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Without a doubt, the biggest periods of pro wrestling in this generation were the late 1990s and early part of the decade. WWE and WCW were a part of popular culture as millions tuned in Monday night to see stars from both companies. Rarely did one superstar have the opportunity to make their mark in both companies. One of those talents successfully made her mark on both companies and her name is Debra Marshall.

Debra is one of only a handful of women to have successfully made the transition from one major company to another, in the middle of the Monday Night Wars. Only few can give the perspective from both WCW in its prime and WWE in its prime. Debra Marshall can and does in this exclusive RF Video, Inc. Shoot Interview.

Debra takes us on her long journey from a small town g irl to appearing WrestleMania. Debra is former NFL player Steve McMichael’s ex-wife. Debra’s stories about her days as an NFL wife are just as, if not even more interesting than her days in wrestling. What was it like traveling with the 1985 Chicago Bears? Hear Debra talk about all of the memorable Bears and what happens on the road in the National Football League.

Debra first gained notoriety on screen walking legends like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to the ring. What did she learn from these legends? What did she learn from other veterans like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson? How hard was it to her gain acceptance from the locker room? What other WCW women were jealous and how did they attempt to break her into the business?

The politics of WCW are discussed in length. What was it like for her marriage when she eclipsed her husband’s fame? How did Eric Bischoff and the others in management treat Debra as opposed to her husband? Was she clued in on all of the jokes made about her husband? What led to their divorce and how did it impact her future in WCW? Debra answers all of these questions and more.

Debra takes us through her first days in the WWE and the differences from her time in WCW. How did she adapt to being newly single in pro=2 0wrestling? How different was it to work in wrestling without her husband at her side? Who opened their arms to her in the WWE locker room and who didn’t? What were impressions of Vince McMahon compared to her former boss Eric Bischoff? Debra has a very unique perspective which she shares with us on her new job in the WWE.

Debra talks about all of her famous feuds in the WWE. Debra talks about being paired once again with Jeff Jarrett and any changes in Jeff from their WCW days. Debra also talks about her feuds with Miss Kitty, Jacqueline, Ivory, and Chyna Doll. How did Debra learn to wrestle? What kind of pressures did she feel as one of the older WWE Divas? Did Debra ever regret leaving WCW? Debra addresses all of those questions and more in this exclusive interview.

Debra also married and divorced one of the biggest superstars in the history of the business. How did the romance blossom between Debra and Stone Cold Steve Austin? What was Stone Cold like outside of the ring? You will hear about a side of Stone Cold that has never been told before now. How did this fairy-tale romance turn into a nightmare of abuse for Debra? How do you handle working for a company and trapped in an abusive relationship with the company’s biggest star? Where did Debra go for help? Debra is quite candid and emotional discussing her marria ge and the abuse she incurred at the hands of Steve Austin.

Debra is very emotional when addressing the Chris Benoit family tragedies. Debra knew Nancy and Chris well, and has some really interesting stories about both. Does Debra think this could have been avoided? How did Debra get involved with the media following the death? How does she answer her critics who say that she was just looking for publicity? Debra has been outspoken advocate against domestic abuse and will give you depth to this tragedy that you likely haven’t heard anywhere else.

This was definitely a roller coaster of emotion for Debra Marshall. RF Video is there as we capture the laughs and the tears from one of the polarizing figures in sports entertainment. It becomes evident quickly how so many men were able to succumb to the charm of this sexy southern bell. It is with great honor and pleasure that RF Video, Inc brings you the story of one of the most successful WWE Divas of the decade, Debra Marshall.

Did you do beauty pageants growing up
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
How did you meet Steve McMichael
Had you dated other athletes before Steve
What was it like to date an NFL player
You studied acting, can you talk about that
Did you act in anything we would know
How crazy was Mongo
Were you worried about Steve cheating on the road
Did any other players hit on you
Any Mike Ditka stories
Any Walter Payton stories
What was it like going to the Super Bowl
What was it like being around that team
Any William Perry stories
What do you remember about Mongo being contacted by WWE for WrestleMania XI
Did you have any interaction with Vince
Did Steve like it
Did Steve consider a pro wrestling career
Was there concern he could get injured doing angles
How did Steve get involved with WCW
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
Were you originally part of the package deal
How did the WCW environment differ from the NFL environment
Who’s idea was it to put you on television
Memories of doing early matches with Hogan and Savage
Thoughts/memories of Hulk Hogan
Did you know Linda
Thoughts/memories of Randy Savage
Memories of your first angle with Ric Flair
Did Ric ever hit on you outside of the ring
Ric has said that Mongo would go out to the bar with the boys and drop thousands of dollars like it was nothing. Is that true and did that ever concern you
Had you ever considered wrestling before
What was the biggest preconceived notion you had about wrestling
Was it a fulltime gig at first or just part time
Was it hard understanding the dynamics of the locker room or politics at first
Did you sense any jealousy early on from the girls in WCW
Some ex WCW female talent say Kimberly Page was jealous of other girl’s success, do you agree
Was it hard learning to do promos
Who mentored you or helped you most
How bad were you hit on when you first came into WCW
Was it overwhelming at all
How did your life change once you started getting some notoriety
Did you train in the power plant at all
Did anyone teach you to wrestle or bump
Was Steve an abusive husband
A lot of guys look at Mongo as a goof, did you sense that
Do you think he was a good worker
Was it hard to travel so closely and work so closely with him
Do you think he resented you at some point < /FONT>
Memories of early angles with Jeff
You did a gimmick where you would start gossip in promos and the gimmick seemed to end without reason. Why was that?
What was it like traveling with the Four Horsemen
Memories of Sherri Martel
Did you have any issues with her
Memories of Chris and Nancy
Did something happen with Nancy and a razor blad
Were you surprised at what happened
Memories of Arn Anderson
Did you or Steve get caught in the crossfire of the tension between the NWO and Flair
Memories of working with Jeff against your husband
Did it cause any tension between you when you went your separate way in WCW away from him.
Memories of your stable with Jeff Jarrett
Memories of working with Goldberg
Memories of work ing with Eddie Guerrero
Memories of Elizabeth
Is pro wrestling a toxic environment for women
Why the divorce from Steve
Was it hard
Was this why you left WCW
How hard did he take it
Are you friendly with him today
How did you wind up leaving? Was your contract not renewed?
How soon did you have talks with the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Was it easy to make a deal
How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room
Initial impressions of the other women
Were the other girls helpful
Did Jeff Jarrett help you get into the WWE
Was he different in the WWE than in WCW
Memories of your feud with Goldust and Marlena < /div>
Thoughts on Terri Runnels
Was it weird being single and in pro wrestling
Was it hard to date
Which locker room did you find more sexist
Initial impressions of Steve Austin
Initial impressions of the Rock
How was Vince different than Bischoff
Did you find a lot of pressure to stay in top shape< o:p>
Did you ever go to extremes to do it
Did you feel any biased since you were a little older than the other girls
Who did you ride with on the road
How bad was the drug/party scene in WWE
Better or worse than WCW
Memories of angles with Owen Hart
Memories of the night he passed
Was Owen scared to do the gimmick < /div>
Do you blame Vince
Do you think the show should have continued
What was the locker room like
Was there outrage at continuing the show
How difficult was the promo you cut on RAW the next night
Do you think Vince felt remorse
Is it true you were the original diva who showed the “puppies”
Did Lawler ever say anything that offended you
Did you ever turn down an angle that you thought was offensive or made you uncomfortable
Did you like turning babyface
Who trained you how to wrestle
Did you want to wrestle
Memories of matches with Ivory
How scared were you the first time you wrestled
Memories of working with Nicole Bass
Memories working with Sable
Was she difficult at the time
Were you there the night someone crapped in her bag
Memories of working with Jacqueline
Did any of the girls intentionally stiff you
What did it mean to you to get the Women’s title
Did you sense any jealousy from the other girls
How close were you with Vince during this time
Is Vince very flirtatious
Memories of the Miss Kitty angle
Was she difficult to work with
Were you surprised she got fired
Memories of the angles with Chyna
Are you surprised at how things turned out for her
Did the entire locker room know Triple H was cheating on her
Are you still friendly with her
Memories of matches with you and Chyna against Jeff and Kitty
Memories working with Moolah and Mae
Why did you turn down Playboy
Did you get heat from the office for that
Do you regret it
Do you think Vince changed his attitude towards you
How did your relationship with Steve start
Was he married when you began dating
What did you fall in love with about him
Do you think in retrospect you were more attracted to his stardom
How different is Steve away from the ring
What is the best career advice he gave you
Did Vince treat you different when you two began dating
How soon did you get married
Did things change
You have been open about abuse. How soon did it start
Why didn’t you leave right then
Do you think Steve is crazy or do you think it is the pressures of the business
How much pressure does he feel
Were the best times better than the worst of the bad times
Did you ever try and talk to Vince or someone in power about his problems
Was there an issue between him and Raven because he thought Raven was looking at you or something
Was he a jealous man
Are you two still friendly today
Was it hard working there when he came back
Do you think your relationship with him help or hurt your push
Was he upset when he was turned heel
Memories of angles with Triple and Stephanie
How different was it for you being a part of that power clique now
Thoughts on Stephanie
Memories of angles with Lita and the Hardys
Why were you phased out
Was it tough to sit home when Steve was on the road
How hard was it to divorce him
How hard did he take it
Did you assume you’d be blackballed in wrestling
How come you never spoke out earlier against domestic abuse
What prompted you to do so
Critics say that you only did so when Chris and Nancy died for publicity
Any interesting stories of doing the talk show circuit back then
Thoughts on the interview segment with Bill DeMott
Memories of traveling with Test
How surprised were you about his death
Can you share some good Owen Hart rib stories
Are you surprised that with your past with Jeff that TNA hasn’t contacted you
Why do you think that is
Do you think it is fair at this stage of the game to get back into the business and steal a potential spot away from a new women’s wrestler
Were you contacted at all about WrestleMania XXV
Do you want to write a book
What is the reaction among your peers when you see them at conventions and events
Thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s family mess
Do you think there is a lot of domestic abuse in pro wrestling
What do you want to see changed
Who had the biggest influence on you in the business
What have you been doing to make a living since you left wrestling
What do you miss most about it