ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 135-138

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1. Dudleys vs. Done & Stetson

2. Sandman & Scorpio vs. Public Enemy

3. Public Enemy interview

4. Austin vs. Mikey (before the match Sandman was going to wrestle Mikey but Austin attacks him in the aisle and takes his place,great)

5. Raven interview, bloody Dreamer attacks him

6. Paul E. interview, he shuts the lights off and then Sabu comes in the ring and the lights go on and the fans go nuts

7. Sabu video, great music video

8. Konnan vs. Jason (Taz is the ref)

9. Mikey vs. Misterio Jr. (clips)

10. Gordon vs. Alfonso (bloody brawl, funny, Taz turns heel)

11. Taz interview

12. Cactus interview, great/funny montage interview

13. Cactus & Raven vs. Dreamer & Funk (clips, everything gets used)

14. Funk & Dreamer interview, Funk retires

15. Dreamer interview/Mikey and Sandman feud clips and Austin

16. Public Enemy vs. Dudleys (Heavenly Bodies debut and attack Public Enemy, great)

17. Bodies interview

18. Dudleys vs. Bad Crew

19. Mikey vs. Austin (Sandman comes in, turns into a 3 way match)

20. Austin vs. Sandman

21. Montage video and interviews, great