ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 139-142

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1. Clips of Sandman vs. Austin vs. Mikey, 3 way match

2. Taz vs. Ricano

3. Bodies & Raven interview

4. Sabu vs. Cactus music video

5. Public Enemy vs. Heavenly Bodies (Dream match)

6. Montage video

7. Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (Mexican Death match, incredible)

8. Eliminators attack Misterio Jr. and 911 makes the save

9. Sandman & Women interview

10. Pitbulls and Eliminators Feud clips

11. Dudleys/Sandman/Cactus interview

12. Montage video of interviews, great/Richards kisses Missy Hyatt

13. Mikey vs. Sandman (title change, Cactus helps Mikey)

14. Public Enemy tribute video

15. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Great bloody brawl)

16. Public Enemy/Gangstas interviews/Cactus brings Mikey to Raven, great

17. Raven and Dreamer feud clips

18. Taz vs. Nakagawa

19. Gangstas interviews

20. Ricano vs. Mastino (911 comes in, great brawl)

21. Raven vs. Dreamer (best brawl between these two)

22. Shane Douglas returns during a Richards and Blue Meanie promo, great