Diamond Dallas Page Shoot Interview

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Anyone who has heard Diamond Dallas Page speak knows full well that his positive attitude is infectious and he can be as entertaining as anyone in the business. DDP, a long time friend of RF VIDEO, finally conducted his first REAL shoot interview with us that lasted an amazing FOUR HOURS. This exclusive interview covered everything in DDP’s amazing career; from the club scene in New Jersey, all the way down to Florida, and you will hear all the steps in how he landed a job in the wrestling business up in Minnesota for Verne Gagne’s AWA. DDP takes us down all the road stories he had early on in his career including how he got another job in the business back down in Florida with Dusty Rhodes. DDP discussed working with all of the great legends down in Florida and of course he talked about how he got in tight with Dusty Rhodes, a friendship which later helped Dallas get into the NWA.

DDP covered all of his early work in the NWA and the details of each of his programs. Dallas frankly told us about the struggles of going from a manager to a full time wrestler and the problems he had along each step of the way. DDP talks about his creation of Scott Hall’s Diamond Stud gimmick and how it got him heat. You want to know how Dallas got paired up with the Freebirds? DDP talks about that and all the rest of his early feuds along with how he started to get his push at the Battle Bowl PPV. Wait until you hear what happened backstage that very night! We got the inside scoop on how DDP made the fast ride from the mid card to a main eventer and eventually to a top babyface position in a backstage environment filled with political games. DDP talked about all his big WCW matches with the big guns including Goldberg, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Brutus Beefcake and more!

The big playboy angle to start off a major feud with Randy Savage, teaming up with Lex Luger, and a huge match with NBA superstars Karl Malone and DennisRodman, DDP covers these and many more stories in a way that will leave you begging for more. Everyone knows DDP was in tight with Eric Bischoff, but how did it affect his life outside of wrestling and even backstage? What really happened that infamous night between DDP and Scott Steiner? Dallas gives us his thoughts on Kanyon and Bigelow and what they are like outside the ring and how close the three really were.

DDP eventually ended up in WWE during the botched invasion angle and he walked us through that entire part of his life and why it didn’t go according to plan. Dallas talked in great detail about his stalker run with Taker and his thoughts on the program and the development of his new character Positively Page. How did WCW differ from WWE? DDP knows the answer and fills us in along with what happened in TNA and why he left wrestling. DDP talked about everything from his movie career to his life in Yoga for Regular Guys. This is what a shoot interview is all about. A great shoot you will absolutely love as DDP talked about it all and left no question unanswered!