David Shultz Shoot Interview

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If your a old school wrestling fan you know about the reputation of Dr. D David Shultz. He is one of the toughest and most feared pro wrestlers alive. Nearly 22 years ago on ABC’s 20/20, Dr. D David Shultz slapped, news reporter John Stossel twice in the face. Dr. D would get fired for that incident only a few weeks later from Vince. Basically, if you have not seen the footage, John Stossel told Dr D that he thought the business was fake. Back in the 80’s protecting wrestling was a huge among the wrestlers. The puff peice that Stossel was working on that night was exposing the business.

For the last 22 years Dr. D would never do a interview about that day until now with only RF VIDEO. You will hear everything leading up to that incident and what really happened backstage after the slap heard around the world. There are so many details of what happened to him after he got to the hotel that night. Why was he sent to Japan? What did other wrestlers say to him after he did this? Did he get sued?

Dr. D was one of the first three men ever to come into the WWF when Vince started to take over all of the territories with Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Straight from one of the hottest fueds in the AWA with Hulk Hogan, David Shultz was one of the biggest heels in the WWF in the early 80’s. He has worked all over the world for Portland, Memphis, Florida’s Southeastern, Stu Hart’s Calgary Stampede, and New Japan Pro wrestling.

He is also ranked the world’s #1 bounty hunter and most dangerous individual alive. He has brought in over 1700 criminals and had many gun battles that he talks about during this shoot interview.

Were you a fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
Was it harder or easier to make it and get bookings back then
Did anyone mentor your and if so, who
Memories of Memphis in the 70s
Memories of matches with Dundee
Memories of Lawler
Memories teaming with Dutch Mantell
In the 70s what was the scene like with groupies, partying, etc
Who did you drive with
Road stories
Can you talk about the Gulas-Jarrett feud
What do you remember about the Poffos at that time
Memories of teaming with Roger Kirby
What do you remember about Lawler coming into power
Why did you wind up leaving
Memories of Southeastern area
Thoughts on the Fullers
Thoughts on Bob Armstong and memories of matches
Did you meet Hogan down here at all and if so, first impressions
Memories of Austin Idol
How did you wind up back in Memphis in the early part of 1980s
Memories of teaming with Dennis Condrey
Thoughts/memories of Billy Robinson…some people say he was a bully, thoughts on that
How did Lawler change with power
How did you wind up in Stampede
Thoughts on Stu Hart
Did Stu try and stretch you at all
Memories of your series with Bret Hart
Did you think hed go on to as much success as he had
Thoughts on the Dynamite Kid
Thoughts on Bad News Allen
Memories/thoughts on Junkyard Dog
How did you adjust to the cold since you grew up in the south
Any good road stories
Memories of Davey Boy Smith
Why did you leave
How did you wind up in the AWA
Thoughts on Verne
Memories teaming with Mr. Saito
Memories of Gene Okerlund
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Memories of Greg Gagne
Thoughts on Bobby Heenan
Thoughts on Nick Bockwinkel
Thoughts on Crusher and Bruiser
At the time Verne had a real strong roster, do you think he could have went national
Memories of your first Japanese tour
Thoughts on Inoki
Any good road stories from Japan
Memories of Mad Dog Vachon
In reading results of the AWA it looked like you didn’t get a push for several months as early on you pretty much worked with Brunzell and Rhenigans, why was that
Memories of your series with Hogan
What do you remember about the time Hogan started to get real big
Could you tell by the reaction he was getting in your matches that he was going to blow up
Memories teaming with Superstar Graham in the AWA
Memories of working with Andre in the AWA
How did you find out that Vince raided Hogan
How soon did you go to Vince
How were you contacted
How did Verne take it and did you two leave on good terms
Is it true that Greg challenged you
Do you believe the story that Verne tried to pay Iron Sheik 100 grand to break Hogans leg
What were you promised by Vince
Initial impressions of Vince
How did Hogan change in the WWF with his success
Thoughts on being managed by Roddy Piper
Thoughts on teaming with Piper and Orndorff
Memories of matches with Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas
Memories/thoughts on matches with Snuka
What do you remember about the heat during the tag matches you had with Roddy against Snuka and his partners
What is the story about a match you and Hogan had in front of the boys
Memories of the now legendary Minneapolis Massacre match with Hogan
How different was wrestling Hogan here as compared to a year ago in the AWA
Why did you and Hulk never headline Madison Square Garden
Memories of Iron Sheik
Memories of singles matches with Andre
Memories of the segment you did for TNT from your house
Did you like doing those goofy kinda segments
Memories of your MSG debut against the Invaders
Who surprised you the most jumping to the WWF during your time there
It seemed like for awhile they really didn’t have a program for you other than your title matches with Hogan, you worked with a lot of enhancement guys on the house shows or Ivan Putski, why was that
Is it true that you came with the idea and name for Wrestlemania
There is a story that Hogan heard the idea and name and behind your back went to Vince, is that true
John Stossel, what were you told by Vince ahead of time about the interview
Did he tell you to slap him
Were you surprised he got up after the first slap
Looking back now, do you think you overreacted
Do you feel insulted that you sacrificed your career to protect kayfabe and now 20 years later its basically gone
What did Vince say immediately following the slap
You wrestled for several weeks after for the WWF, at what point were you pulled off of the road
What were you told and who told you
Were you immediately fired
Were you personally sued
Is it true that you challenged Mr. T to a fight and what happened
Did you expect to be red hot coming off of all the publicity
How come you didn’t go back to Verne or go to Crockett
You did indys at that time, what were the indys like
Thoughts on going back to Memphis
Memories of teaming with Randy Savage against Bruiser Brody and Jerry Lawler
Are you surprised Lawler wound up going to work for Vince
Memories of working with Abdullah The Butcher
How did you get into Bounty Hunting
You wrestled Ric Flair for the NWA Title in Rhode Island, memories of that match and Flair
How did you get involved in the federal investigation against Vince McMahon
What were some of the things you testified too
Did Vince or anyone from the WWF try and contact you before you testified
Why do you think the things you said were found untrue
What do you miss most about the business
What do you think of the current product
Are you surprised that Vince bought WCW
Have you ever thought of releasing a book
Who do you think were the toughest guys in the business during your time
Have you had any contact with Vince over the last several years
Do you still watch or keep up with the business
Did you personally have to pay any money to John Stossell
Best ribs you ever saw
Do people recognize you
Do you still stay in touch with your peers
Road stories from anytime
At what point did you realize your wrestling career was over
Did you see Beyond the Mat and if so, thoughts
Are you surprised by guys like Hogan and Flair continuing to wrestle
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
What is your favorite moment in your career
Favorite and least favorite territory
Favorite and least favorite guys to work with