Dave Finlay Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with what some consider the toughest pro wrestler of all time.  He is a second generation superstar and with out a doubt one of the best pure wrestlers to ever step into the squared circle.  By the way in case you did not hear, he also likes to fight!!! RF VIDEO presents a brand new shoot interview with Dave Finlay.

Fit Finlay AKA as Dave Finlay has worked all over the world.  We talk to him about his start in the business over in England and what it was like to be the son of a famous pro wrestler.  How did he break into the business and what was it like touring on the road at such a young age with his father.  His thoughts on meeting Dynamite Kid early on.  What was it like to tour for New Japan?

You will hear how he got his start in WCW and why he did not like Eric Bischoff that much.  What was his early relationship with Steven Regal like?  What about his early matches with Chris Benoit and Alex Wright.  What did he really think of Booker T!!

We talk about the death of Chris Benoit, to the infamous junkyard match that put Dave out of action for quite a long time.  His thoughts on Brian Knobbs, and everything else that he saw in the WCW locker room during its heyday.  Dave talks about the power of the NWO stars and what he really thought of Kevin Nash as he has a great Nash story.  What about Hogan and Flair and even Vince Russo.

The interview would not be complete if we did not talk all about his WWE run from 2001 until 2011.   We talk about all of his major matches with Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy, RVD, Chris Benoit, Rey jr and so many more.  The list is too long to write all of the names that he talked about because he worked with them all, but we talk about every one of them!!

Dave talks about  the locker room fight with Batista and Booker T, you will find out who really won!!!  We also talk about the early careers of Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena, CM Punk and so many more!!

Dave also worked as a WWE road agent and we talk all about the behind the scene stories of what really went on with the Divas.  Who did he think had the “it” factor.  Who gave him problems and who did he think would make it to the next level.  We talk about his duties on the road and what lead to him getting fired by Johnny Ace of the WWE and how it all went down.

If your a fan of WCW and the WWE you will want to hear all of the stories that Dave shared with us.  He has worked with every major name in the business and this is one interview you do not want to pass up on!!

Can you talk about growing up in wrestling
How early were you exposed to the business
How close were you with your father growing up
How big was your father on kayfabe
Do you have any early road stories you can share
How young were you when you started going to shows
What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid
When did you start training
Was your father helpful to you
How did you get your first match
Memories of your first match
Who were some of your mentors
Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father
Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker
How important was it in England to know how to shoot as a pro wrestler
Thoughts on the Snake Pit
Did you workout there
Thoughts on Bill Robinson
Memories of the Dynamite Kid
Favorite matches in the early part of your career in England
Did you enjoy traveling
Memories of your first Japan trip
How did you wind up in WCW
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
Did you like the Belfast Bruiser gimmick
Memories of your matches with William Regal
Do you enjoy working with him
Fans to this day still remember your match from Uncensored, can you talk about it
Memories of Triple H from his Blue Bloods days
Memories of matches with Booker T
Memories of matches with Chris Benoit
Thoughts on the tragedy
Initial memories of Hulk Hogan around this time, pre-NWO
Memories of Ric Flair from this time
Memories of the Hardcore Junkyard Invitational
What happened at a house show where you suffered a bad leg injury in a hardcore match against Brian Knobbs
Thoughts on Knobbs
How did Eric Bischoff change with success
How did Hogan change with the NWO
Memories of Sting
Memories of Hall and Nash
Memories of the Hardcore Soldiers
Initial impressions when Vince Russo took the book over
A lot of people have said that in WCW, nobody knew who was in charge. True?
Memories of your feud with Alex Wright
Memories of Goldberg
Thoughts on the Power Plant and the Sarge
Memories of matches with Vampiro
Memories of Randy Savage
Memories of Lex Luger
Did you watch the Montreal Screwjob as it happened
How did you wind up leaving WCW
Did you try and get into the WWE then
You went back to Great Britain, were you something of a conquering hero now
How did the business change in the UK from when you first broke in
How did you find out that WCW was sold
Memories of how the final Nitro played out
How did you get into the WWE
What is it like to be a road agent
Did the boys listen to you right away or did you have to earn their respect
How much interaction did you have with Vince
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
Thoughts on Arn Anderson
Is being a road agent a thankless job
What do you look for as a road agent
Did you ever just throw your hands up with someone who didn’t get it
Was there someone you saw you didn’t think would get it who eventually caught on
Memories of John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar came up
Thoughts on each
How did you get involved so much with the Divas
Did you like working with the Divas
Was it tough to work with the girls who had no pro wrestling background
Was there anyone that surprised you, a girl who wound up becoming better than you ever expected
Do you think the girls don’t get enough credit
Thoughts on the Diva searches
Thoughts on the Diva search winners
Thoughts on Tough Enough
You wound up wrestling, how did that come about
Memories working with the Hardys
Memories of Bobby Lashley
Thoughts on Michael Hayes
Memories of matches with Rey Mysterio
Any good road stories
Good ribs
Memories of Money in the Bank at WrestleMania
Memories of your WWE matches with Benoit
Thoughts when they first paired you with Hornswoggle
Do you like him
Are you surprised he is still there
Memories working with Shawn Michaels
Ken Anderson had a reputation for being sloppy. You worked with him often, do you agree
Memories working with Batista
Memories of matches with Undertaker
Memories of the feud with the Boogeymen
Memories of your second Money in the Bank match
Memories of CM Punk
Thoughts on him and his current angle
Memories of wrestling Ric Flair
Who was your favorite guy to work with in the WWE
Memories of working the Great Khali
Memories of the Elimination Chamber match
How was Vince to work with during the stuff with Hornswoggle
Did you like working ECW
Memories of matches with Mark Henry
Memories of matches with Edge
Memories of Kurt Angle
Memories of matches with Jack Swagger
Was it hard to double as an agent and wrestler
Who made the call to make you a full time trainer
Was it tough to give up wrestling
What was the hierarchy like as a road agent, for example who would you report to, etc,
You have seen a lot of the younger guys, who do you like and why as a future headliner in the WWE
Can you talk about the night you got fired
Do you think you were a scapegoat
Does it bother you to see guys like CM Punk and Michael Cole get in trouble with GLAAD and keep their jobs where you lost yours
Do you think you’ll go back
Batista and a few other WWE stars recently spoke highly of you on Twitter, did you know this, and your thoughts
How do you like being back on the indys
Would you consider a gig in TNA?
Have you seen anyone on the indys you really like as a future WWE star
You come from a family of wrestlers, do you expect any of your children to enter the family business
Do you think Sting, Flair, and Hogan are holding on too long
Triple H is not very well liked by fans on the Internet, do you think he has a bad rap
Thoughts on Stephanie
Best Vince McMahon story
Do you think ring psychology is a lost art
Can you talk about the Spoon
Do you have any plans on writing a book
Any big regrets
Fav finishes you were involved in
Thoughts on the UFC
If you were breaking in today would you go into MMA
Who in your opinion is the toughest guy you’ve ran into in the business
Do you still follow the WWE today
Can someone like you, an ex-WWE star make a good living on the indys today?
When you read something about Melina asking for $3000 for an indy match, do you think there is a big disconnect between WWE stars and life on the indys
Thoughts on Melina
Is John Cena the right guy for that spot
Thoughts on social media
How much longer would you like to continue wrestling