Danny Doring Shoot Interview

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“They’re not chanting boring…they’re chanting Doring!”

Everyone at RF VIDEO is excited to announce a brand new shoot interview that was more fun and entertaining than anything that we had expected! This person has never done a shoot interview and promised us that he would hold absolutely nothing back and come out firing with both guns blazing. He was one half of the final ECW Tag Team Champions. A graduate of the legendary ECW House of Hardcore. Part of both the original ECW and the WWE-run version. We are talking about none other than Danny Doring!!

Trained by Taz, Bubba Ray Dudley and Perry Saturn, Doring earned his stripes at the House of Hardcore and quickly made his way to the main ECW roster in ’97. Doring’s original gimmick was that of a wrestler who used extremely non-exciting holds and refused to do high flying moves due to “vertigo.” An instant heat magnate, Doring convinced himself and his cult fanbase that – when the chorus of “boring” went throughout the arena – everyone was really chanting “Doring!”

Doring’s most famous gimmick was that of a womanizer and tag team partner of fellow House of Hardcore graduate Roadkill. The two were wrestling’s original Odd Couple and were originally managed by Miss Congeniality until she went on to later fame in WWE as Lita. Roadkill and Doring quickly became one of ECW’s most talked about tag teams and ended up as the last tag team champions the company ever had. In fact, history will note that Doring and Roadkill were permitted to keep their title belts in lieu of the fees they were owed during ECW’s bankruptcy. Only in wrestling folks!

After ECW, Doring went onto the indy scene, worked Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and then went back to ECW when McMahon introduced v2.0. Our THREE HOUR interview with Danny was beyond amazing and we got so many wonderful backstage stories. Doring gave his uncensored view of Paul Heyman and why he believed Heyman hated him to the point of working against Doring in WWE’s version of ECW. We got the rat stories you all love. Crazy drug stories. Hilarious rib stories. You will get an inside look at the old ECW locker room like you never have before. A guy that has traveled with Raven and Sandman along with partying with all the big names in ECW has seen and done it all, and lived to tell about it! You will hear about all the wrestlers who had heat with Doring and Nova, including an especially interesting story that involves Jasmine St. Claire and the Blue Meanie which went all the way to the ECW One Night Stand PPV.

From putting up the ring to working all the big shows, Doring has had his hands in every part of the original ECW and gave us tons of info that was just incredible. If you liked Forever Hardcore or the Rise and Fall of ECW, then this is a DVD for you as Doring gives an even greater depth and appreciation to a company that literally changed wrestling forever. This is yet another RF VIDEO exclusive that you will not want to miss!

How did you break into the business
Were you in college studying to be an architect when you entered the school
What were your intial impressions of the ECW wrestling school
What was the tryout like
What was the biggest misconception you had about it before you started
Did you ever want to quit
What was a typical day like
Memories training under Perry Saturn
Memories training under Taz
What do you remember about the Paul Varleans-Taz match when you were at ringside
Do you think Taz was too hard on you
Do you think many of today’s big stars could handle that training
Do you think that training is necessary to make it
Why do you think nobody from the class ever went on to be a big star
How were you told you were ready
How long before you started did you wrestle
Memories working on the ring crew
How big of a fan of ECW were you before you started there
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Memories of your first matches
Memories of your early squashes against Taz
Whos idea was it to team you with Roadkill
Who gave you the name Danny Doring
Initial thoughts on Roadkill
When you started going on the road was there any initiation
Memories of matches with Meanie and Nova
Did any of the veterans ever try and take advantage of you
When Stevie came back some people felt he took advantage of Chris Chetti, your thoughts
Memories of Raven
Do you think Val Venis was a ripff of your early character
At what point do you think you became accepted as more than just a green boy
Memories of your matches with Chetti and Nova
Memories of being paired with Lita
Is it true you had a relationship with her outside of the ring
Are you surprised at how successful she became
Why was Elektra pulled from you guys so quickly
Memories of matches with Kid Kash
Memories teaming with Simon Diamond
Memories of matches with Wild Bill and CW
What did it mean to you when the locker room took up a collection for you after one of your parents passed away
Memories of Steve Corino
Memories Lance Storm
What do you remember about the weekend in which Mike Awesome left with the title
How did you find out about Taz leaving
Memories of matches with Christian York and Joey Matthews
Thoughts/memories on New Jack
Thoughts on Tajiri and Crazy
Thoughts/memories on Rhyno
Thoughts/memories on Jerry Lynn
Thoughts/memories on Perry Saturn
Thoughts/memories on Mikey Whipwreck
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
How different was it when Dreamer would book the house shows
Do you think Paul should have been there those weekends towards the end
Did you have in your mind a breaking point where if things didn’t turn around by this time you had a back up plan
Who did you ride with in ECW
What do you both think made ECW so successful, and at what point do you think ECW was at its highest point? Conversely, what do you think caused ECW to fail and what do you think other than the close itself was the lowest point?
Memories of the final ECW PPV
How much money were you owed by ECW
Did you ask Paul directly the future of ECW and if so what did he say
Memories of the final shows in Arkansas
How did you know it was finally over
Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV
Do you think the party scene in ECW ever got out of hand
Thoughts about when the Dudleys returned
Memories of Terry Funk
Who taught you the most in ECW
Memories of RVD
Memories of Sabu
Memories of Shane Douglas
What did it mean to you to be the last ECW tag team champs
Memories of the XPW riot
Did it bother you that a few weeks after ECW was done Paul E had a job in Titan and was on television
Dave Meltzer alleges that Paul probably had that deal in the back for awhile. Does that bother you
Do you think Paul E is overrated as a booker
What was your favorite idea or angle you did with him
Can you point to a match or matches that really helped take you to another level
Did you think that ECW could have been saved
You had a dark match in 2001 for WWE with the FBI. Why do you think you guys weren’t signed?
Rumors spread that WWE agents felt the match was too ECW style, is that true
How were you treated that night by the office, workers, etc
Do you think Paul always kept you in mind for a spot
Was it hard for you to work for XPW given the past
Thoughts on your time in XPW
Memories of your match with Kaos
How did you find out XPW was over
Was Sandman hard to work with
What is the biggest misconception about ECW
Who do think were the most overpushed guys/girls in ECW?
Dave Meltzer wrote a lengthy piece about ECW and said that Vince McMahon’s deal as part of funding Paul was for Paul to steer talent towards Vince and away from WCW when leaving. What do you all think of that, and can you remember any instances where that happened?
At what point did you have to get another job other than wrestling
How hard is that reality mentally that you are no longer a ft wrestler
You had several dark matches in 2002 for the WWE. Memories of those dark matches and why do you think it took so long to get signed
How did you wind up in TNA
Jasmine St. Clair went off about you in an interview. What are your thoughts?
Do you think you got a fair shake there
Impressions of Jeff Jarrett
Why do you think you didn’t stick around
What did it take for WWE to finally sign you
Why do you think the first and last Hardcore Homecomings did so well and the tour bombed
How did you find out about the first One Night Stand
What was your initial reaction
Did you think it was too late for an ECW reunion
Memories of One Night Stand. Were you disappointed you didn’t get to wrestle
How well did the WWE guys work with you guys in the final segment
Thoughts on what happened with JBL and Meanie
How did you wind up a part of the ECW resurgence by WWE
Did you expect it to be different
How in control of the show and booking was Paul
How frustrating was it when you realized what it was going to be
Memories of working with Kurt Angle
Some people say he was difficult to be around because he didn’t want to be there. Is that true?
Why do you think the house show tour eventually ended
Do you think things would have been different if RVD never got suspended
Memories of your match with RVD
Memories of your match with CM Punk
When fans get upset about the new ECW what do you tell them
How did your tenure there come to an end
Do you think you will get an opportunity to go back
Memories of your time in OVW
Is there anyone on the indys you got to work with that disappointed you
Your thoughts on the current state of the indys
Is it hard to work with the indy wrestlers who weren’t properly trained
How many of the wrestlers on the indys do you believe aren’t properly trained
Are you respected as a veteran on the indys
Favorite match you had on the indys
Some of your least favorite matches
Some people say you change finishes on your own on the indys against the promoter’s wishes, is that true
Can you make a living as a ft indy wrestler
What do you think is wrong with the indys
Talk about groupies in ECW, you were known for bringing a camera
Who is the worst indy promoter you have worked for
Who do you think on the indys has a chance to make it
How come you weren’t a part of WSX
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
How much longer do you anticipate yourself wrestling for
If you could make a tape of 4 matches to last forever for your grandkids, etc, which would they be.
Does it bother you when you see less talented guys on television due to physiques while you cant get booked full time in the WWE or TNA
Would you be interested in becoming a road agent or writer/booker at some point
What makes a great match
What makes a great angle
Who has taught you the most and why
Good ribs and road stories
Thoughts on the current state of the overall business
Are you surprised at how popular the old ECW still is
Any advice for guys on the indys
Will you write a book
Any regrets