Dave & Earl Hebner Shoot Interview

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The most famous referee in WWE history.

The man who rang the damn bell in Montreal even after swearing to Bret Hart he’d quit his job before being part of a double cross.

The man, along with his “evil twin brother” brother, cost Hulk Hogan his WWF title after the four year Hulkamania championship reign.

On the heels of their controversial release from the WWE, the Hebner brothers sat down with RF VIDEO to talk about their careers including their legendary SEVENTEEN year run in the WWE. For the first time ever, Dave and Earl Hebner sit down and talk honestly and candidly about their career, including exclusive details on the Montreal Screw Job and the reasons for their recent firing from WWE. Earl, as WWE’s senior referee, was the third man in the ring for just about all of the major WWE matches during the 1990s (through the entire Attitude Era) up to 2005 and had a ton of great stories about what it was like to work with all the big names like Steve Austin, the Rock and Triple H. In another first, both brothers talk about the night Owen Hart passed away, including what was happening backstage and how Dave was the first person to find out Owen had indeed suffered a fatal accident.

Both Dave and Earl have been a part of wrestling for decades and talked openly about working for everyone from the Crockett family to Vince McMahon. The Hebners give all the dirt on guys like Ultimate Warrior and Big Show while also talking about what it was like to party with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. We know what the RF VIDEO customers really want though, and that is first hand information about the ’97 Survivor Series in Montreal with the most famous finish in modern wrestling history. You want the meat, and we bring it to you with Dave and Earl discussing exactly what they knew and when they knew it. The Hebner’s talk, going step by step, about what led up to Earl’s decision to be a part of the double cross and reveal what happened backstage and all the after shocks on that fateful night. Earl described exactly what he personally went through, from his promise to Bret the night before Survivor Series to his leaving Canada the morning after at 5 a.m., while covering everything in between. This DVD is going to go great in your collection with the upcoming Bret Hart: the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be DVD set. Hear both sides of the story!