Dustin Rhodes (2005) Shoot Interview

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Dustin talked in GREAT detail about the “flight from hell” and he broke down and cried it got so emotional on some topics! This is one shoot you can’t pass up!!!

This is just some of what was discussed:
When Vince bought WCW what did you think would happen with your career
Why do you think WCW failed
Who was most responsible for WCW failing
Did your father give you any advice
How involved with your father were you in Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling
Why do you think it didn’t succeed
What were your career plans at that time
How were you contacted about returning to the WWE
You returned to the Royal Rumble, how had the locker room and the atmosphere changed since the last time you were there?
Were you treated as a guy that was just there for one night or were you treated well
When you came back that night you were in much better shape than you were in WCW. What did you do to get in that kind of shape?
Did you have a mentality that this was your make or break opportunity
Was there any discussion between you and your ex wife before you returned
Did Vince give you any rules or ultimatums involving your ex-wife
When you came back for the Rumble, was that just a one night deal or were you signed for along term deal at that point
How soon after the Rumble were you contacted about a return
What was your attitude going in
Were you surprised in that did you ever see yourself going back to the WWE after you had left the first time
How different was it in dealing with Johnny Ace than Jim Ross
How was Triple H any different
Was his influence more noticeable
What were the politics like this time around
Were you surprised that Curt Hennig got signed too
Whos idea was it to program you with Rob Van Dam
Did you feel there was a styles clash there
Thoughts on RVD
Is he overly dangerous
Thoughts on your run with the Hardcore Title
Was it any different this time around for you with scripted promos, etc
How did Vince change if at all
What kind of daily interaction did you have with your ex-wife
Who did you ride with
How surprised were you to see Eric Bischoff working there
Thoughts on your brief angle with the NWO
How did Kevin Nash change in the WWE as compared to WCW if at all
Memories of matches with X Pac
How hard was it to battle staying clean on the road
Were the boys supportive
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Memories of the Raw match in which Kevin Nash tore his quad
Is Kevin still a draw today?
Speaking of Kevin, he said a few months back about your father Thoughts in the Torch “”We’re doing rural wrestling and we’re on Fox Sports Net. We’re in the 27 largest metropolitan areas and that’s it. We should be doing urban wrestling. We’re doing rural. Dusty sits in the back of a pick-up truck with hay bails. Hey, Dusty, quick clue. A little something from me to you. Become Fat Joe, have a couple of black bi—es, and be in an Escalade. then we’ll do a number (a high rating). What the f–‘s going on? I’m 46 years old and I’m the hippest guy in the room. What the f— is that?”…thoughts?
Thoughts on the Rock
Who’s idea was it to team you up with Booker T
How friendly were you with Booker beforehand
Thoughts on the Undertaker
Thoughts on Bubba Dudley
Thoughts on working with Chris Jericho
Were you upset that you and Booker got squashed by 3 Minute Warning
Memories of the Las Vegas Showgirl match with William Regal
It seems like at this time you were on tv every week but with no direction as far as a distinct feud, etc. Is that accurate and if so how frustrating was it?
How approachable were the writers
Thoughts on Christian
Why do you think DDP never worked out in the WWE
Was it special for you when you got the tag straps with everything you had gone through in your career or was it just another day at work
How competitive was it for spots within the locker room at this time
Whos idea was it to come up with the torrents gimmick
Thoughts on your mini program with Evolution
Do you think Randy Orton and Batista are the future of the WWE
Did you know Randy or Rock growing up
All of the sudden you and Booker are back on top beating Flair and Triple H before Wrestlemania. Did Triple H push for this feud or how did the feud come about
Who’s idea was it for the skits with you, Test, and Stacy….Did you write them at all
When did you realize the torrents gimmick was taking off
Was there anything they suggested to you to do that you refused or vice versa
How did you find out that Howard Stern was a fan of your gimmick
Why do you think your appearance wasn’t promoted on WWE TV
Thoughts/memories doing the show
Thoughts/memories of the angle with Lance Storm
Do you think Hunter puts himself over too much at the benefit of the company
Do you think Hunter like your father used to back in the day gets too much of the blame
How did you injure your elbow
Since you are now in the middle of your comeback, did you put added pressure on yourself to come back early
Did anyone from the office pressure you to come back early
Was it hard to avoid or limit your use of pain pills at this time
What happened on the plane ride from hell
Do you think you deserved to be punished
Do you think others were wrongly punished and if so who
Do you think for politics or there place on the card that others should have been equally punished who werent and if so, who?
Is the lawsuit settled?
Are you embarrassed about the incident
Do you think it was blown out of proportion
Was it hard mentally to adjust to coming from top of the world to crashing back down again
Did you contemplate retirement
Was the door left open for you to return
Do you think if JR was in Johnny Ace’s position you would have been kept
Do you think you could fit into the current WWE product today
Would you like to go back to the WWE
Do you have to work or are you financially set
Rib and road stories
Favorite guys to work and fav matches in WWE
Least fav guys to work and least fav matches in WWE
Thoughts on the Internet and Newsletters
How would you rate yourself as worker
Thoughts on the indys
When you came into TNA was there any heat on you since you were the booker’s son
What were your initial thoughts upon coming into TNA
Thoughts on teaming with Giant Silva
Memories of teaming with your Father at the Hustle show in Japan
Thoughts on doing Steve Corino’s World-1 shows
Are you surprised they weren’t as successful
Thoughts on your series with Raven
Thoughts on Chris Candido
Thoughts on Kid Kash
Memories of your match at Wrestlereunion with Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah & CM Punk
Thoughts on CM Punk
Thoughts on America’s Most Wanted
Whos idea was it to team you with Cassidy Reilly
Do you think your father took unnecessary heat for Phi Delta Slam
Do you think your father had a fair chance to succeed
Thoughts on Scott D’Amore
Thoughts on Terry Taylor
Thoughts on Bob and Dixie Carter
How do you think TNA will fair on Spike
Thoughts on the current lack of kayfabe
Who do you enjoy watching today
Thoughts on the Jarretts
In Jerry Jarrett’s book he basically calls Vince Russo a fraud, do you agree?
Can a good television writer write good wrestling
Can the southern style of wrestling still get over today
Were you supportive of your father putting so much about your relationship with him in his book
Do you think Ultimate Fighting will take away some wrestling’s audience
What happened recently when you were arrested on domestic abuse
Does it bother you when stuff like that winds up in newsletters and the internet
Who did you enjoy wrestling most in TNA?
Who did you enjoy wrestling least in TNA?
How do you think your father will do on a booking team in the WWE?
What did you think of ECW One Night Stand
Would a WCW One Night Stand work?
Good ribs and road stories
What did you think of the X Division in TNA
Why did your tenure in TNA come to and end
How did you find out you were being let go
What do you think of Ric Flair still wrestling regularly, do you think its time to step aside?
Why were you able to make it where as someone like a David Flair or David Sammartino didn’t?
Do you want to write a book
Do you think that by the WWE pushing more of the guys who are pushed on physique only like a Chris Masters, and Heidenreich while some very good wrestlers were let go recently will hurt them in the long run
Could you have the cut in a Tough Enough
Did you ever feel pressured to take steroids
At what point in your career did you think you made it
Are you prepared for life after wrestling
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
When is it right and when is it wrong to get color
Can a newsletter or an internet reporter objectively critique a match
Are you surprised at your father’s longevity in the business
Would you like to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Bret Hart came back to a DVD with the WWE
Can you make the adjustment to going back to work on the indys