Dana Dameson Shoot Interview

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RF Video had the chance to sit down with one of the more controversial diva’s on the indy scene today for her exclusive RF Video shoot interview. We could only be talking about none other than Dana Dameson. This interview talks about her start in the business to her quick exit from the wrestling world. We talk about all of her ups and downs. Dana talks open about all the wrestling promotions that she has worked for and her various relationships inside the business. This is her first chance to tell her story. We talk about USA Pro, SSCW, JAPW, JCW and various other promotions that she had worked for. You will hear first hand on all of the infamous stories that you heard about on the internet as this time Dana gets to speak her side of the stories which she says is the truth. She talks all about the rumors going around about her relationships and the big confrontation with Homicide. As a added bonus for all of her fans that could not get enough of her at the live events, Dana does the concluding minutes of this inteview in a very revealing way!!!

Bonus footage:

  1. Dana’s wrestling debut at USA Pro 9/26/03
  2. Dana Dameson manages at JAPW 11/8/03
  3. Dana Dameson as referee at SSCW 9/10/04