ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 123-126

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1. Malenko vs. Guerrero (this was their final match before they both left for WCW, the whole show was built around them, great tv show for ECW, fans cry)

2. Myers vs. JT Smith (Big Val comes in)

3. Paul E’s Danger Zone with Bill Alfonso, classic

4. Mikey vs. Sandman (Flagstaff)

5. Raven & Richards vs. Pitbulls

6. Cactus interview, great

7. Dreamer vs. Dudley

8. Francine vs. Beulah (Cat fight clips)

9. Taz interview

10. Steiners vs. Scorpio & Benoit (Benoits ECW return)

11. Public Enemy/Gangstas/Sandman/Cactus/Dudleys/Dreamer interveiw

12. Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richards (Double Dog Collar match, title change)

There are a ton of other interviews on this tape and Cactus interviews are a must, he is doing his best interviews in ECW right now