Demolition Shoot Interview

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Here comes the Ax. Here comes the Smasher. The Demolition, walking disaster. Pain and destruction are our middle names. If those words mean as much to you as it does to us, then you are going to love the latest exclusive RF VIDEO shoot interview with none other than the team formerly known as DEMOLITION. One of wrestling’s most memorable tag teams, Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow sat down to record a fascinating shoot that covered everything from their formation to their break-up. Every top WWF team in the late ’80s and early ’90s get their due as Bill and Barry discuss the Brain Busters, the Powers of Pain, the Hart Foundation, the Rockers and many more. Find out what really happened behind the scenes when the two faced off against the Road Warriors in what should have been one of wrestling’s biggest money matches. You hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on the backstage politics, power struggles, and egos that existed behind the scenes during one of wrestling’s hottest eras.

With a track record of not mincing words, shoot fans are going to mark out for the stories we pulled out of these men. You want stories on wrestling biggest names such as Andre the Giant, Kerry Von Erich, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage? You’ll get those and much, much more! Did Bill ever try to take his Masked Superstar gimmick to WCW? What did the guys really think about Crush becoming a third member of the team? And who was it that finally buried the hatchet on the duo’s longstanding feud? You’ll get the answers to those and many more intriguing questions, including the taboo subject of steroids, in this exclusive DVD available only from RF VIDEO!

Initial impressions of each other
Bill, what happened between you and Randy Culley
In theory, did the gimmick turn out as you had expected
Bill, who else did you look at to replace Randy
What was it about Barry that stuck out to you
Barry, initial impressions of Bill Eadie
What do you guys remember about the first time you teamed
How long did it take you guys to develop chemistry
Bill, how did the style in the WWE evolve from the time you came in 1983 to the time you started Demolition
How did life change for both of you when you became a hit with Demolition
Who was the captain of the team as far as calling matches
Did you ever feel anyone tried to take advantage of the other one
Was the privacy an advantage or disadvantage since you wore makeup
Memories and thoughts on Hogan
Thoughts and memories on Savage
Memories of your series with the Bulldogs
Memories of your series with Strike Force
Thoughts and memories of Fuji as a manager
Did he rib you guys a lot
Memories of matches with the Powers of Pain
How come you guys were booked against the Powers of Pain right away and then you guys were separated quickly and not put back together for awhile
How approachable was Vince
What was the road schedule like back then
Do you think that the gimmick would work today
Memories of matches with the Hart Foundation and the Rockers
Are you surprised at how successful Shawn and Bret became
Memories of matches with Tully and Arn
Memories of your first Wrestlemania
Memories of Ultimate Warrior in and out of the ring
Memories of Jake Roberts in and out
Memories working Mil Mascaras at the Boesch Retirement Show
Did the boys secretly root for Hogan to get the belt from Savage because the payoffs on house shows were better
What was the drug use like there
Were you surprised when Dusty came over
Was Dusty ribbed when he first came over because of his past
Thoughts on steroids
How hard was it to stay in shape during your wwf run
Memories working Andre the Giant
Bill, how did Andre change from the time you teamed with him in the Machines
Memories wrestling Baba and Andre
How come Brian Adams was added to the mix
Bill, how did you get injured
How did that change the dynamic
Did you prefer keeping it a two or three man team
In Demolition did you prefer being heels or faces
Thoughts on when the Road Warriors came over
Did you think big money when they came in
Did you guys ever rib each other in a tag match
Do you think the matches lived up to expectations
Memories of the 6 mans involving Warrior
Memories of matches with Kerry Von Erich
Memories of wrestling a main event against Hogan on a Pay Per View at Survivor Series
Memories of wrestling Kitao and Tenryu at Wrestlemania
Whos idea was it to dismantle the gimmick
Bill, you talk bluntly in your shoot interview about being betrayed by Barry. What happened
At the time of your last shoot Bill you had not talked to Barry in years, who reached out first to bury the hatchet
Do either of you regret how it went down
If things went different, how would you have liked it to go down
Bill, you talked about going to WCW as the Masked Superstar, would you both have gone to WCW and just not worked with each other?
Do you think a character/gimmick like Demolition could work today
Bill, what happened with your lawsuit you filed with Randy Culley
Is it true they made you shut down your website
Thoughts on all of the recent media coverage involving the Benoit family tragedy
How are your bodies physically
Are you surprised tag team wrestling has virtually disappeared
What do you think of the lack of kayfabe today in the business
Either of you interested in writing a book
What makes a great match
What makes a great angle
What makes someone a good worker
In your careers who did you find was overrated and underrated
What do you each do today
How much do you miss it
Favorite matches you guys had
Do you guys enjoy conventions, signings
Any good road stories, ribs