Dan Spivey Shoot Interview

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Who could possibly forget about one of the toughest wrestlers in the business, with a legit reputation to back it up? Dan Spivey sat down with RF VIDEO to talk about his entire wrestling career and held absolutely nothing back, including his run in WWE as the unforgettable Waylon Mercy! The hits come fast and furious and we find out right away that The Nature Boy himself did not make a friend with Dangerous Dan. WOOOOOOO! Spivey openly talked about his friendship with Scott Hall and how he got into the NWA early on. Dan talked about working for Bob Geigel and of course he talks about Harley Race in a segment old school wrestling fans are going to love. You’ll find out for the first time why Spivey feels Ric Flair is a backstabber for how things went down in the NWS.

Dan’s first real big break came when he went to the WWE and teamed up with Mike Rotunda as the US Express after Barry Windham left New York. You will hear first hand how he got into a major locker room fight with Adrian Adonis and why Dan did not like Brutus Beefcake in the least! Spivey discussed all of his major feuds with Nickolai Volkoff, Randy Savage, Rick Martel, Ultimate Warrior, Greg Valentine, and his problems working with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart.

We covered Spivey’s career in All Japan and specifically asked Dan what he thought about Johnny Ace, his former tag team partner and current head of WWE talent relations. How did Dan wind up back in WCW as a member of the fabled Varsity Club? You’ll find out here and nowhere else! Dan spills the dirt on how Kevin Sullivan wanted guys just to work stiff and beat the hell out of jobbers and explains exactly what he thought of the Sky Scrapers tag team. You want great road stories with Terry Funk and Harley Race? Well these shoot has them in spades. Spivey also tells an amazing story about a night in which the Road Warriors took advantage of a young Marc Calloway (the Undertaker) and how Marc took care took of that problem!

But that’s not all, in fact, we haven’t scratched the surface yet! For the first time anywhere you will hear Dan talk about the night Bruiser Brody was killed as Spivey was the man Brody was scheduled to wrestle that very night. Dan talked about what happened that night and the events that lead to him leaving Puerto Rico. Spivey was gripping during this entire section and goes into detail like no one ever has on this controversial subject!

In his storied career, Dan has worked with everyone and has fantastic stories about Stan Hansen, Steve Gordy and Terry Williams, the Steiners, Lex Luger, Sting, Mick Foley, Ace and so many other top guys during the ’80s and ’90s. Spivey’s last run was with the WWE as Waylon Mercy and he talks in great detail about that character and what it was like working with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart and Sean Waltman. Why did he leave the WWE and exactly how did he get injured working with Kevin Nash? This interview was top notch and Dan let everything out of the bag. Great shoot with some of the best stories that our shoot fans love.