Disco Inferno Shoot Interview

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Disco Inferno visited the RF Video offices to give one a unique shoot that offers a different perspective to the wrestling industry. Disco comes from the modern era of booking and production philosophy. He shares that way of thinking here in addition to talking about his entire career. After watching this shoot with the articulate and talkative Disco, you will have a different way of looking at the business side of wrestling. Disco opens up about his entire career including all the info on the inside happenings of WCW. This shoot is like a wrestling education. Here is what Disco talked about:

-His start in the business.
-Who trained and influenced him?
-Being in USWA.
-What was Jerry Lawler like?
-Disco talks about his matches with Brian Christopher.
-His matches with Jeff Jarrett.
-Disco goes into details about his early days in thebusiness.
-Working other indy groups.
-Disco gives the scoop on how he got his job in WCW.
-Why did he refuse to do the job to Jacquie?
-The complete story on getting fired from WCW.
-How did he get his WCW job back?
-Disco gives his view on the WCW cruiserweight division.
-His opinions on the cruiserweights.
-You will get all the details on the demise of WCW.
-He talks about his relationship with Konnan, Rey MisterioJr. and all the luchadores.
-The feud his friends had with Eric Bischoff.
-His relationship with Vince Russo.
-The “new” WCW where he booked a lot of stuff.
-Disco really goes into detail about booking.
-How did he get along with the top starslike Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall?
-Disco takes you inside the WCW locker room.