Don Muraco Shoot Interview

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RF Video traveled all the way to Muracos home on Sunset Beach, Hawaii to sit down with the Magnificent One. Don Muraco was one of the legendary heels in professional wrestling and one of the top stars in the WWF during the 80s. Hear all the stories about Vince & Hogan, the beginnings of Wrestlemania and his legendary feud with Jimmy Snuka over the Intercontinental Title. Muraco also gives a first hand account about the infamous Cage Match with Snuka and his take on the incident between Snuka and his girlfriend. Besides all of the tremendous WWF stories, hear about Muracos career in Hawaii, The Pacific Northwest, Georgia, Mid-Atlantic and Japan. Muraco also talks about all of his mentors in the business and how he developed his unique and one of a kind interview style. Also hear about what happened when Harley Race attacked him on an airplane, and all of the ribs from the master Mr. Fuji. Muraco talks in depth about all of the old time stars in the WWF from Backlund, Steamboat, Savage, Saito, Andre, Santana, Putski, Pedro & a ton more. Relive the career of a true legend in professional wrestling!