Devon Nicholson Shoot Interview

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Shoot Interview with Devon Nicholson and special guest Superstar Billy Graham

RF VIDEO made history with our first ever iPPV shoot interview with Devon Nicholson on March 10th and not only was the interview incredible but our production for this DVD will be unlike anything you have ever seen before offered by RF VIDEO.

Devon Nicholson has an incredible story to tell.  He was hired by the WWE after paying his dues in Calgary and Puerto Rico to be a top guy in the company.  He had an incredible amateur  background in wrestling and could have went on to the Olympics. Before Devon signed his deal with the WWE he worked a series of bloody matches in where it was alleged that he contracted Hep C from wrestling with Abdullah the Butcher.  After his tests came back he was let go by the WWE and since that time there has been many legal issues surrounding the case.

For the first time ever Devon sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss everything.  In my opinion he is the total package, he can work and is the master at cutting promos.  So what went wrong?

The interview was not all about his personal struggle with Hep C but he had TONS and TONS of stories on other wrestling topics, like why he does not like Kevin Steen, his problems with Chris Jericho, Dustin Rhodes, Abdullah the Butcher and so much more.

You will hear all about Devons time in Calgary working with the Harts, crazy Teddy Hart stories, what it was like to meet Vince at the funeral for Stu Hart, how he ended up in Puerto Rico and what Abby told him about the Brody murder..what it was like to work with an alleged murder in Puerto Rico. Devon goes into great detail of how he got infected and all the ramifications that are going on behind the scenes on the legal front. Everything you want to know about his problems with Abby are discusses.

What happened with Devon got signed to the WWE and why was he let go? How did he take it? Who did he get into a fight with at a WWE camp and why Pat Patterson took a liking to him. There is tons of WWE stories during this interview that are all super kfabe until now.

Superstar Billy Graham also called in for 40 minutes and gave his thoughts on why he wants to be removed from the WWE HOF and if the WWE has ever contacted him about it. Billy also gives his thoughts and opinion on Bruno Sammartino going into the WWE HOF, and why he thinks Bruno is getting a lot more than just a 5k payday. What does Billy think of Bruno going into it in the first place..wait until you hear his comments. Billy also addresses the comments Chris Jericho made about him when he was on his death bed and also his brief war of words with CM Punk over social media but Billy tells why he respects CM Punk. This portion of the interview is worth the DVD alone.

We also show tons of bonus footage including a BLOODY bloodbath match between Abby and Devon…Shoot style interviews with Scott Steiner on DDP in a car ride….and tons of other bonus footage!!!!

–    Before we start off with the questions do you want to explain about the Hepatitis C treatment medications you are on now to explain your dramatic weight loss and to warn viewers in case you experience any side effects during the interview as it is live?
–    What were some of your amateur wrestling accomplishments as a teenager?
–    How did you get into pro wrestling? (I will get into the whole Matrats deal here)
–    What do you remember of Eric Bishoff from your Matrats days?
–    Thoughts on Tyson Kidd and Natalya?
–    Thoughts on Ted Hart?
–    Thoughts on Davey Boy Smith and his son Harry Smith?
–    Wrestling for Stampede Wrestling for the first time?
–    How did you end up training with “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau after that?
–    Thoughts on Kevin Steen?
–    Thought’s on The Mountie?
–    How did you end up going back to Calgary to officially join the dungeon?
–    What was training in the Dungeon like?
–    Thoughts on Stu Hart?
–    Thoughts on Bruce Hart?
–    Thoughts on Diana Hart?
–    Her highly controversial book came out during the time you were training in the dungeon?  Was there tension in the Hart family at that time because of the book?
–    Thoughts on Jim Neidhart?
–    What was the Stampede Wrestling circuit like at that time?
–    How did you start promoting for Stampede?
–    Memories of your WWE 2004 try outs?
–    What was your relationship with Les Thornton?
–    Thoughts on Stu Harts death and memories from the funeral?
–    How did I end up wrestling for IWA Puerto Rico?
–    Thoughts on working for and wrestling against Savio Vega?
–    Thoughts on Invader #1 and Bushwacker Luke Williams as bookers?
–    What are your views on the murder of Bruiser Brody?  Do you have any inside information from your days wrestling in Puerto Rico or your past friendship with Abdullah the Butcher?
–    Memories of your WWE 2005 televised Smackdown match in Edmonton?
–    What was it like feuding with Ricky Banderras over the IWA intercontinental title?
–    Switching to WWC Puerto Rico as a babyface?
–    Memories of working several matches with James Storm in WWC?
–    Thoughts on Dutch Mantel?
–    Thoughts on your WWE 2006 Heat match in Las Vegas?
–    Thoughts on returning to WWC Puerto Rico as a heel?
–    How did you end up wrestling for WWE’s Deep South Wrestling territory?
–    Thoughts Bill Demott and Jody Hamilton?
–    Thoughts on the attitudes of the developmental talents in those days?
–    Memories of Zack Ryder?  Is it true you were roommates with Brodus Clay in DSW?
–    Thoughts on Nova (Simon Dean), who was head of developmental talent relations at that time?
–    Memories of holding the WWC Puerto Rico tag team titles 2 times and feuding with Eddie and Orlando Colon who are now in WWE.  Memories of Carlos Colon Jr.
–    How did you end up presenting the official Bad News Brown/Allen memorial show?  What was your relationship with him?
–    What happened with Dustin Rhodes no-showing that event?
–    How did you TNA try outs come about in 2007?  Is it true they were thinking of putting you in a feud with Abyss at that time?
–    Can you tell us about your history and relationship with Abdullah the Butcher?  Is it true you were his protégé?
–    What was the deal with the “coffee pot incident?”
–    Thoughts on defeating Abdullah in his Montreal retirement match?
–    Memories of the WWE try-out camp you were hired from?
–    Is it true you got into a fight at the camp?
–    What was your conversation with WWE talent relations like when they told you they were taking away your contract due to you being Hepatitis C positive?  What was your reaction?
–    Has the WWE lawsuit regarding them rescinding your contract due to Hepatitis C been resolved?
–    When did you first suspect it could have been Abdullah who transmitted the Hepatitis C to you?
–    Has Abdullah provided blood work yet?
–    What is going on with the Abdullah the Butcher lawsuit?
–    What do you hope comes out of that lawsuit?
–    How did you end up promoting the Macho Man Memorial show and can you explain what happened with Greg Valentine no showing the event?  Did he ever pay you back?
–    What led to you winning Silver at the 2012 Greco Roman Wrestling Olympic trials for London?
–    Is it true you trained with the same wrestling team as George Saint Pierre?
–    Is it true you had talks with Hulk Hogan and TNA about coming to Impact Wrestling in 2012?
–    What was the situation with you getting ejected from the property at a WWE event?
–    Do you think your affiliation with Scott Steiner had something to do with the TNA talks falling through?
–    Was your amateur wrestling challenge to Kurt Angle legit?
–    What is your relationship with “Superstar” Billy Graham


–    “Terry Funk vs. Hannibal press conference incident featuring Kevin Nash”
–    “Bloodiest Match Ever”: Abdullah The Butcher vs. Hannibal”
–    Hannibal vs. “Psycho” Sid Vicious