ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 143-146

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1. Douglas interview

2. Bill Alphonso & Taz attack Joey Styles

3. Taz vs. El Puerto Ricano (911 comes out to make the save and the Eliminators attack him)

4. Eliminators vs. 911 & Rey Misterio Jr. (Pitbulls and Francine come in, total Mayheim)

5. Eliminators attack Francine

6. Buh Buh Ray vs. Jimmy Del Ray (Mr. Hughes returns and Shane Douglas comes out to a surprise return and slaps Buh Buh)

7. Scorpio vs. Mikey (title change, Raven comes in)

8. Stevie Richards & Beulah interview, she announces she is pregnant by Tommy Dreamer and Raven attacks her and Tommy makes the save

9. Dreamer and Beulah interview

10. Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten

11. NY video, great

12. Hack Myers vs. Taz

13. Sabu vs. Richards (great match)

14. Konnan vs. Sandman (bloodbath, Konnan’s last ECW match, he gives a goodbye speech)

15. Raven interview

16. Dreamer & Douglas interview, they agree to be partners

17. Myers vs. Hughes

18. Cactus interview

19. Headhunters debut

20. Richards superkicks Francine

21. Pitbulls, Gangstas and Eliminators Brawl, Taz and 911 come in

22. Dudleys vs. Axl & JT Smith (JT and Axl turn on each other and brawl)

23. Sabu vs. Rob Van (clips)

24. Mikey & Cactus vs. Douglas & Dreamer

25. Sandman vs. Raven (Raven wins title)

26. Woman and Sandman breakup, great

27. Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (****match, great)

28. Cactus & Mikey interview

29. Cactus & Mikey vs. Eliminators (Tile change, great match, Pitbulls come in and shave Eliminators hair, Cactus turns on Mikey)

30. Gangstas, Dreamer, Cactus and Raven interviews