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RF VIDEO sat down with the future of the business, Drew Galloway to discuss his career in the world of professional wrestling.  Drew is the future of the business after all he was coined the “chosen one” by Vince McMahon.

Drew talks about his start in the world of pro wrestling and what it was like to make his debut into the business over in Scotland as he also worked for the British wrestling circuit starting in the early 2000’s.  He started training as a wrestler at the young age of 15 and you will hear what it was like    for a young kid to break into the business and what sacrifices he has to make.  Drew talks about working for British Championship Wrestling and Irish Whip wrestling where he would meet up with another future WWE superstar Sheamus.  There are tons of stories about the circuit that he       worked in before coming over to the states to start his training with the WWE.  Don’t you want to find out how he got his first break with the WWE?  Drew talks all about his WWE tryouts and who wanted to hire him right off the bat.

Drew quickly moved to where most young, aspiring newly signed wwe greenhorns would move which would be to KY to take part in the OVW wrestling school.  Drew takes us thru a week of what his training was and shares fond memories on who else that we might know shared the same     locker room with him at the time of his training.  It was not long before the WWE took notice in Drew and removed him from OVW and sent him down to FL to further learn his craft.  What was Steve Keirn like to work with?  How did Dusty Rhodes help him?  Don’t worry he has tons of           stories on all the top current WWE wrestlers as he broke in with most of the guys you see every Monday night during Monday Night Raw.

Drew talks about the pressure of being called to TV and of course being groomed by Vince McMahon to be the Chosen One.  Did other wrestlers get jealous when he was branded with that gimmick?  You will hear all about his initial angles in the WWE and his first big break in the business.   Drew worked with everyone from John Morrison, Undertaker, Matt Hardy, R Truth, Teddy Long and of course teaming with Cody Rhodes and he has stories on all of it.  Drew talks about being on a great run with the WWE to only get sidelined with a injury that put him out of action after        Wrestlemania.  When Drew came back he was than put with 3MB as Drew talks all about the gimmick, his team mates and the skits and gimmicks that they did. Drew talks about working with all of the top workers in the company like CM Punk, Bryan, ADR and his thoughts on some of      their departures.

Some of his best stories are when we talk about all the top talent that he shared the WWE locker room with.  Drew talked with RF VIDEO about all of his major programs, angles and story lines that he was involved in. Drew goes into detail on how he found out he was being released from the company and what he did to handle his release.  You will hear first hand on how he thought it was handled and what he did to quickly get work.  It was not long after that Drew returned to his old stomping grounds and worked for some of the biggest indy companies around the world.         Drew talks about making his debut in Evolve and working with Roderick Strong and what it was like to work with Tommy Dreamer in FWE.  You will hear about his long term goals and what the future holds for this gifted pro wrestler.  If you are a fan of the current WWE locker room Drew has stories on everyone that means anything in the company. In my opinion after watching Drew work for FWE, Evolve and HOH there is no doubt that he is the chosen one and one day will make a huge impact for one of the bigger companies in the United States.

Talk about what it was like growing up in Scotland?

Were you a big wrestling fan growing up?

What are your first memories of the business?

Who were your favorite guys to watch?

What led to you wanting to train as a pro wrestler?

Since you were so young, what was your family’s response to you wanting

to get trained?

Talk about your training and whether the business came easy to you?

What was the independent scene like in Europe at the time?

Memories of working for British Championship Wrestling?  Who were the

standouts at the time ?  Were there any talents you expected to break

out internationally who never did?  Who do you think that was?

Memories of Irish Whip Wrestling?

Early memories of Sheamus working for Irish Whip Wrestling?  Are you

surprised he made it to the WWE level?

Early memories of Insane Championship Wrestling?

How has ICW changed over the years?

What made you pursue a degree in criminology?

Do you think you’ll ever use the degree?

Talk about the process of getting your WWE tryout and getting your


When did you find out you were getting signed?

Who told you?

You were moved to the United States to OVW – talk about the cultural

shock of moving to Lousiville from Scotland?

First impressions of OVW?

Talk about what the week was like training and working there?

Compare OVW when you went through it to what guys go through today in


You were brought up to Smackdown relatively quickly alongside Dave

Taylor – talk about that early run, what you were told the plans for it

was, and why it ended so quickly?

Were you let down you were sent back to developmental so soon?

In hindsight, was it the right call to make?

How was Taylor to work with?

Memories of the night you worked a dark match against The Nasty Boys

where the Nasty Boys are said to stink up the building and take so much

time, the taping ends up running late?

Memories of the following from OVW:

Danny Davis

Rip Rogers

Paul Burchill

Colt Cabana

Evan Bourne

KC James

Atlas Da Bone

Kenny Dykstra

Memories of your team with Stu Sanders in OVW?

Memories of working with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins in OVW?

Who do you think he didn’t make it on a national scale?

What led to WWE sending you to FCW?

How did FCW compare to OVW at the time?

Memories of the following from FCW and that time period – and if they

didn’t make it to the main roster

Steve Keirn

Eric Perez


Sterling Jack Gabriel


Gabe Tuft aka Tyler Reks’

Joe Hennig

Eric Escobar

DJ Gabriel

Mike Kruel

Seth Skyfire

Katie Lea Burchill

Shawn Spears

Vladimir Kozlov

Armando Estrada

Memories of holding the FCW championship?

When did you find out you were being brought back up to the Smackdown


What sort of advance notice did you have for your character?

Where did you first find out you were going to be Vince McMahon’s

“Chosen One?”

What sort of pressure did that put on you for your return?

Memories of your debut feud with R-Truth?  How was he to work with?

Talk about what it’s like being the new guy on the roster in the WWE

locker room?  What are the biggest mistakes you see guys make when they

are brought up from developmental?

Memories of Vince putting you over so big on TV?

What was Vince like to work for?  You hear so many crazy over the top


After R-Truth, you begin a program with Finley.  Memories of working

with him.  Do you get a lot of advice from him?

Memories of working your first Survivor Series on Miz’s team vs. John

Morrison’s team?

We always hear stories about Miz having tons of heat on him.  Why do

you think he rubs so many people the wrong way?

Memories of your feud with John Morrison for the IC title?

How did you feel about Morrison doing the Braveheart parody to make fun

of your Scottish heritage?  Did you feel it was out of line?

Memories of winning the IC title from Morrison at the TLC PPV?

Do you still count the IC belt as prestigious given the way WWE had

booked it over the years?

Did you set out to try and raise the prestige of the title?

Memories of the angle where Vince kept making Teddy Long erase your

losses?  Did you think it was a good way to get heat.

Memories of working with Undertaker – what’s it like being in the ring

with him?

What’s it like for a talent when they cross him in the locker room?

At Wrestlemania 26, you make your Mania debut in Money in the Bank.

Talk about what it’s like being part of Wrestlemania week with WWE and

what the average schedule for a performer is like?

Did you feel like you had “made it” by working that show?

Coming out of that show, you began a feud with Matt Hardy.  Thoughts on

working with him at the time?

Who came up with the idea that you would get into it with Teddy Long

after Long tries to strip you of the IC title?

It’s said some of your best heel work on the mic in terms of getting

true heel heat was ripping on Teddy.  Would you agree?  Why do you

think that angle worked so well?

Out of the Teddy angles, you worked a program with Kofi Kingston.  What

are your thoughts of working with Kofi and why do you think he’s never

exploded to the next level there?

Teddy has you deported.  In real life, You actually go back to Scotland

to get your work visa renewed – why do you have to go back there for it

to  be renewed?  Explain how that process works.

When you return, they do the angle where you beg for your job back.

What did you think of the angle?  Did you think they took too much heat

off you?

How do you end up being put into a tag team with Cody Rhodes?  Are you

happy about being put in a team?  Do you think it shows they’ve lost

interest in your singles push?

Thoughts on Cody as a worker and a person?

Were you disappointed the reign was so short?

They move you onto a storyline where you have anger management issues

and try to control them to get Kelly Kelly interested in you – so where

the hell did the Chosen One go?

You work in the Elimination Chamber in 2011 – talk about working in

that structure and what it’s like working in that structure physically

– what toll does it take on you.

You have the chance to work with Kane around this time.  Talk about his

importance to WWE’s locker room.

At Wrestlemania 27, you aren’t on the card except for working the

Lumberjack match before the PPV – how disappointed are you that you

aren’t back on the Mania card?

You are moved from Smackdown to Raw during the Supplemental Draft.

When do you find out that you are moving?  How much does moving from

one brand to another change your touring schedule and personal life?

What are the differences between working in the Raw and Smackdown

locker rooms?

Why is it that once you moved to Raw, that creative team never got

behind you and found a storyline for you?

When you find yourself relegated to the TV matches on the secondary

shows, how does that effect your morale?

Are you able to go to creative and try and pitch ideas for yourself to

get you out of purgatory?

Do you remember any ideas you had that were pitched around this time?

You end up back on Smackdown by the end of 2011.  Do you have any idea

why they slid you back over?

When you return, they then decide to give you a losing streak that ends

only when you beat Hornswoggle.  Thoughts on the angle?

Is Hornswoggle as much of a pain in the ass in the locker room as it’s


You end up on John Laurinaitis  Team at Wrestlemania28 at the last

minute.  How excited were you to be back on the flagship show?

How did you feel about The Rock returning to headline against Cena.  Do

you think he took money and a position that others rightfully earned by

working all year?

How was Rock in the locker room to the boys?

Speaking of top stars – thoughts on John Cena and his longevity in the


How is Cena as a locker room leader?

Do you think he plays politics?

How much do you think politics have hurt your career?

You end up injuring your shoulder at Wrestlemania – what happened?

During that tag, Zack Ryder ends up losing.  Thoughts on Ryder making

himself a star via social media and then WWE totally killing him off?

What message do you think that sends to the locker room?

When you returned from injury, there’s no push to put you in a

storyline or advance your character.  How frustrated is this at this


Are you getting worried they are going to release you since you aren’t

being prominently featured?

When do you find out about the creation of 3MB?

Is it true the original version had you as the guy getting all the heat

and it being built as a star making position for you?

Why didn’t it happen that way?

Initial thoughts on working with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal?

What elements made 3MB work?

Were you surprised when it started to get over?

What are your favorite memories of the run?

What did you think of them adding Hornswoggle to the group?

Is it true Ricardo was almost added to it?

Memories of the angle where 3MB turned Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo

babyface at the TLC PPV in Brooklyn?

Thoughts on the rise of Daniel Bryan in WWE?

Do you think the fans forced WWE to push him?

Memories of the angle where Brock Lesnar beat down 3MB?

You had a few angles with The Shield on WWE TV- thoughts on Seth,

Ambrose and Reigns and their quick rise in WWE?

When you see new guys coming in and getting pushed when the company

hasn’t pushed you regularly in some time, do you get annoyed about it?

Do you go to management?  Or are you at the point you are happy to have

the job and just do what you need to do?

Thoughts on CM Punk walking out on WWE?

Were you shocked?

Do you think he’ll ever return?

Talk about the bar fight you and Alberto Del Rio were in Wrestlemania

30 weekend?  What happened?

Did you guys get any heat for getting into the fight?

It’s been said ADR didn’t get a long with a lot of people in WWE but

got along really well with you – why do you think that was?

Thoughts on WWE letting him go?

Memories of working the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

Do you think WWE booked the Hornswoggle vs. Torito feud to create bad


Memories of putting those bouts together and how everyone over achieved

in terms of match quality?

Did anyone in the locker room take notice?

Were you surprised when you got the call you were being let go?

Who called you?

Do you think it should have been HHH who let you know?

What was the first thing you did after you got the call you were being


There was a lot of online backlash to the release with fans feeling

that of everyone that was cut, you were the one they felt got screwed

because of your potential?

Talk about making your first indy shot post-WWE and how you had changed

over the years, what it was like to be back on that level, etc.

Memories of debuting for EVOLVE and winning the title right out of the


What did you think of Tony Nese?

Thoughts on the EVOLVE product?

How important is it to you to take the EVOLVE title with you on

international tours?

Compare putting matches together in WWE with agents to putting matches

together on the independent scene?

Do you think working the indies again refreshed your love for the


Does working for WWE make it harder to keep loving the business?

Do you think WWE has to have all the politics that it does backstage?

What’s the one backstage change you would make to WWE if you had the

power to do so?

What changes have you seen in WWE since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

began to take over the company?

What are your thoughts on HHH as Vince McMahon’s eventual replacement?

What do you think is the biggest misconception of HHH?

Thoughts on your match with Roderick Strong in Brooklyn, which people

raved about?

Talk about returning to Scotland for Insane Championship Wrestling and

talk about that product, which a lot of people have been buzzing about

in Europe.  Favorite matches and memories of that return run.

Memories of working Tommy Dreamer for FWE?

How did it feel when Dreamer put you over so strongly on the mic?

Thoughts on making your debut in the ECW Arena?

Any interest in working for TNA?

Memories of working with the following:

Chris Jericho


Dolph Ziggler

Santino Marella

Rey Mysterio

Great Khali

Ricky Steamboat



Big Show

Jack Swagger

Jimmy Wang Yang

Jesse and Festus

Charlie Haas


Mike Knox

Cryme Time


Is the long-term goal to return to WWE?

When you make it back to WWE, what’s your dream Wrestlemania match?

Any favorite ribs?

Favorite road stories?

Any final words for everyone who has supported you over the course of

your career?