Drake Younger Shoot Interview

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It’s a hard to find a more likeable guy in the wrestling business in 2014 than Drake Younger. Nobody has worked harder or overcome more challenges in his career to reach the upper levels of the industry where Drake currently resides down in Orlando under the WWE banner for NXT. Now for the first time ever, RF Video sits down with Drake Younger and takes you behind the scenes for one of Drake Younger’s final nights in CZW in this edition of the Drake Younger Shoot Interview.

From the backyards of Indianapolis, born into a struggling family but surrounded by friends and plenty of dreams, but overwhelmed with loss and buried in addiction, Drake Younger never should have made it. In the shoot interview portion of this DVD, we will go in depth on every facet of Drake’s life and career as he tells you firsthand about his incredible journey.

We start with his early days in IWA-MS as an unknown just hoping to get a match, his entry into the Deathmatch world, and his eventual explosion as a fan favorite and CZW World Champion. Drake’s rise to fame was improbable and unlikely, but it didn’t come without a price.

In the midst of his rise, he also struggled deeply with addiction, and watched some of his closest friends succumb to the deadly disease as his own life teetered on the brink. Drake will tell you what it was like to lose one of his best friends, JC Bailey, and the impact it had on his life and his future.

Drake will also tell you about the moment he decided to change his life, and the impact his family played on his decision then, and now as a happily married father of two young children.

Of course, we will cover the wrestling too. From working for Ian Rotten, John Zandig, reaching the pinnacle of the Deathmatch world and of course achieving a lifelong dream of performing in Japan.

We will also discuss his departure from the world of ‘Ultraviolence’ and his transformation into the ‘lean’, ‘mean’ and ‘serene’ fighting machine he has become today. We talk all about his move to California and his successful run as a fan favorite and major player at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and what that experience was like for him. We talk about all the controversies, triumphs, and tragedies he lived through along the way and of course, we take you backstage at CZW and show you how Drake prepared for one of the biggest matches of his CZW career on what was a very special night in the Combat Zone. RF Video is proud to present the Drake Younger Shoot Interview.