ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 127-130

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1. Raven & Richards interview

2. JT Smith vs. Myers (rematch)

3. Scorpio interview

4. Steiners & Taz vs. Eliminators & Scorpio

5. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (*****, if you like death defying moves this match is a must)

6. Public Enemy and Gangstas dressing room brawl

7. Austin interviews as Hulk Hogan, funny

8. Public Enemy & Mikey vs. Sandman, Scorpio & New Jack (Cage, clips only)

9. Gangstas video/Public Enemy/Elimiinators/Dreamer interviews

10. Sandman vs. Mikey (From NY, Austin comes in and challenges both men)

11. Cactus/Austin shoot interviews on WCW, a classic

12. Sandman/Taz/Steiners/Eliminators interviews

13. Taz vs. Jason

14. Jason vs. El Puerto Ricano

15. Cactus vs. Ricano (the fans do the wave because Cactus does no want to brawl and wrestles without brawling, funny, Dreamer comes in, bloody brawl)

16. Scorpio/Raven & Cactus interviews

17. Dreamer interview about Terry Funk, Clips of Funk blowing fire

18. Beulah video/Dudleys interview

19. Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (2 out of 3 falls, *****, amazing)

20. Raven & Richards vs. Pitbulls (911 and Big Dick Dudley at ringside)

21. Alfonso beats up Gordon, funny

22. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas feud clips video

23. Montage video with tons of interviews