gimmick
What was the craziest idea that Vince Russo ever suggested for you
Thoughts on Russo
Was it frustrating to get squashed by Three Minute Warning
Was there a testing period from the locker room for Eric Bischoff
How did you find out that Vince had bought WCW
What were your initial thoughts
Was there a test period for guys coming over from WCW to the locker room
What happened the night everyone stomped Buff Bagwell
How different was the Shawn Michaels that came back to the WWE from the Shawn you remembered from when you came over.
Memories of Brock Lesnar
What did you think when Hogan Hall and Nash came in
Was it tense early on in the locker room
Thoughts on those guys
How did Hogan interact with the locker room
What were your thoughts when the Tough Enough concept developed
Memories of the blindfold match with Hunter
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Memories of matches with Al Snow
Memories of matches with the Hardys
What happened that led to your release
How did you wind up in TNA
Did you like it
How different was it from the WWE
Thoughts on working for Jeff in TNA
Memories of matches with AJ Styles
Do you think TNA could be successful
Memories of your feud with Vince Russo
Memories of the War Games
Memories of matches with Kid Kash
Thoughts on Monty Brown
How did your dark match for the WWE in 2007 come about
What led to you getting a new deal
Did you expect a big push with the win over Santino
How had the locker room change
Thoughts on new guys like Cena and Orton
Were you surprised when you were released
Do you think that there was more than money behind it
Thoughts on your run in ROH
Can any of those guys become successful in the WWE
You once said that in the WWE locker room all of the guys are out for themselves where in TNA, guys are more helpful. Can you elaborate on that?
Thoughts on Misawa’s passing
Do you like touring Japan
How close are you still with the Rock and Ron Simmons
Have you considered retirement
What is life for you after wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Best road stories
Best ribs
Thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy
Any chance of another run
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
What do you think is lacking on the indys today
What do you do today