Doug Gilbert Shoot Interview

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Doug Gilbert: No Apologies Needed Shoot Interview was awesome. Doug pulled no punches talking about Paul Heyman, Ian Rotten, John Zandig and numerous other hot topics of his career. This interview would not be complete if we did not talk about his legendary brother the late great Eddie Gilbert!!! If your a fan of Memphis wrestling your going to want to get your hands on this gem. Doug and his family have been a major main stay in the Memphis territory and Doug has tons of backstage stories that have never been shared before until now. What really happened when he went on live TV and shot on the promotion and Randy Hales. How did Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher react? Who had heat backstage in the Memphis territory with each other. What are his thoughts on Missy Hyatt and her infamous stories about sleeping with the boys. How did he hear about his brothers passing and his thoughts on drugs in wrestling. What really happened in Japan in Wings with Eddie GIlbert when they quit in the ring and pledged their allegiance to All Japan and Giant Baba. What happened backstage in ECW when Doug went nuts with the baseball bat in the locker room at Ultra Clash when Paul Heyman turned off Eddie Gilberts mic as he was trying to say good bye to the fans. You want stories on Austin Idol, Bill Dundee, Bill Watts, Tommy Rich? What are Dougs feelings on Jim Cornette and why there might be some issues there. There are tons of Eddie Gilbert stories from the WWE when he was there with Curt Henning in the early 80’s. What happened the night Eddie almost died from a car crash? Doug has seen it all and worked with all the major names that have passed thru the Memphis territory. He has amazing stories on all the top names, including a story on the Undertaker that has never been told until this shoot.
Here are just some of the questions that we asked Doug Gilbert during his amazing shoot!!!!

Memories growing up in a wrestling family
Did you travel with your dad to shows
Favorite memories and matches
Any wrestlers nicer to you guys than others
Memories of wrestlers at the house
How old were you and Eddie when you knew you wanted to be wrestlers
Did you dad discourage it
Favorite match of your dads
First memories of Jerry Lawler
When did you start training
How old were you when your dad told you that the business was a work
Memories of training
Were you jealous at all when Eddie got a break with WWF
Did Eddie change with success
Memories of doing some early angles in Memphis
Who was booking at the time
Early memories of Jerry Jarrett and Eddie Marlin
Can you talk about the rat/groupie scene in Memphis
Was your goal always to just headline Memphis
What do you remember about when some of the old school legends like Lou Thesz or Jack Brisco came in
Early memories on Jimmy Valiant
Thoughts of when your brother hooked up with Missy Hyatt
Thoughts of when they married
Missy said in an interview that she didn’t think Eddie’s family liked her, true
Memories of the angle in Memphis with the Gilberts vs. Lawler
Memories of Robert Fuller and the Stud Stable
Memories of Jeff Jarrett
Memories of Billy Travis
Memories of Bill Dundee
Memories of Lance Russell and Dave Brown
Memories of Scott Steiner in Memphis
Early memories of Tommy Rich
Thoughts on Dutch Mantell
Did Eddie steal Bill Dundee’s booking job with Bill Watts
Thoughts on Bill Watts
Were there any plans for you to get involved
You went to WCW for a brief time when Eddie was there, was it frustrating not to get a big push
Memories of Ric Flair
Memories of the Muta-Eddie feud
Allegedly Missy Hyatt and Jim Ross had an affair there while she was married to Eddie, your thoughts
Thoughts on Sting
Thoughts on the Road Warriors
How did Global come about
How involved were you and your brother with the booking
Who came up with the Dark Patriot
Memories of matches with Del Wilkes
Memories of your first blade job
Memories of Joe Pedicino
Memories of Mick Foley
Memories of the Rottens
Memories of Scott Levy
Memories of your run in Memphis as Nightmare Freddy
How did you get the gimmick
Did you like it
Thoughts on working with The Undertaker
Thoughts on working with Jerry Lawler
When did you sense that Memphis was dying
Your interview on Power Pro Wrestling is now infamous and has over 20,000 views today on You Tube. What happened?
Most say that the interview shut the promotion down, do you agree
What happened immediately after the interview
Did Lawler call or confront you
How did the other wrestlers react
How did Brian react
Was there an attempt to blackball you at all after that
Memories of ECW
Thoughts on Tod Gordon
Thoughts on your scaffold match
Memories of matches with Terry Funk
Do you think Eddie was screwed out of the booking job
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Do you think Eddie could have achieved the same success
Memories of matches with JT Smith
Did you have aspirations on going to the WWE
You wound up in the 1996 Royal Rumble, how did that come about
Why was it only one appearance
Were there plans for you to stick around
Memories of matches with Tracy Smothers
Memories of Madusa dating Eddie
How did you hear the news about Eddie
Initial thoughts
How often do you miss him
Was Eddie a brilliant booker
Did your family ever try and stage an intervention with Eddie
Thoughts on Dennis Coraluzzo
Did you ever think of just retiring from wrestling after Eddie died
Do you think Eddie is underappreciated today
Thoughts on PG 13
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
You wrestled Lawler a few years ago on the indys. Was there any bad blood after what happened years earlier?
Thoughts on Jerry’s success in the WWE
You have a reputation as something of an outlaw, how do you respond
Another infamous video on You Tube is you and your brother shooting at a WING show, what happened
What was Victor Quionnes’ reaction
What was the reaction in the locker room
Thoughts on the Yakuza’s involvement in Japanese pro wrestling
Thoughts on Tommy Rich today
Favorite manager you had
Thoughts on the rise of hardcore wrestling in the US a few years ago
Thoughts on Ian Rotten’s IWA MS
Thoughts on CZW
Thoughts on XPW
Favorite guys to work with on the indys
Thoughts on Sid Vicious
Thoughts on Brickhouse Brown
Thoughts on Jimmy Hart
Thoughts on Randy Hales
Are you surprised TNA hasn’t booked you with your connections to Jeff
If you were coming up today would you lean more into getting into MMA than wrestling
Thoughts on WWE dropping all references to wrestling
Should Eddie be in their Hall of Fame
Thoughts on Curt Hennig
Thoughts on the Rock and Roll Express
Can a wrestler make a full time living on the indys
Thoughts on Abdullah the Butcher
Thoughts on Al Snow
Thoughts on Buddy Landel
Thoughts on Terry Funk
Who do you think is the most overrated worker you ever worked with
Can territories work today
Do you have any plans to write a book
How close do you still follow the business
At what point in your career did you have to get another job besides wrestling and what do you currently do
Do you have any advice for guys breaking in today
Any matches you regret
Favorite ribs
Favorite road stories
Favorite groupie stories
Favorite party stories