Danny Davis 2014 Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with Danny Davis, who can actually say he has done everything in the pro wrestling business from setting up the rings, being apart of WWF ring crew, being a referee only to turn heel and become part of the Hart Foundation stable with Jimmy Hart. Danny Davis now for the first time ever sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his long time stay in the world of the WWF and pro wrestling.

You will hear how Danny Davis paid his dues by getting his first break into the WWF during the early 80’s and being around all of the long time vets. How did this young man get to be apart of the ring crew to being able to wear a mask and calling himself Mr X to face long time ring veterans like Bruno Sammartino, Perdro Morales and sharing the locker room with all of the legends like Muraco, Snuka, Backland, Valentine, Albano, Blassie, Samoans and all the legends of the early 80’s. Danny not only got to wrestle some of these huge names but was also able to be a ref for their matches. You can be sure that he has tons of locker room stories from the early 80’s that he has never told before until now. He was pulling double duty at times where he would wrestle under the mask and than come back out later to be a ref. How much training did he really have to be a wrestler and why did some wrestlers hand pick him to work with him in the ring?

What was it like when the WWF went national and Vince started to bring in all the stars from the territories like Roddy Piper, Dr D David Shultz, Paul Orndorff and of course the Hulkster Hulk Hogan. How did Vince change over time and what did he see behind the scenes during the big boom. How did drugs and alcohol come into play and what was his vice to deal with all of the travel?

Once again Danny was there for the next crop of superstars during the mid 80’s like Randy Savage, Bulldogs, Hart Foundation, Big John Stuff, JYD, Jim Duggan, Sheik, Koko Ware, Jake Roberts, Steele, and everyone in between. His big break in the WWE came when he turned heel which all started during the infamous cage match between Hogan and Orndorff. You will hear how the gimmick took off and why he was paired with the Hart Foundation. How much heat did he have with the fans, his memories of doing Pipers Pits, how the death of Joey Marella effected him.

Danny was also involved with some major angles with Jake Roberts, and got to work Wrestlemania 3, King of the Ring 1987 and SNME’s. He was a guy that was apart of every TV taping and was on the road full time and again was around the WWE during its prime years of its expansion. His stories from his perspective are very entertaining.

Who is the only guy in the business that he had a issue with and what happened when he confronted him? If your a huge WWF fan from the 80’s your going to love his stories because we talked about every major superstar that was there during his run. Make sure you purchase this or Danny might look the other way when your getting choked in the ropes!!!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a fan growing up
How did you break into the business
Who was your trainer
Did you ever get discouraged during training
What was the hardest thing to pick up for yourself was it the bumping or psychology
What company did you work for right away, was it the indy scene
How did you get started in the WWF as a ref
Memories of working as Mr X
Did you like pulling double duty
Memories of working with Pedro Morales
Memories of working with Bruno Sammartino
What was the WWE locker room like in the early 80’s
Memories of the early TV tapings in Hamburg PA
Memories of Andre the Giant
Memories of Greg Valentine
Memories of Samoans
Memories of Lou Albano
Memories of Freddie Blassie
Memories of Don Muraco
Memories of Mr Fuhi and did you see any good ribs that he played
Memories of Jimmy Snuka
Memories of Bob Backland
What was it like when Vince Jr took the company to a new direction and went national
Memories of when he started to bring guys in from the different territories
Memories of Piper, Orndorff and Shultz coming in
Memories of working the 1986 King of the Ring tournament
Memories of working with Billy Jack Haynes and was Billy a little wild back than
Memories of Hulk Hogan when he came into the WWF and what was he like backstage
Memories of Gorilla Monsoon
Memories of your biggest win on Prime Time wrestling against fellow job guy Rudy Diamond
How did the gimmick come about in 1986 with the fast counts and DQ the faces
Memories of the cage match between Hogan and Orndorff where you and Joey Marella declared two different guys as the winner
How close were you to Joey and how did his tragic death effect you
Did you like the angle where the faces would attack you and you would DQ them during the matches
Memories of the match between the Bulldogs and Hart Foundation where the Harts beat the Bulldogs because you allowed them to use illegal double team maneuvers..
How cruel was Dynamite Kid outside the ring
What was it like to get to work with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart
Memories of working with Jimmy Hart
Who did you travel with during this period of time
What was the road schedule like
How crazy was the drug scene in the WWF at this time
Memories of Randy Savage and Elizabeth
Brutus Beefcake memories
Memories of Big John Studd
Memories of JYD
Memories of the Sheik and Duggan arrest
Thoughts on the incident where Jimmy Snuka GF was found dead
Thoughts on Jay Strongbow some people did not get along with him
Memories of Ted Dibase
Memories of doing the Piper Pits at house shows Spectrum
How crazy was Roddy outside the ring
Memories of working Mania 3 with Harts vs Bulldogs and Tito Santana
Memories of King of the Ring 87 working with Tito and JYD to only get beat by Savage in the 3rd round
Memories of working with Koko B Ware
Memories of working with Jake Roberts and what was he like outside of the ring
Memories of George Steele
Memories of working with him on SNME
Memories of the angle where you stole Damian from Jake Roberts
Memories of working with MR T when he came in as enforcer
Thoughts on At the inaugural Survivor Series, Davis participated in the opening contest, joining The Honky Tonk Man, Hercules, Ron Bass and Harley Race, facing Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake and Jim Duggan.
Memories of your program with Sam Houston
Memories of working the Rumble in 1988 being the 4th longest time
Memories of doing Mania iv battle royal to get thrown out by Paul Roma
Memories of going back to being a normal ref
Did you miss the big push
Did you get along with Earl and Dave and what did you think of their heel run
Thoughts on other heel refs in the business like Nick Patrick as the heel ref for the NWO
What is the indy scene like today in MA
What do you miss most about the business
Do you still follow it
Are you ever confused with Nightmare Danny Davis