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There are few individuals in the world of wrestling who can elicit such strong feelings from fans and workers alike with the mere mention of their name as CZW Owner DJ Hyde. The current boss of the Combat Zone has been in the business for a decade, but rose to prominence in 2009 when he bought the company from Deathmatch legend John Zandig and set forth a wave of emotions that continue to stir four years later. DJ Hyde has been a wrestler for more than ten years, and had his share of success over the last decade as a performer but now that he controls one of the most influential promotions on the independent scene, his actions and the words that flow out of his mouth are unavoidable, and “interesting” to say the least. Now for the first time ever, DJ Hyde sits down for a ‘no holds barred’ shoot interview, and he does it in front of the RF Video cameras. Once this interview hits the market, we are sure that the controversy surrounding Hyde will soar to another level and people will be talking about this one for days, weeks, months and even years to come…As we mentioned, DJ Hyde has been wrestling for a decade, and while his performances produce a wealth of mixed reviews, he has managed to compete all over the country and the world as a veteran of the rings in both Europe and Japan. His status as the owner of CZW has provided him the opportunity to ply his craft in front of fans all over the globe, and against some of the most accomplished and respected athletes in the game. From his modest start through a respected training regiment at the CZW/Chikara dual wrestling academies to his start in front of fans with both companies to the rings of Germany’s WXW and Big Japan Wrestling in the land of the rising sun, DJ Hyde has rubbed shoulders with some of the most important men and women in the business. For the first time ever, he discusses his in-ring career in depth with the RF Video cameras and you won’t believe some of the stories he has to tell about a career full of ups and downs.However, the ups and downs he has experiences in the ring are nothing compared to those he has experienced since his purchase of the Combat Zone in 2009, and in this interview, longtime CZW employee Brett Lauderdale pulls no punches while confronting and questioning DJ Hyde on nearly every controversial topic and decision the ‘Lariat’ has made since that night when Zandig handed over the keys to one of the East Coast’s most popular promotions. While many have questioned some of Hyde’s tactics as the boss of CZW, its hard to argue that the Combat Zone hasn’t reached new levels under his leadership with the reopening of the relationship between CZW and Japan, partnerships in Europe, and the expansion of CZW at home in the USA with events outside of New Jersey and Philadelphia. DJ Hyde has been creative in his approach, and has raised CZW’s profile in the process while rejuvenating the company as a whole. We go in-depth with the boss as he tells us how he has managed to acheive many of the goals he set forth when he purchased the company, and also ask him why he hasnt been able to accomplish all of those goals.

Of course, many will tune in to this interview to witness and experience the controversy that is ‘DJ Hyde’ firsthand, and this interview is chock full of controversial topics and opinions right from the horse’s mouth. We asked DJ Hyde his opinion on John Zandig himself and the strong words the former CZW Owner has issued towards the current boss since the change in management just four years ago. Needless to say, DJ had an equally strong response towards his former idol and what he said is just one of many things that will leave people speechless.

Of couse, Zandig isn’t the only one who DJ Hyde feels strongly about. Anyone who has been a fan of, or followed CZW in the last five years knows of the rocky relationship between DJ Hyde and former CZW World Champion Eddie Kingston. Those same fans have made Eddie Kingston one of the most respected and well liked performers in all of wrestling, a fact which DJ Hyde doesn’t dispute, however the personal relationship over the last couple years have deteriorated to explosive levels, and after this interview is released, they may be beyond repair forever. In this sitdown, DJ Hyde details that relationship, and sends a message to Kingston that will drop the jaws of many, and force many to push rewind, just to make sure that they heard what they thought they heard…

His opinions on Eddie Kingston are just the tip of the iceberg, as DJ gives his thoughts and opinions about every major player to come through CZW since he took control of the company just four years ago. DJ Hyde has had a challenging road to navigate since becoming the boss, and we tackle every major event and decision he has had to make in great detail. Here are just a sample of the topics we covered in this explosive 6+ hour shoot:

– the major feud between DJ/CZW and Mike Quackenbush/Chikara and DJ’s opinion on what led to the closure of Chikara Pro which include allegations of marital infidelity
– The purchase of CZW from John Zandig and everything that went along with it including money, mortgages, family members, loans, accusations of payment shortages, contracts, who was involved and how long it took for the whole deal to come together
– Criticisms from John Zandig in his own shoot months after the transaction and how they effect DJ Hyde to this day, and how he responds to Zandig’s words
– The Nick Gage bank robbery, arrest, and prison sentence and how it affected DJ and the Combat Zone
– His response to the Gage situation and his controversial claims afterwards in media interviews about what he knew and when and statements about Gage’s personal life
– CZW Contracts and why he decided to implement them and whether or not he regrets them
– The notorious CZW “Wellness Policy” and whether or not it really exists
– The transformation of Drake Younger through the years
– Criticisms that he talks too much on the microphone during CZW shows and “steals heat” from his performers
– the incident(s) with BJ Whitmer and why he was forced to apologize publically to BJ after
– his rocky relationship with former CZW Champion Devon Moore and the time he fired Moore in front of the locker room
– his issues and relationship with former CZW Champion B-Boy and why B-Boy is not a current part of the CZW roster despite being a mentor to many in the locker room and one of the most popular performers in the eyes of the fans
– the controversial decision to fire Smart Mark Video as CZW’s videographer and switch to Mike Pancoast and Pancoast Promotions
– his rocky relationship with Mike Pancoast and the eventual decision to switch to RF Video a short time later
– the sad deaths of Trent Acid, JC Bailey and Brain Damage and how each one affected him and the way in which he addressed/handled each death thereafter
– his volatile relationships and opinions on other former members of the CZW locker room including his trainer Jon Dahmer, Billy Gram, Rodney Rush, Ryan McBride, Nate Hatred, Pinky Sanchez, Blk Jeez, Derek Sabato, Ryan Slater, Whacks, Hellaware Assassin and others
– We ask DJ Hyde if he “wants to be John Zandig” and ask him why so many people say he does
– the falling out between DJ Hyde/CZW and Joker and whether or not he’d like to have Joker back in CZW
– the controversial storyline between himself and Greg Excellent where Greg cut several “shoot promos” on DJ that made fun of, mocked, and buried Hyde and how involved DJ was with the content of those promos
– the accusations that he gets too close (or tries to) with some of his female talent in the locker room
– the state of the CZW Academy and his response to criticism of him making Little Mondo one of the trainers there and the negative effect it had on enrollment
– DJ’s relationship with Sami Callihan over the years and whether they stay in touch since Sami left for the WWE
– DJ’s relationship with Adam Cole, whom he had a role in training and just how important he was in Adam Cole’s development and rise to the top of the indies
– DJ Hyde’s opinions on Ring of Honor and whether he would like to do future business with ROH
– The ‘retirement’ and CZW exit of former Champions Robert Anthony (Ego) and Scotty Vortekz and whether or not his ownership had anything to do with it
– the challenges of running an event like Tournament of Death and the future of the event in the state of Delaware
– his opinion on blood testing, and the recent health scare involving one of CZW’s top talents Matt Tremont
– his year-long feud with Matt Tremont and whether he had to be talked into putting Matt over at Cage of Death
– the relationship between DJ and former CZW star Brain Damage including the near-brawl they had in the locker room at the ECW Arena
– the role of former promoter and booker Maven Bentley and whether he agrees that Maven’s booking and management of the company almost killed CZW before DJ had a chance to buy it
– the role of “money marks” in CZW and whether he agrees with some critics that Maven “paid to play”
– DJ’s feelings on why he wasn’t a part of the big CZW/ROH feud in 2006
– the controversy over CZW’s role in ‘National Pro Wrestling Day’ and what DJ really had planned for CZW
– what DJ feels are his greatest accomplishments and greatest failures since taking over CZW

DJ Hyde has been the target of many podcasts, message boards, fans and social media critics for years. He has taken verbal shots from other promoters, wrestlers, partners, enemeies and even those he considered friends. He has absorbed the criticism for all these years, and theres no doubt that it has affected him in more ways than one. All that time, he has managed to lead a company to new heights, but now, DJ has decided that the time has come for him to respond and he called upon RF Video to issue that response and confront all the controversy head on. The result may end up being further controversy, but DJ Hyde has no regrets and while his views may not be popular, he stands by every word of them, and you have to respect him for that. In this interview, Hyde doesn’t backpedal and he pulls no punches. He answers any and every questions put forth to him, regardless of the consequences and the end result is one of the most entertaining and controversial shoot interviews in RF Video history. You don’t have to be a fan of CZW to enjoy this one, and regardless of whether you like DJ or not, you will be talking about this shoot for years to come.