Dutch Mantel Shoot Interview

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RF Video traveled to Puerto Rico to conduct this shoot with one of the most unique figures in the wrestling industry. Dutch Mantel is not just one of the funniest and most witty guys in the wrestling business, but he has tremendous knowledge that he shares with you on this shoot. Dutch has done it all in the ring and behind the scenes and he talks about it here. He isnt afraid to put people down and tell the truth about them on this tape. This could be one of the most informational RF Video Shoot Interviews about all aspects of the business from being a manager to wrestler to booker to promoter. This is what Mantel talks about:

-Lots of early Memphis stories.
-Info on Jerry Lawler, Randy Savage, Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant.
-What its like to be a heel and babyface.
-His NWA tag team with Buddy Landel.
-Going back to Memphis.
-What its like to work for Jerry Lawler.
-Why he was always jumping from one promotion to another.
-The decline of Memphis.
-Being in WWF as a manager.
-Going to Puerto Rico.
-His relationship with Carlos Colon.
-The death of Bruiser Brody.
-Why Puerto Rico is the last true territory.
-Many more truthful stories and opinions.
-If you want to learn about the business this shoot is for you!!