Dan Severn Shoot Interview

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Hey here is one for you. DId you hear about a WWF Superstar competing in the Royal Rumble who just happens to be the former UFC Champion and the also the world’s toughest man. You say, Ok what’s so interesting about that, but throw into the mix one $1,000,000 from an outside entity with the idea of not cooperating with his fellow WWF Superstars live on PPV, and basicly shooting on the worlds most famous professional wrestlers, making the wrestlers and the companies a complete mockery and than one day later jumping ship. Was this possible in the highly competive wrestling market of the late 90’s. Was this fantasty or was this reality. What would have happened when Dan “The Beast” Severn became unleashed live on WWF PPV. Find out by ordering the Dan Severn Shoot interview and how close to reality was some certain peoples fantasty. This was a NEVER told before story that can only be heard on this brand new shoot interview. Why would Dan almost cross the line and do something like this? This is one of the most amazing stories that was ever told and you have to hear why it almost happened and why it never did!!!
RF VIDEO sat down with Dan Severn last night in Atlantic City for a shoot interview that went almost 4 hours long. Dan told us as soon as the interview was done that he never has done a interview as in depth as this one. We asked him everything you would ever want to know about the shoot fighting world. We talked about how he got started as a amatuer wrestler in grade school. What he went thru to make it as a college superstar wrestler. Hoe did Dan enter the world of pro wrestling and shoot fights. What was it like to compete in the UFC for the first time. We talk about all of his fights in depth and what they were like. We talk about his fued with Ken Shamrock and why they never got along. How he almost could have killed men in the UFC. The UFC, Pride and MMA stories are amazing. This was the first time we ever really did a shoot interview with anyone that took us inside the world on MMA. We talk about his bouts with the Royce, Oleg, and all of the other huge match ups that he had in the UFC. What went on behind the scenes in UFC? Who had legit heat with who and why.

We talk all about drugs in wrestling as well. Dan was super open when talking about his 2 year time in the WWF. He will tell you why he did not last there and how the wrestlers treated him in the back. You will be shocked when you find out what Vince wanted him to change into to. He will go into great detail of all his WWF expeirences.

We also talk all about what Dan is doing these days. There are alot of crazy stories on how many people just want to fight him to make a name. He also makes it clear that he is still the NWA Champion and that nobody ever beat him for that belt. This interview is a must for anyone who loves MMA or shoot fighting as well as pro wrestling. Here is a list of some of the topics that we talked about!! You can order this on DVD or VHS in the new release section today!!!

What first interested you about wrestling
How old were you when you realized you were good at it
What other sports did you play in high school
Why did you favor wrestling over football
Talk about your semi-pro ball career
Any good recruiting stories
What was training like in college
Were you hazed by the team
How did Judo differ from wrestling when you took a class in college
Whats the craziest story you have heard or witnessed from a guy who had to make weight
Do you think you should have stayed at 190 in 81
Did you ever wrestle Steve Williams in college
What do you remember about him
What is it like mentally , what are you thinking about, what are you looking for in a big match…take us through it from the time you go to sleep the night before to the last whistle
What do you remember after college about your world travels
Any good stories
What were your future plans after college
When was the first time you watched pro wrestling
Did anyone ever attempt to recruit you to be a pro
In 1994 you fought for the first time in UFC. How did that all come about
Thoughts and when you got hooked up with Phyllis Lee
How did you get hooked up with Al Snow, and initial thoughts
What was your mindset going into UFC, did you watch any of the other shows. How committed were you to the training
What concerned you most about going into UFC
Was it important you to represent wrestling as a true form of fighting
What were you thinking when Al dropped the line about having sex
Did you go into UFC 4 specifically training for Royce
Take us through your mindset in the ROyce match, what were you looking for? What was your biggest mistake either technically or mentally
How did your life change after UFC 4
How did you change your training after UFC 4 in prep for the next one
How did you meet Dennis Coraluzo
What were your thoughts originally about doing pro wrestling
Were you aware of the business such as how it worked, etc
Thoughts, memories on your uFC 5 match with Oleg
What changed in preparation for your next fight with Ken Shamrock
How confident were you that you could beat Shamrock
Do you think you took too many indy wrestling dates that conflicted with ur training
Take us through your mindset in the Shamrock match, what were you looking for? What was your biggest mistake either technically or mentally
How did you handle such a quick loss
Did you ever hear from Vince or WCW during this time
How did you prepare for Ultimate Ultimate
Was that the toughest night of MMA-competition you have ever had
What were the last two weeks of training like
How important was it to you to win
Did UFC become concerned at all when you were doing indys that you would get hurt or do a job
What happened between you and Dory Funk Jr.
How did you prepare different for your match with Shamrock in Detroit
Do you think Shamrock was on steroids
Thoughts on steroids in fighting and wrestling
What were you thinking 10mns in when the crowd was booing
Did UFC say anything to you guys after about the stalling in your match
Why did you sit out the next 2 UFCs
How come you only one match for New Japan
Thoughts on Inoki
Thoughts on your match with Matsunaga
What happened with your meeting with Paul Heyman
Why do you think you lost so quick to Marc Coleman in UFC 12
How did the rules change from UFC 4 to UFC 12
How did you wind up hooking up with PRIDE
What did you expect out of PRIDE
Thoughts on your draw with Kimo
Was that a worked match
What do you remember about your loss to Josh Barnett
When did you begin to seriously consider a WWF offer
Who did you meet with from WWF
What were the meetings like
What were you promised and what did you expect
INitial thoughts on Vince
Did you receive backlash in the wrestling community from former teammates for going to the WWF
What did you think of the schedule compared to your previous schedules
Did it take a toll on your family
Who did you ride with
Did you and Shamrock bond at all in the WWE
Why do you think the match was held off between you two for so long
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Did he ever come up with any crazy ideas for you that you never did
How were you approached to do Brawl For All
What were your thoughts going in
Was it hard to train for something like that with the road schedule
What was your biggest mistake in that match
Did you lose face among the boys for not winning
Was the tournament a set up for you vs. Steve Williams
How come the 1televised match you did with Shamrock came out of no where with no build up on a Raw show
How did Vince change once the WWE started winning the ratings war from WCW
Any good rib stories or road stories
Did you talk to Kurt Angle at all before he came into the WWF
Was there pressure on you from the WWF to come back from your injury too soon
Did anyone ever test you in the WWF
Did you ever lose your cool with anyone
Thoughts on Rock, Stone COld and Hunter
Do you think the WWF had no idea what to do with you
Did you ever refuse anything like an idea or to do a job in the WWF
Thoughts on matches with Steve Blackman
Did it bother you that you were nt booked on Wrestlemania
How did the idea come up to do the angle with Owen Hart
Thoughts on Owen Hart
Any good Owen stories like ribs
How soon after that did you leave the WWF
Were you ever tempted to do drugs to combat the travel and injuries in the WWF
Why do you think your tenure there was not successful
Do you think that after the Brawl For All they had no ideas for you
What were your favorite and least favorite matches from the WWF
Did your experience there teach you anything
What were your plans following the WWF
How did you wind up back in UFC
How did your training differ for this one from your past fights
What kind of condition was your body in at your age
Do you regret taking the fight in hindsight
Why did you quit
What would you have done different
How did the rules change from your last UFC fight to this one
How have the fighters evolved in MMA
How did you wind up getting hooked up Hashimoto and Zero 1
Why was a fast count done in your match where you won the NWA Title
How did things differ for you now about 5 years as a pro wrestler on the indys as compared to being a rookie on the indys
How come you never appeared on TNA
Do you think that TNA never wanted to use you to begin with
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Would it be fair to say that Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, and yourself put MMA on the map as a big business
How would your life have been different if you could have made big money doing MMA
Thoughts on toughman competitions
How do you think Brock Lesnar would do in MMA
How do you think Rulon Gardner who already lost one match will do overall
Would you recommend pro wrestling or mma for wrestlers just out of college
Do you miss coaching
Do you think that UFC can survive in the current marketplace
Advice for high school wrestlers